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mid-sleeper-pull-out-desk-antique-with-white-details-30Most hotels give Gangtok mighty snow peaks, including the highest peak in the world, Kanchenjunga. The surrounding scenery is exquisite and experience the thrill of live amid the splendor of the Himalayas in this hotel in Gangtok to the fullest. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and blooms with lush green plantations and lush landscaping with fruit trees. Sitting in the perfect cocoon comfort in these Gangtok hotels you can enjoy the lovely scenery outside and enjoy the gentle caress of mountain air everywhere. These are the sights in the whole house ideal spots for families, friends and couples who want to enjoy a refreshing visit visit Gangtok.
Among the many highlights of Gangtok the most notable is the fact that most of these properties in various forms of local culture to preserve. he sees the key northeastern India on hospitality, labels well-trained staff, rattan and texturing and even exotic flavors and spices cooked cuisine. Here are some of the favorite hotels in the city:

plant Sikkim Continental Good Horde with the team and provide views of Mount Beauteous Kanchendzonga, Sikkim Continental is an ideal stop 3 star for economy travelers. One can choose from a total of 24 rooms available. Customers benefit from room service while the beautiful view of the environment to enjoy the comfort of your room.

The Sidlon residence: A remarkable 4 star property, the location ideally situated Sidlon Residence, from fast driving G. M. Marg and close to many tourist attractions. Choose from 22 rooms and suites well dressed for a fabulous Virgin Gangtok. The rooms are renovated to meet a high level of hospitality businesses and are now filled with all amenities such as desk, telephone, interactive TV, and more. Nirvana Restaurant serves delicious continental cuisine and English at the Oasis bar combinations wide range of spirits with snacks enjoy hitting.

Mayfair Gangtok Spa Resort: Located amidst green forests, Mayfair Spa Resort embodies the beauty and tranquility with its theme monastery and stunning architecture. Based on the colonial architecture of the hotel it is fantastic, Sikkim and offers the most complete spa therapy to its award-winning Spa. The rooms offer many spacious living room with modern decor, with a beautiful blend of the essence of Sikkim to be well equipped. One can choose from a variety of rooms, family rooms, cottages and villas Premier decides to stay in the lush property, which in fact is one of the best hotels in Gangtok. Hotel loves treats its customers with a full spa, 12 treatment rooms with a wide range of specialized treatments, such as body massage, the last body, hands and feet, living room and more. Quench your hitting specialties prepared with specialty restaurants palate.

hotels in Gangtok darlings not only visitors, and art equipment but also pampered with a warm welcome. Therefore, the range of leisure activities horde dinner and drinks options and arrangements for nature walks are these properties and other prevails.

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