Furniture Trends 2014

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Grey-Birchwood-Frame-Stockholm-Sofa-by-Protege-Homeware-322013 saw the emergence of decorating trends 1920 species Great Gatsby furniture, gray and white, from starkly modern furniture and sumptuous rooms with a minimum of life. Well, the new year brings a new era of trends in house style with a touch of bright colors and specialized construction.
splendid rooms
Unlike simple, modern rooms with minimalist decor, this year the focus was on the lounges least used rooms. sofas, chairs decorative inclusion and small coffee table to bed is a great metamorphosis and the use of wood based on a classic modern furniture. Focus on the color of light wood, most wooden partitions should be a white ash or light walnut polished wear.

midcentury furniture
The preference for mid-century design is becoming more popular, and that’s exactly why we find in abundance replica at major retailers. So my advice, engage, when you can, because it’s so obvious timeless. Pieces like Saarinen dining tables, pedestal and famous tulip designs with fascinating Noguchi coffee table is still in fashion this year with its incomparable beauty.

go prehistoric
New Year intends to return the neoclassical age and bring art and sculpture to furniture design. Trends such as Roman sculptures, tapestry art, developed headers and other joint tables will be in fashion this year

presenting extravagance
As they pass the color scheme in 2014, it is ready to flirt with bright, contrasting colors and boring, except creams and gray sofas and bedspreads. Blue, red and gold Radiant Orchid Pantone color of the year hit indoor decoration in January this year.

circular features like High Point
Everything is absolutely welcome round this season. Whether its distribution model of the living room sofa or circular or round curves adjacent coffee is the hype this season. Emphasizing the living room furniture with bright colors make a bold statement is very popular and minimal furniture is recommended for a feeling of spaciousness.

Walnut Eaters
Nuez seems to be the ideal option for dinner. This wood has the wow factor necessary for its wonderful smooth and durable properties.

US and Mexican designs are on the list
With Retro back and stripes with a variety of patterns, such as flowers in the market design, set designers over Mexico and furniture design interior of spices America. Furniture gain a foothold among consumers because of their use values.

Minimalism and functionality intact
With original designs and themes of art Old World hit the furniture industry, functionality and minimalist factor remained the same as last year. Beds with drawers, drawings for the cover ottoman, sofa beds, sofas with hidden storage and shelves and tables connected devices are in demand.

We hope to have this year a great art, sculpture and new trends and innovations observed in furniture.

Everything you always know, wanted Mantel Clocks

watches mantels are small clocks we wear on tables, desks or fireplaces. There are many watchmakers, including Howard Miller Hermle, Bulova, Ridgeway, Weather Works and ends. In terms of functionality, as the clock sounded, the battery and the main types of wounds. For style, drum and traditional media are available .Although small fireplace watches offer an elegant and graceful decoration in your room. They can be adapted for installation work, such as drilling or punching without the need for many locations in the room.

fireplace clocks were invented in the 1300s, but at that time were very heavy. In 1500, they had developed with brass case and the 1600s, from wood materials with exquisite decorative carvings.

watches fireplace takes its name from the traditional fireplace. At the time of the invention, the house did not have much furniture today. So these watches are specifically placed above the fireplace were designed for woodworking is the fireplace.

Fireplace watches come in three models. The drum like a drum and has a large base. The arc type entered the base of watch body neck. Brass fixtures birthday in style glass. a long time hence the name anniversary lose energy are taken. The Navy is another style, and has features such as improved barometers. The lantern-shaped pendant has a hinge for easy to use.

These watches have many applications. They can be bought to decorate your home. They make a great decoration for small and large spaces. In addition to personal use clocks serve as exquisite gift for a friend. Color, mechanical watches make good decisions in this case Great. There are even watches that are decorated themes sea, city, sports or summer. You can choose an option on the basis of occupation, or the interests of his friend. People collect these watches for resale or personal entertainment. You can buy at flea markets or eBay auctions.

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