Godrej refrigerators

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Bonsoni-Howden-Oak-Full-Hanging-Wardrobe-100-Solid-Oak-Furniture-30In recent generations, the brand Godrej only meant one thing a quality iron safe, robust and better sound that would last years and could be used by future generations. But today, the company offers a much wider product range domestic and industrial use. Godrej has also carved a niche for itself in consumer goods, especially household appliances. Among others, a wide range of refrigerators competition a shining example of this change. Godrej refrigerators offer the best features and the latest technology to keep food fresh and at the same time carry out a lot of comfort due to its ergonomic design give.
Wide range with attractive designs

Godrej has paid sufficient attention to detail in the design of these refrigerators, as they are very elegant and beautiful on the outside, to offer while at full capacity use. The company has three lines of refrigerators on the market under the name Edge Penta fresh V2 and Eon. The three lines have two refrigerators without direct costs and gel and you can choose one based on your requirement. Coolers Edge series includes a single door refrigerators with an attractive exterior design and two-tone finishes, Penta fresh series has two single refrigerators and double doors in one color with fresh and bright summer colors. Godrej Eon range is. Through a series of gates with two stylish refrigerators with a very attractive design and with different capacities

The Aeon and Penta, a number of frost-free refrigerators with not only registered, attractive design, fresh series but is also a useful cutting technology. While direct cool refrigerators are on the edge, fresh Penta and the series of axes.


Godrej refrigerators are not only beautiful, but also useful integrate technology designed to keep your food fresh longer. For example, the cool technology designed shower has small channels between the shelves the spray of fresh air in the far corners of the refrigerator and keep the uniform freshness. On the other hand, refrigerators antibacterial ZOP technology and technology are also available with convection Controls equipped, the guarantee is not a body free of oxide ten years. Therefore, when it comes to technology, Godrej has moved heaven and earth and are the best of the best their refrigerators.

Refrigerators are also available with features such as humidity control and have shelves and cabinets designed equipped for practical storage solutions. attractive metallic finishes and designs day and night to add to its appeal. They come in sizes to suit the needs of all sizes of families and are also very affordable.

Fashion History: Ancient Rome

Legend has it that Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC by the twin son of Mars, Romulus and Remus. Romulus killed his brother on the throne and became the sole ruler of Rome. He ruled until 715 BC, when it was replaced by Numa Pompilius, the founder of Roman law and religious practices.

Eventually the Roman power, influence and territory have never achieved before in the ancient world proportions seen. At the end of the Republic (31 BC), Rome controlled the entire Mediterranean. They defeated their powerful rivals, Carthaginians, and took over many of the countries ruled by the Greeks, including Egypt. Although ancient Rome finally was sacrificed on the altar of its own internal struggles for power, it was not before he had written in his name in the history of one of the most important periods of humanity. Two thousand years later, ancient Rome remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for art, culture, architecture and even fashion.

Roman costume was influenced by the styles of earlier civilizations such as the Etruscans and the Greeks and also reflects the clothing of the subject peoples, although to a lesser extent. It includes two main categories: indutus, elements that have been established, and amictus clothes wrapped or wrapped around the body.

The wide range of climates that existed in the vast Roman Empire led to the creation of the concept of seasonal clothing. The dress is tailored to the specific seasons and weather conditions.

Woman cloth
women’s clothing were of lightweight materials and in a variety of colors, which distinguish them from menswear. In addition, unlike men’s clothing, women’s clothing with slight changes. The main garment was a stole, long tunic with long sleeves. It was made of silk wool, cotton or linen, with the more expensive models. Stole was cingulate and a wide belt, known as succinda called worn with a belt. With the help of these women blouse has a double effect. Under Stole women wore a blouse bust – the strophium, and a sleeveless dress change – subucula.

Roman matrons wore flowing robes, pleated folds small shoulder held together by a series of buttons on the sleeve.

Palla was a hot piece of fabric with a cap, a safety lock. Another was sapparum dress, worn by women of the upper classes, had short sleeves, and olicula which was basically a short coat.

Bonsoni-Sherborne-Oak-Wardrobe-All-Hanging-Made-of-a-High-Quality-Grade-of-Oak-30In the early days of the republic, Roman men wore a simple subligaculom Leinenband or Licinium known. At the time of the empire, only athletes and workers were allowed to wear loincloth. Romans, unlike the Greeks, were not tolerant of nudity. They have, however, who will inherit his two main clothing garments: tunic and cloak. Short sleeve tunic has two pieces of woolen fabric are joined at the shoulders and sides, with slots for the head and arms. He was picked up at the waist with a belt, but can also be worn with a belt.

There were different layer styles for different occasions and social classes. The judge directed the clavi angusti Tunica who had two narrow purple stripes on each shoulder. The Tunica laticlavia, with the support of the senators, with wide stripes of purple. the palmata gown was made of purple silk embroidered with gold thread worn by the victorious generals. They consisted of two parts and are used with toga picta. There were other items like Tunica straight, which exteriodum subucula and Tunica and Caracaila.

The largest was the dress shirt that had descended from the Greek and Etruscan tebenna himation. Place a piece of elliptical wool fabric was reserved for Roman citizens; Slaves, foreigners and the lower classes were forbidden to use it. The decor, color and shape of the dress denoting the social rank of the wearer. Because of the way it did, which was covered dress.

Various forms of Toga picta contain that meant victory, and was led by the Roman general at times. This dress was owned by the state and only the general badge was granted. Another was the Toga candida, which was used by candidates for public office. Mourners wore the toga pulla was either black, dark brown or gray, and had a head cover. The solid violet trabea Toga used by spiritual men. The same dress with purple stripes and red was reserved for omens or performers Omen while the purple and white, revealing the leader of the Republic.

With the expansion of the Empire, Rome was in its territory to include much of northern Europe, which resulted in severe weather conditions. hot outdoor clothing has become a necessity. Romano cabinet included sagum – similar cover jacket, pulled the Gauls; the lacerna, a rectangular room wool, draped over the shoulders, which should be secured with a lock; the pallum – Palla or women – was a short rectangular layer, influenced by the Greek himation; the paludanentum, was a larger version of the Greek layer, used by Roman generals.

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