High power led lamp, street art and Doing real labels are business and temptation

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Bonsoni-New-Baudouin-Lamp-Table-Bedside-Cabinet-Shabby-Chic-Vintage-Reclaimed-Lumber-30the LED street lights of large-scale applications, the general concept that still needs some time. but really I think the LED lamp technology matured. Welcome to correct me.

Tell LED lamps (which actually is all LED lighting), not justify a large-scale application of the following three they are:
1 streetlights LED light output has not yet reached the level of sodium;
2, the lifespan of LED street lamps;
3 Photometric LED street lights is not ideal.

LED lamps are spoken, many people leave the controller index screen LED color as the color index high density sodium LED display much and may by public LED lighting as a standard, called independent to the standard LED street reduces lamps change, in fact, Macro Shang see hope actually sent Yu environmental change, and I think also be the current standard street lighting no change is required. It was completely replaced another reality of LED light only in the area of ​​LED lighting efforts of the people themselves.

light output problems:
First sodium light effect is high, I see a little more of the units lumen sodium food products are above 110 and well in LED 90lm / W do nothing more energy efficient. but if the efficiency of the lamp comparison, conclusions on the fact, rather than a. for general lighting are 360 ​​omnidirectional uniform brightness, and the brightness of the LED is directional, is usually 180 from inside, so the difference is not the lamp of it. sodium lamp or conventional light output of the lamp lighting the lamp is usually 60%, LED lamps can reach 90% lighter. The effective light weighted sodium streetlights can 66Lm / street light LED lamp 80lm W and really get a / W

Second, because it is a course lamppost the only waterfall on the ground of light that continues to flow down the street you will see that the national minimum standards H = Weff example, sodium lamps better utilization coefficient of 0.3 is required, [url =] driver [/ url], if the duty cycle LED 0.8, then the current output LED light, 110W LED street lights in the box filled with sodium replaced 250W if the cost of the real technical factors into consideration to design drawn 1.2Weff words generally consistent with H =, LED lamps 250W 100W sodium, this stage will be replaced on the implementation in May. to reach 60%, while the level of energy saving has sufficient energy saving effect. 0.8 coefficient LED lamps This view of the distribution of staff street lighting design foundation, it is actually not difficult.

life issues:
If you said that the life of the LED lamp of 100,000 hours or 50,000 hours, 30,000 hours, which is rather disbelieve, but remember that you are asked you ask how, if known, who had even heard when they say they are it has been measured, must be made not to test the number of hours of data for the Foundation because now I definitely do not want anyone million hours had meter test this, the future is impossible a silly way because it is not necessary. 1000 hours of data will tell you it does not matter, because a lot of tubes LED light output is increased to 1,000 hours. controller and, of course, LED, while the tube. Now the time of the test is international life 1000 + 5000 hours 1000 hours Yiqian for stability time data Hou 5000 hours life calculation according to the proof of life of over 5,000 hours of less than 5000 hours within the expected curve out of the calculation of thrust. us real test 1 + 5,000 hours of light lost 2.2% and is linear, if we consider a certain margin, which are standard products for 5,000 hours of light failure 2.5% to 50% off effect of light, the momentum life is 100,000 hours 70% of the photosynthetic efficiency of life expectancy is 60,000 hours.

But whatever the 50% meets 70% Calculation of life are not important, in fact, most of science for many national by the method used is kept low as a rule is not seen practically remained life. As maintained Go to 20LX, when it is expected that initial streetlights median average load as fast 30LX offers light effects estimate the life of 66%, so that the calculation of lifetime is 66,000 hours is. LED control when control lamp after midnight, in real time up to 100,000 hours. recognize, of course, we can really have time to wait 25 years before they know.

Bonsoni-Fiore-French-Antique-Design-Inspired-Table-Lamp-30label printing is not just printing their products and services with your company name on it. print these materials in large print is also to make a good and lasting impression on clients and customers. Therefore it is very important that you improve or enhance your printed documents, especially if you get a good impression you have your clients want to do. There are several things you can do to improve the appearance and appeal of your material. Here are some tips and ideas that can help make large print materials for your business needs.

Color is the first thing you should consider to improve their appearance and appeal of the labels of the company. The colors are the best way to print materials you have in your business to improve. These colors will make very clear and visible to design materials. To make it happen, you can bold and unique colors for their clients and customers to easily notice your documents. Different colors, the identity of the materials that make them attracted to your clients and customers.

The texture of printed documents is another thing you should always keep in mind. The effect of the image is the perfect choice, you can choose to add texture to your printed documents. It can also outlined effects, filters display and use the color of your material try to make creative and artistic. Instead of labels to improve the texture may be a good option to add the identity of his team.

The sharpness of the image used on the labels also plays a crucial role in improvement printed documents to add. For you to do this process, you can use image processing tools before printing. However, it is always a need to ensure they make a perfect lighting and shading in the image of printed documents. If you do the correct procedure, you will soon see that your documents look solid and that stand out in the crowd.

In order to make your customers and clients impressed by your hardware. Moreover, the effect of light and shadow are two of the most important things to pay attention to improving the attractiveness of printed documents. They help always and especially the design of materials and look real. This is a very effective technique for labels live appearance and to make it more attractive.

These are just some of the things you always have to keep in mind every time you improve the appearance and functionality of label printing. Always follow these tips, ideas, and soon, the positive effects and the benefits it will bring remarkable for their business.

Although it is not a popular marketing tool as brochures or business cards, labels are ideal brand image of the company. You can help build your identity and made easily recognizable in the market. So make sure you listed enough attention to creating tags that are placed on their products and services. You can easily take your business to new heights if it becomes effective.

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