history and Tai Chi techniques

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Bonsoni-York-Grey-Slate-Sofa-by-Lloyd-Phillip-and-Delric-30Tai Chi, also known as known Tai Chi Chuan, is transmitted through many generations since it was founded by Chang San-Feng. It was during the Sung Dynasty, which was introduced and since then there have been numerous reports on the way.

The form or Chinese Kung Chia, the various movements of tai chi are. One of the popular deal with the snake and crane fighting and more common forms. Master Chang, a lawyer, to copy this kind of fighting style, transforming them into a softer version of price movements. The format was developed, had 13 stations correspond to trigrams and the five elements.

Line Master Chang was not clear, but what historians know that this is a Chiang FAH. Chiang form is taught as a young man named Chen Wang Ting. Chen was known in the art of Tai Chi practice, 1644. Chen Wang Ting descendant of qualified for his family. Move some of the features of shape, focusing cocoons made in the lower positions and made rapid and regular movement.
Tai Chi, founded by the Chen family, carried out in secret, and no one can use outside their country of origin. But when Chen Hsin Chang, who was in 1800, broke with tradition. He taught his family style of Tai Chi secrets and their students, Yang Lu Chan.

Now comes the grandson of Yang Lu Chan Cheng Fu named Yang Yang style. This paved the way for the introduction of one of the largest accounts in the history of Tai Chi. The form has 128 stations. It is based on slow motion techniques in the field of energy defense moves.

Tai Chi generation of the Yang family teaches students techniques. Students selected master seriously and has a line that gave rise to various types, namely Sun and Wu Hao. These styles differ in the manner shown, and the yield is also different, but identifies authorities Chang San Feng, it remains the same.

He was a student of Yang Cheng Fu Cheng Man Ching named. Cheng became the champion of his generation after the contribution to Tai Chi Chuan was. One of the most important changes made to the Tai Chi 37 ways to reduce attitude. This is done through Cheng is now the most popular form of Tai Chi practiced that today.

When Cheng came to the United States, I tried to teach and took the interest of some students in all aspects of life. This takes the form of popular, every man and woman. This new format introduced Cheng, originally known as the Yang style in a shorter form. It is widely used today, it is very popular with the name of Chen style Tai Chi.

The form of Tai Chi Cheng is directly from the spine, restore power and sweetness has a strong position.

Taoism is the main sponsor of the idea, as formed in the first Tai Chi. In fact, the doctrine of Taoism a significant contribution to world reflects reflective, mystical and peaceful light and the way we live.

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