His box spring was lying about that-there is a platform bed

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Vallery-3-Drawer-Bedside-Table-in-Antique-With-Lime-Details-31If you buy a new mattress recently, you probably have to disburse a little more of your hard earned money for a box spring to support the mattress. I can not think of one thing to tell you, sucker! You do, bulky machine, heavier. Hotter received from the barriers of furniture in the rooms and tyranny with open arms, dozing in a new era of enlightenment and nap. With new advances in the bedroom furniture bed, you can avoid mistakes in the future and take support their hard mattresses, sharp should. Travelers and join the millions of people who enjoy a good night’s sleep without a mattress and sleep placidly in a modern platform bed.

platform beds are the new hot ticket in bedroom furniture bedroom. The bed is a low profile (not to be confused with low rider, having nothing to do with the bedroom furniture bedroom has) work modern minimalism. Its clean lines and a smooth surface, however, a challenge for a sober figure. But the fact that this means is that it is three or four inches lower than a normal bed, so the perfect purchase for the controversial low profile elegance. Seriously, at night amid falling out of bed, it is confusing and painful. Never wake up tomorrow unrecognizable bruises. you curse, bad box spring!

How does the miracle bed, you ask? A number of permanent robust slats, are running across the width of the bed frame. These slats and mattress supports without adding too much bulk. The frame is not doing the job for you mattress, your support for your back and neck is responsible for giving what they need at night. The box spring was horses and tried to feel important and even necessary over the years. Well, FIE on you, box spring! You lied to all of us how important you are!

Uh … sorry, he was dragged. However, the platform bed is the bed of the future. Soon, as consumers put the farce day, bedsteads become obsolete, to sleep the way for a new era paving without spring. Save somewhere around 3 to $ 700 and go for modern bed and a decent bed: the bed platform.

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