Give your home a new look on a tight budget

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The choice of colors you choose can use to decorate your home to make a big difference. Recently we decided it was time for some of the areas to give our home a bit of a makeover. We had to do things on a budget, but the results are still very good. We decided to start with a new look around the room. The room was not the brightest and made some reasonable that one could be described in the dull side. He had a dark wood headboard with free nights units. The walls and bedspread and sheets were all different shades of white or cream color, which are characterized by little or no bright colors. The lack of any color inkjet gave the room seem a boring cold. So, what have we done? We took a much needed injection of color, through a wall of the room -. Behind the bed – a feature wall, which will be attractive and papered with wallpaper Fang have also decided to delete the old headboard we have a nice modern fabric replaced header and added a sense of homeliness in this area with a plaid Burgundy, a number of nice pillows and scented candles excellent .. The most dramatic changes, save for our living room. Again this room was largely decorated with cream, magnolia and black, such as furniture, curtains, cushions and lamps. As part of the house, where we spent a lot of time, I thought I had to look cheerful and friendly. To our surprise – and delight, we have been able to quickly and inexpensively reach a whole new atmosphere in this room as I had to do everything that really make a dramatic difference, it was to change the fabric. Basically, we bought a new pair of curtains subtly patterned, and then the color scheme to follow for the rest of the room by pillows in a similar color and blinds to our selection table lamps and corresponding wall. Straight forward advice, like a vase with fresh flowers adding or scented candles made visible in colors to match the warm welcbonsoni-colton-white-wash-low-bookcase-by-carran-furniture-31oming atmosphere and once we had small scented candles missing chose – that made those obtained by producers as true grace candles and Yankee Candle – because we knew that not only feels good, but besides this also burned for longer than some of the cheaper alternatives offered what actually a better value in the long term. It was a small pleasure. If you start thinking about the accessories, but, scented candles are just one of the many options available. You are really limited by your imagination and of course your budget. Some simple accessories us. Above as lampshades and pillows that can really do it yourself from scratch, if you really intend to see the pennies

The next room makeover for the treatment room was our son. Again, it was uniformly opaque white painted more or less. a small desk and chair he began to study and play on the computer. Again, the main task was to try to give the room a sense of warmth and comfort. We started with laminate flooring and carpet decided one attractive to buy, to illuminate the space. We hung a shiny display on the walls to add feeling staff and gave the wood a fresh coat of paint and then develop the study of space through which two libraries is reviewed and the final touch was plugged greater light the middle of the room

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