How to care Oak Furnitures: Tips & advices on Oak Furniture caring

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Oak is a marvellous wood best known in furniture making. Oak becomes popular to the furniture industry it is one of the most highly valued types of wood for its extreme durability, extraordinary strength and exceptional beauty. It is one of the strongest and most respected materials in the furniture making process. It suits in all rooms in your home including as a office, living, kitchen or bedroom furniture. Looking after those items, oak furniture can add your home a unique sense of luxury and warmth. Oak furniture was still beautiful even unfinished. It is just as majestic as oak tree itself and can be passed on to many generations to come. However oak will be long-lasting under one condition – you must know how take care for your oak furniture well.

Oak Lounge Furniture

Oak long lasting ability can take into account of its usage. For example, a table that is used on a regular basis should be handled carefully.  Caring for oak furniture depends on several factors but fortunately, oak does not need much maintenance to stay at its best. There are some valuable tips to look after your oak furniture and get the most out of your investment.

Oiling and Waxing

Oak is a natural material and should be treated naturally. Make sure that you keep your oak furniture clean but avoid harsh chemical cleansers.  We have exterior and interior oak furniture. The interior oak furniture should be conditioned either with oil or wax in order to protect it from infestations and stains as well as from cracking. Here are some guides in oiling and waxing:

  • Oiling and waxing need to be repeated every couple of months during the first years and later become less frequently.
  • In the direction of the grains, apply the wax gently.  Then, remove it when dried.
  • Use all natural, oil-based cleansers only or wipe the dust with a soft cloth dampened in linseed oil.
  • Oak furniture should be never wiped with cloth dampened in water but use you can use a damp cloth dampened in oil.

Keep Oak Furniture Away from Heat and Sunlight

One last advice, don’t put your oak furniture in an area that will receive direct sunlight. Heat will lead to irreversible colour fading. Also, do not position the furniture next to heat sources such as radiators or air conditioning vents because changes in temperature will impact on the condition of the wood and can lead to splitting.


Most of all enjoy your furniture.

Oak furniture is a big investment for your home so make sure that it is at its best for as long as possible. You may know that oak are a durable wood but need some extra love and care.  These are the real factors that will help you to live with them for many years to come.

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