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Bonsoni-Hiral-Rattan-High-Back-Armchair-In-Onyx-Cocoa-With-Olefin-Fabric-Cushion-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30One of the most popular attractions in Kew Gardens in England is the water fountain garden of Hercules in The Palm House Pond (as is well known, although tourists can only be called “palm pond” or “Hercules Pond”) . Although originally built to add beauty and tropical humidity in the greenhouse next door (The Palm House), designers seemed that something seemed to be missing from sources outside garden. It was a statue.

Hercules welcomes

Most Kew Gardens was built and developed in the 1800s, as the art of the Greeks and Romans was revered in particular. He was the only one who thinks that is large enough to place a water fountain English garden. The pond was built in 1845, while construction was going on in the Palm House.

The sculpture of Hercules was not added until 1853. It is naked in the Greek tradition and snatch with a big angry snake (Greek god Achelus) on a large square base (called the base). The whole is more than six meters high. Now, the statue of the water fountain garden is called “Hercules Fighting Achelus”, but usually only as “Herc”.

François Joseph Bosio

The sculptor who has commissioned a heroic image in one of the sources of water to place the most visited gardens in the country was François Joseph Bosio (1768-1845), also known as Baron François Joseph Bosio. It was French, which seems to be somewhat confusing for the first water fountain garden of England. But here was the theme of Greek sculpture. England has always been a bit of an identity crisis had.

Bosiso was heavily influenced by Greek and Roman art and most of his works are preserved in nature and purpose of the Greek and Roman myths. Most of the time these big naked men and horses. Other sculptures sit in museums around the world include “hyacinth his train waiting to release the record” at the Art Institute of Chicago and “Cupid with a bow” in St. Peters.

However Bosio is best known for the statues of angels and horses to the Arc de Trioumphe of Carrosel. How can he won the contract for the Hercules statue in the fountain in the garden of the Palm House pond is not known, but won in 1824 Bosio fame by another Hercules and the statue of the snake named “Hercules and the Hydra Lernaen “. Besides his work it is not much known about Bosio.

Bonsoni-Hiral-Rattan-Armchair-In-4-Seasons-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30As someone who had a landscaping business, I often like different types of soil fertilizer, to experiment and play, sulfur garden is one of many, I try and mix. For me, the fertilizer like coffee, there are many different varieties and blends, and come with their own blend that is perfect for your yard or garden is just great fun. That’s where the garden of sulfur is produced. Garden Sulphur is a chemical that is often overlooked by gardeners, but is an ideal fertilizer for specific situations. Most people are quick to run for iron and phosphorus, but the key is knowing what your soil is poor. Weil has its average difficult to accurately diagnose what is wrong with the soil and fertilizer should be added, which typically buy a season ticket multipurpose filling a series of nutrients in the soil. This is not a horrible practice, I myself have universal fertilizer often used on lawns and gardens. But I think that for best results, it is good to know exactly what they need and give your plants often. Here is a brief explanation of the advantages of sulfur garden and reasons why they do not want or use it in your garden.

Garden sulfur is very useful to balance the pH of the soil, where it is absorbed. According to the types of plants you have when the magnet acidic or alkaline loving plants, garden sulfur may be right for you exactly. Garden sulfur to increase the level of soil acidity, is what you can see why we must be careful. If you are not sure whether your plants are carefully acid, there are some things you want to test before going out and spreading the garden sulfur especially can be done. Some acid plants, such as roses, azaleas, hydrangeas, pines, blueberries and evergreens. A simple test is to transfer old coffee grounds in the soil around the roots of plants of potential love acid. This will also increase soil acidity. Even if you are not a coffee drinker, usually patterns can go to your local Starbucks. Many places even have the old tea leaves in bags on display for people to be free, but even if they do not, you can always ask a bag.

Once you have your old coffee grounds, spread around plant roots and soil water. After that, look very carefully when plants are easier to see, or if they do worse. If they do best, then you should consider bringing a bag of sulfur garden for true and changes collecting the low pH at an optimal level. It is not expensive and has other healthy nutrients. The under construction, I know some gardeners working for the floor of his lover acid plants permanent use coffee grounds as fertilizer. coffee grounds have a number of other soil fertilizer as well, things such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more. In general, it is rich and rich in nutrients. Just be careful with it. As I said, the soil pH, which is to make sour decreases. Not only to have to go anywhere.

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