guidelines co-parenting

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1. Every child has the right to a happy childhood without undue stress, fights and conflicts with parents, parental alienation, which is in the center, are taken by their parents and rsquo shame; Aware act that the Court documents shall be issued or made, hearings, legal visits, etc.

2. Use discuss their problems and feelings with the other parent in front of your child or the phone is not where he can hear what is said about the other parent. Not to mention legal problems with his lawyer or any other person, where the child can hear. Let denigrate without a partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, friend or family member to your child and rsquo; other parent to the child.

3. If your child calls the other parent or the other parent to your child calls while in your care, ask / she remember giving privacy and quiet when he’s on the phone. No speakers are allowed and no one else has in the control room to be everything he said. Accustom your child to say that the other call parents at some point, so it will not be affected by a film or television or other things. Make this a special time for him. Let’s go home to your room or on foot, where you can have privacy and speak freely in a certain designated area.
4. Please call each other and refer to each other by their first names. Known for many years, she loved with a baby. It is much more civil and healthy for your child, call the other parent by name to hear, as opposed to and ldquo; Smith & quot; and ldquo; Mme. Baker & rdquo.

5. The two need to express a desire to have a civil relationship between them, now and in the future. You must be willing to change old habits, new models of co-parenting adoption, be educated for the welfare of the child together. Even if you have not been nice to the other parent in the past, today is a new day. Start acting again and select to mature in a healthy way your child. Can do it. Put your first child from now. It was enough. Now it’s your turn to give a couple of things: their right to be selfish things easier for you and try to make things easy for them, the last word that brings the past not distribute move forward and want.

6. There is no excuse for your child in a position not to his / her parents speak for more than one day. Encourage your child to call the other parent at least once a day or at least every other day. If, however, to better avoid the main floor, to call the child, then they do nothing to prevent or to this important call from his son and rsquo; other parent. There is no place for games, you do not answer the phone, or to avoid the call and never return call parents for the child. This is a lack of respect and teach your child not to respect their parents and also be misleading. These are not the lessons you want your child to learn from you. This will later against them. Always tell the other parent that the child is, address and phone number where you can be reached if a trip, give the mother instructions before leaving the city, and ask your mother’s son / father just called all day to touch base and then mom / dad and rsquo; worry.

7. Remember: whatever you will, your child goes through. It hurts me emotionally kids to see two seniors who once wanted to fight and argue about everything. Emotionally hurts to see parents spend all their time in court to resolve the simplest things. This is not the way of conflict resolution skills to teach your child. React —— MEET easy. the other parent, would be treated as is.

9. Of course, you should not drink or smoke it in front of your child and not allow others to do so. It should never be in the car with someone who has been drinking. insulting language or failure is not in front of your child. All you hear the words from the mouth to the other, believe me, these words come back to you at a later date. If you don & rsquo; t CUSS or allow anyone to swear in his presence, and rsquo; It is amazing how your child learns that you can not tolerate bad behavior of someone —- even when he is a teenager or an adult. Now you must set the standard when young. Of course your child should not be subjected to any form of abuse of any kind. should not be classified X or pornographic material, sexually explicit movies, Internet, etc., they are exposed

9. Do not put any child’s parent or grilled events or people in the other house in question. It’s good to say something, and ldquo; Tell me how much fun I had with mom / dad / home, & quot; but do not ask, and ldquo; Now, tell me, was that the woman / man in the house again? He / she sleep alone or with your mother / father and rdquo ?; Do not ask, and ldquo; It was his stepmother / stepfather nice at this time and rdquo ?; And ldquo; You want to live and rdquo with mom or dad ?; And ldquo; —- Where father & rsquo have more fun; s or Mom & rsquo; s? & Quot; do not ask your child a secret from the other parent to maintain. Do not ask your child to spy on another house for you.

10. It would be very beneficial for your child, if the two of you can about forms of discipline agree should be used for bad behavior. Small crimes should easily receive discipline. major problems should be the most severe discipline. Some experts say that no discipline should take more than 24 hours. It is for you and it depends on the offense. It would be great if you could find two creative ideas, what the consequences of bad behavior of various types are. discipline is needed are consistent, as you should be consistent with bedtime, time for school to get up, etc. How can it be confusing for a child if he misbehaves, for example, he told a lie or dishonest located in a certain way and one of the fathers of all privileges, all TVs, iPods, computers, makes it go bed 7 instead of 8, for example, and all carried out for 8 weeks, and the other parent says: & ldquo; Favorite now can not lie, but you find that your father / mother, so I will not punish you all. You & rsquo; re just like your mom / dad! It & rsquo; It is not your fault and rdquo is. These are real examples from real life there is no bad parenting or parenting skills. The only person who suffers is the child.

11. reward good behavior. Do not reward bad behavior. Anyone who has ever trained a dog knows that even a dog positive reinforcement better react negatively. You can make a dog can do what you want to beat by him or that he or power supplies him humble (all abuses), but it is internal, emotional, spiritual, physical suffering, which could in half hostile dog and nobody curve you will want to be near him. It will be filled with so much anger, that will everyone he comes into contact. The same applies to a child. We’ve all had bad luck at the table next to a child who acts on, shouting to his parents, siblings, meet people or animals, tantrums, and everything else until they give parents and give him what he wants. And parents are wondering, and ldquo; Where on earth to learn how to do so? Why is it so angry? Why it is so sad and rdquo ?; or whatever the situation. Look what has been fed ——- kindness, respect, love, sweet voice, comfort or be introduced to a steady diet of acrimony, anger, shame, fear, conflict, profanity, hate, scream ? You are what you are eating and what was around. Remember the poem, and ldquo; Children learn what they live, and rdquo. It & rsquo; do you agree. It has been said that all of us, and it will crash. I have seen many examples of these good and bad —-.

12. The biological parents are discipline, not in-laws, not friends / friends, other family members. It is your responsibility to a positive, happy, healthy, well-behaved, pleasant to be to increase the child to an adult with the same qualities will grow. Parenting is an incredibly difficult task, if done correctly. see, you do not have much fruit of your labor Unfortunately, until the child has grown and away from home. Then the world will see what kind of work he has done, has been given this precious child for you to feed during the first 18 years of his life and love. You look at every moment of every day, people learn to treat, how to treat it, how to make love, hate, how to forgive and go, how to talk, how to write, how to eat, how to sleep. Really are products of our environment we like to admit.

13. Instead of saying, and ldquo; I miss you and rdquo !; if your child with the other parent, for example, and ldquo; I love you and rdquo !;
14. Never pass messages, notes, money, tickets to rotate objects, documents, baby food, etc. with his son.

15. In emails to keep each other BIFF write letters in the eye. Keep it short, informative, friendly and firm. This abbreviation is mentioned in the book,
It & rsquo; It’s your fault for Bill Eddy, Esq. which is useful with high conflict found.
16. Love your children more than you hate your ex.

17. In a difficult or test your baby with the other to talk, remember situation, these letters: EAR. EMPATHY enter the other parent, caution and respect. And if you need to be heard and need to vent, his former partner do the same for you. This is also mentioned in the book It & rsquo; Eddy’s your fault.

18. The most important gift giving your child in your life is the gift of a strong relationship of co-parenting. In this way, you can eliminate stress, doubt, pain and suffering in their lives now and in the future when it comes to succeed in relationships. They also build self-esteem and strengthen their identity. Let your child both parents and love yourself. Nobody can give this gift. No one except you. His son and rsquo; Future depends.
Emotions in the new spouse or and ldquo ;;

19. When and if she ever remarries, remind your child ┬┐see and rsquo al. Step & quot; Not encourage or allow your child to name stepparents & ldquo; Mommy & rdquo; or & ldquo; Papi and rdquo. These are expressions of affection reserved for a person in life. Help them find another way to express your affection or love in its path. If your child has any reservations or concerns about the new love of his life serious, listen to your child and do what is necessary to find out why he / she feels that way. Perhaps your pastor or mentor other respects answers some family counseling or consult get involved before marriage to that person. mixed families are hard work, and the divorce rate for second marriages with children is 70%.

20. Above all, remember, in all situations, IT & rsquo; It’s not about you! It & rsquo; everything revolves around your child.

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