Finding the right chair for your accountant, Furniture suppliers in Iraq – Reconstruction

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6b13d37e7b683b30ac751ff94f5319f8If you are looking stools for the kitchen and the dining room, then there are some things you should consider before buying. The theme of the decoration and colors used in the room are the place to start. Online stores have a wide selection of bar stools, so if you choose something like a retro or vintage theme for your kitchen, you should have fun shopping!

One thing that is very important to consider is what type of material you want to use for your chair. For example, you only want the easy selection of old wood or if you want something with a little attenuation? For a modern or contemporary look, choose between versions in stainless steel or metal. Or feels softer for a country there are many shades of wood, which can be coordinated with all the colors of the seat. Meet. Your choice based on your personal style

Finding the right height for your kitchen bar is extremely important when buying bar stools kitchen. The first step is the amount of your meter to measure from the floor on the counter. If you choose bar stools, be 10 to 12 inches of legroom between the seat and the top of your counter.

In this way, people do not feel pressured like their legs against the underside of the counter. also ensure the meter to measure the amount of false. With the large overhang that some counters, particularly saddles heights is required.

gloss-coco-bar-stool-black-bs0161-tag1Stool distinguished classified by their actual height. An example would be a popular bar tables. height stool dining would be ideal for them. These are usually in the range of 28 to 30 inches, while chairs counter height are typically 35-38 inches.

Their need for stools determine the amount that fits your meter then be sure to make accurate and prudent measures. The fact that the bar stools will be used in a switch, does not have the same level as someone else because of their counter height can vary.

So now you measured the height of your counter, what kind of seats obtained by the meter? Note that bars basement and kitchen are higher than the normal gauges usually might need instead of stool in the size range of 42 inches.

The company was founded by businessman Asad Shamim in 2006 as a spin-off of the wholesale, the world of fashion.

After the end of 1996 Asad spent several years working for an importer and distributor of furniture and clothing.

In 2001 he created his first company to have and recognize the potential of the Internet, he launched five years later.

Today the company, which has a turnover of £ 2 million and employs 18 people, has the likes of ITV, BBC, Google and Selfridges UK as clients.

Offers everything from wall art, umbrella stands and partitions Computer tables, stools and bedroom furniture coming from all over the world. also the largest supplier of shoes closet UK and has its own production facilities in Germany, where it is office equipment.

Asad says that optimizing effective search engine is key to the success of your online business and helped potentially lucrative contracts in Iraq to secure it.

He said:

“We have excellent positioning in Google and when someone in the room to eat chairs, our company will be on the first page, which means it does a serious matter.

“It was through the Internet that the authorities in Iraq to contact us by an agent in the UK.”

Since then, the company has completed more than £ 120,000 £ 60,000 contract to supply Al Najaf International Hotel in Baghdad and ship office furniture in the administration of education in Iraq.

Asad said, to win more business, trust.

He said:

“The hotel contract was our first international order, and is now a recognized supplier of furniture to the Iraqi authorities.

“There is a huge amount of renovations ongoing and we are now well positioned to capitalize on this growth.”

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