Festivals Franche-10 Gems festivals in Franche-Comte a true Francophile and Cooking shows how influences and ldquo; Common & quot; kitchen

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Kendall-Hanging-Lamp-Silver-with-Fine-Steel-Cable-and-Transparent-Electrical-Cable-30You may know Franche-Comte and eacute; as the cradle of French chef Raymond Blanc. Or maybe you know it as the home of Jura – a mountain range that is smaller than the Alps, but equally beautiful. Or maybe the local and COMT eacute; Cheese that caught his attention. Whatever is eacute connect with the Franche-Comte and; It is a beautiful area of ​​mountains, forests, lakes and ancient villages, which promises an amazing visit at any time of year.

And as all regions of France, Franche Comte and eacute; a calendar of diverse and entertaining events ranging from flea markets and Belfort rock festival Malsaucy, 700 years old just Vesoul.Why not spend some time in this beautiful corner of France and learn about local customs, cultures and excellent eccentricities to discover its wide range of annual events and diverse. We are confident that soon become a favorite.
1) Jura wine festival, Voiteur 2 until February 3, 2013 The Perc and eacute; and yellow wine is an important festival in (and) calendar passionate winemakers. the release of the latest vintage yellow wine, which is celebrated six years. The selected city or town – which changes every year – is full of stalls and booths to taste dozens ready to come to the visitors by the thousands to discover and buy the latest vintage.

2) flea market Belfort March to December (month) The city of Belfort is home to a market of vibrant flea on the first Sunday of each month from March to December, covering a wide range of products, jewelry and collectibles North East of France presented. The dishes and watches materials, books and furniture, is a traditional market scene that greeted get a bargain on the spot. French brushing numbers and come enjoy a real bargain.

3) Fair Comtoise, Besan and ccedil; 4 to 12 May 2013 Exhibition clock is ideal to know the customs and traditions County Regional Franco opportunity and eacute; and of course, sample local specialties. Besan exposure and ccedil; at the headquarters of the event, hundreds of exhibitors showing their products to sip thousands of customers who come to drink, and enjoy your way around this annual celebration analyzes. It is a feast for the senses and a wonderful way to discover the delights of the region.

4) ice skating, Lons-le-Saunier in December 2013 (tbc) The city of Lons-le-Saunier, the capital of Jura, installed an ice rink for three weeks each December. Brushing shoes, bundle up and come enjoy some nostalgia on the ice. After a plug pastis or mulled wine you can even dare let go from the sides. Games and entertainment are together, it is a fun trips for all ages.

5) Eurock and eacute; Communities Malsaucy 4 to 7 July 2013 The same part of the famous rock festival is a sufficient reason to come – not to mention the list of big names in the line-up. One of the biggest rock festivals, music Eurock and eacute; Ennes of France, is carried out in a nature reserve near Lake Malsaucy near the city of Belfort. It has it been since 1989 is based on the reservation and moved constantly every year a lot of growth, which is now hundreds of thousands of people. British-great band name blur out by the year 2013, confirming numerous festival awards.

6) International Music Festival, Besan and ccedil; in September (date to be confirmed) Since opening in 1948, it is one of the oldest of its kind to make the international festival of Besan and ccedil; in the famous classical music in its many different forms. Instead, more than two weeks in September, the event brings together a deal with music lovers and artists of all ages and styles, and is especially known for its competitive “Young Drivers Biennial – which was awarded to revive the careers of many of the most famous drivers of today.

7) 30 Needles, Dole September 1, 2013 is for the active species here. 30 Needles is an annual event, a large number of bike lanes and through the beautiful mountains of Jura walk with. There is a wide range of difficulties marked trails to enjoy the stunning scenery of Jura designed to allow through local villages refueling and several field days. Especially hikers and cyclists can visit places like the banks of the Doubs, who enjoy the Chaux forest and the Massif de la Serre. As you move or roam, pedal or run freely This is a fun event and the best way to experience the natural beauty of the area.

8) Ch & acirc; teau de Joux medieval festival Pontarlier October (date to be confirmed) The spectacular at any time of year, a visit Chateau de Joux but especially in October when its lively medieval festival in the history of castle life brings. Enter the Middle Ages with a varied program of events with shows, live music, dancing, games, workshops, demonstrations and Raptor, flights and more. It is the ideal means of bone in the history of France, entertain children and have a nice day, while you’re there.

9) Fair Jura, Lons-le-Saunier in October (date to be confirmed) focused through each year in a different country, the Jura fair is a journey of discovery in the World Customs, gastronomy and culture. Tunisia took the helm in 2012, ahead of Thailand, and each time the event is a wonderful variety of stalls and shops, with a variety of strengths, including cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, household items, crafts, fashion accessories and much more,

25. 10) Fair Santa Catalina, Vesoul November 2013 Believe it or not, just Santa Catalina de Vesoul has been running since 1295. Yes – in 1295! But in no case he exceeded their expiration date. Today, this beautiful just the customs and traditions of the region, indoor attracts thousands of visitors each year. Originally an agricultural fair, which was occupied predominantly by trading cattle. Pigs and cattle are coming from given way to a high stagnate specialties, sweets, gingerbread (Piggy), tasty meats, local wines and more. It is also an opportunity for girls Vesoul to revive a local tradition. All women of 25 years, dressed only in big hats with the intention are yet to find a man. It is a really wonderful, traditional and happy thing that should not be missed.

Kendall-Hanging-Lamp-Red-with-Brushed-Aluminium-and-Steel-Structure-30Every season, men and women around the world every episode of Master Chef sticking observed. MasterChef is a base of a British reality original cuisine. The program has won the heart not only cooks come, but anyone who fashion and household items Lust loves very advanced. How the note shows up cooking reality be explained? Is it because people and rsquo; It is genuine interest in the way they design their homes? Or is it simply because the cooking programs now give the audience the same feeling we have when watching glamorous celebrities in the tube?

Research has shown that only 12% of the total adult population do not like to cook at home. This means that more than 50% as the pan to Shake & ndash; many of them benefit from business and others see it as a necessary task. About 58% of the performance of the watch on television. Read the section daily food and visit websites and magazines food. In this context, we can fairly say that the media have a great influence not only in the way the houses are preparing their food, but also as owners buy home decor and decorate the kitchen.
According to studies, the average family and rsquo; the kitchen is mainly influenced by family and friends. But food programs come second. food TV viewers because they want to learn new recipes. But given the kitchen equipment luxury and comfort offering cookware, people are not just watching cooking shows MasterChef as only techniques of cooking, but also to get the latest items tablespoon style home lifetime.

As expected, because men and women who enjoy cooking decorate brands love to cook, household items for the exclusive use those high grade kitchen live in order to promote their products in the kitchen. Even celebrities such as Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay, Maggie beer and food have already branded products to use the highest scores cooking shows. Now people are not only exploring feeding programs for new recipes, both are looking for inspiration, as decorating your kitchen.

He and ldquo; Cooking phenomenon & quot; I think everyone done to make good food, is not enough that he knows the ingredients and step right techniques to cooking step, people have developed the conviction to cook great recipes should have the right and the latest kitchen appliances, attractive view of the kitchen interior, and a kitchen for cooking. In short, the public is as comfortable and functional kitchen to ensure that your favorite foods are Programs.
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