Hostels in Vienna, Austria – A selection of the best hostels in Vienna and When filling your home with large kitchen cabinets

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Hot-Pink-Enamel-Stainless-Steel-Inner-Plastic-Bucket-30Ltr-Touch-Top-Bin-by-Protege-Homeware-30Meininger City Hostel & Hotel, located at No. 16 Columbus, Vienna, the perfect base to start exploring the beautiful city. In the south of Vienna, close to the station to move the city, it will be no problem. There are two stations U-Bahn and S-Bahn nearby. Moreover, the most important historical sites such as the Belvedere Palace in Vienna near this hostel. The immediate surroundings are dotted with restaurants and shops visit after a day in the city. The staff at this Viennese hostel is helpful and friendly and happy to help with any questions, and when you have more than Vienna. Facilities at this hostel Vienna, including buffet breakfast for only € 3.50, wireless Internet access free, free luggage storage, bed linen, kitchen and laundry. Security is provided in the form of an access card. Sleeping here starts from € 14.00 per person per night.

Not only high recommended in passing, also the travel guide Lonely Planet, the Wombats City Hostel (The Base), located Grangasse 6 in Vienna, was a popular destination for backpackers since 1999, this inn had kept young Vienna is one of the cleanest hostel to another and also some of the best facilities for a hostel offer. All rooms have bathrooms. Vienna hostel also offers a number of free on arrival linen, free map and free lockers drink. Breakfast is buffet style and the bar also serves affordable meals. Internet access is also available and laundry facilities are also available. No curfew imposed this Vienna hostel, so their movements are not restricted. The staff and owners Marcus and Sascha are also very accommodating. The price of a bed here in this hostel Wien Pre night from € 17.00 per person.

Located in Fugergasse 3 Westend City Hostel in Vienna was considered the point of approaching hikers in the city for the meeting. Central and strategically located near the central station and Vienna city center, this hostel Vienna Explore a breeze. Vienna’s largest bazaar street is located in this area stay at this hostel in Vienna to make even more rewarding. There is no curfew at this hostel in Vienna and invited in the lounge and garden terrace to relax. Breakfast is offered for free. Internet access is also available, but you have to pay to use it. Towels are also available for rent. Residence at night starts here only from € 16.90 per person.

Located in the main bazaar street in Vienna, the Wombats City Hostel (Hall) is the second alternative in Wombats City Hostel (Basic). The atmosphere and the second of this Wombats facilities are also provided good. Located on the Mariahilferstrasse 137, this hostel prices in Vienna are the same as the base Wombats. To learn more about the book your stay in these shelters Vienna, visit.

In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of the house. If this is the case, why is it that kitchen furniture is often last on the list of acquisitions for a new apartment or house? In fact, most people do not think much beyond the simple kitchen, table and enough for the family for dinner because the kitchen is furnished chairs. The modern kitchen is especially a bedroom with wardrobes for storage and cooking appliances, food preservation and cleaning up after dinner. While there are all kinds of cabinet and tile styles are, if you really want to personalize your style of cooking, some kitchen furniture can make the heart of your home truly your kitchen.
In additional kitchen storage with style

Every kitchen can use extra storage space, no matter how much space the cabinets and pantry offer already. You can add to the store of the kitchen when some nice pieces choose wisely. furniture kitchen storage includes pieces like old fashioned jelly cabinets, kitchen islands and pantry cabinets.


Catskill Craftsman offers a wide range of wooden furniture for your kitchen, everything. With a simple and elegant style that never grows old locker single door with wooden doors with flat panel is a versatile cabinet jelly in rustic style, with clean lines and screen doors. One element of this type can be customized to be ideal. You can paint the front mask or adjust the entire cabinet or contrast with the walls of the kitchen. If you need more space, Catskill Craftsman also makes the same style in a double door versions. Both kitchen cabinets have four shelves and are perfect for storing products or canned foods. The dimensions also allow the perfect container for organization systems so you can organize your entire kitchen behind a pair of stylish doors.

You can free-standing kitchen cabinets and storage cabinets in many styles. For a rustic look, can a Pine Utility Kitchen Pantry choose that comes in a honey pine finish, patina green or red spot, white or sage to accentuate the colors of the popular cuisine today. Inside the enclosure has two large shelves and six spice rack / can shelves built into each of the double doors.

Utility cabinets help hide clutter and organize your kitchen

kitchen furniture can do more than add a few shelves behind a closed door. There are some beautiful pieces that are functionally designed as decorative. Why put your trash outside where the neighbors can see if you can slip out of sight in a trash timber? Select the trash properly, and you can even more in your kitchen.

One of the new trends in kitchen furniture is wicker and wire. Add a black or white wicker and wood storage unit dustbin kitchen and will add more than a dustbin. Aged wood black or white provides a nice contrast to the dark wicker baskets, paper towels or sheets. Insert a wooden board and has a buffet to use the kitchen for display or use.

Kitchen islands add seating, table space and storage

Kitchen islands are a new twist on a return in the sixties, and rage. A well made kitchen island can add counter and table space and storage space in the kitchen. Catskill Craftsman makes a line of islands block very well finished butcher, who are today in modern kitchens and cottage. The heart of the kitchen island, a basket with cabinet with shelves and open doors closed storage, the island has kitchen island more super, storage closed integrated into the blade holder and drop-leaf table, one Catskill craftsman kitchen island can be the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen.

table space or make the most of a small kitchen with a variety of compact buffet

Ideal for small, compact sets of three pieces of kitchen tables and chairs are the ultimate in versatility. Kitchen islands proposing said they consist of a narrow table against height and a couple of chairs usually stored under the table road. Counter height table games are available in a variety of ways, including one for anywhere that small and elegant bar on wheels rolling it out. For the elegant bistro cuisine, counter height 5 bar Capria could set pieces dinner be the perfect solution. The round table at the height takes up little space, and slide the chairs in a low wedge for storage when not in use.

Whatever the style of your kitchen, you can finish well with the right kitchen furniture. Take inventory of your needs, and take a look at some of the best options you can choose.

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