How to choose the right mattress

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4ft-Standard-Damask-Mattress-30Question 1: “How long a mattress” There is no definitive answer, but seven years is a good estimate, we all lose skin 0.5 kg per year and 0.25 liters of sweat at night .. so after 7, also If the mattress does not sag or lose your convenience, for the love of the only hygiene, change your mattress.

And even if you feel that your old mattress is comfortable, if you try again you will find that you have been putting up with really was unacceptable. Common sense: 8 hours a night, 365 days a year, for 7 years, and even the most durable mattress took his punishment.
Question 2: “How much should I spend?” A cheap double mattress will cost £ 100, a cheap double mattress £ 700, and a means of mattresses brand road, for example, Silent Night and Sealy Mattress 150 £ 300 £ upward are comfort and very strong support and well around £ 250, there are other 50 Win by King and one third less for a single mattress.

Question 3: “How I can try a mattress?” First, before testing a mattress, stripped of her underwear. OK, this may be a little too conscientious, but the jacket and wears loose clothing. You should be able to move freely and be able to feel the contour of the mattress.

Lie down on the mattress. Slide a set of keys in the lower back. If you can feel the keys, the mattress is too hard. Then try your hand sliding on his back, and if it is difficult, then the mattress is too soft.

Now spend some good minutes in bed lying on his back, read on the page and make sure you use a pillow that you feel comfortable. The top layer of the mattress should be soft and comfortable. However, it should push up the mattress feels the soul and support of the spine that your spine straight in a way is maintained. That’s the rule – the spine should be straight. If you have wide hips, for example, the mattress should be more days to keep your spine straight, so in this example a softer mattress would be needed.

In addition, generally has a stone rugby player 20 “more firm” with a dancer stone 8 and toddlers who sleep as the mattress is due to a softer mattress to sleep that -Also. Mattress

Finally, if your old mattress was very soft, do not change an incredibly hard mattress. You are about to compensation. By all means keep in mind that she was loved by his old best bed, but so hard that we slept on the floor and everything would remember the floor is flat and your body is not.

Question 4: “What is that all technical terms?” It’s not rocket science, but the manufacturer of beds terminology can be very confusing. Actually, there are only three variables – the fabric, mattress pads and type of spring unit.

You can have hours of fun a bed of sellers ask why a mattress is more expensive than the other. One can say that the mattress has twice springs, this mattress a Coolmax cover is breathable, these include foam filled latex or viscoelastic memory, etc, etc. These are what the trade as “data” that can not or not be an expert to be. The secret, however, is to ask the advantages and benefits are things we all understand.

for example

Durability: When children use to survive the mattress as a trampoline? pocket springs – no, Sealy Posturepedic – Yes.

Hygiene: How to derive the moisture of the mattress body? Stitchbond polyester cover – bad, cotton damask with side openings bronze – very good.

Support: What is the sensitivity of the mattress in my body shape? coil springs open 3 “- not much arched pocket – huge.

Comfort: What is firmer mattress? A spring 12.5 meter unit uses a thicker cable and therefore all things are equal is solid as a unit sensor spring 13.5.

Question 5: “What mattresses are best for people with allergies?” Manufacturers often claim that their mattress is hypoallergenic. How can the annual loss of 0.5 kg of skin and 0.25 liters of fluid loss during the night?

The best advice is to take hypoallergenic claims with a pinch of salt. What is certain is that the mites require warm and humid conditions to survive and prefer natural fibers. To avoid wool mattress, horsehair, cashmere, etc. Avoid carpeting mattress. The strands collect the dead skin and particularly attractive areas for dust mites.

Good hygiene is the solution and the best way to keep the mattress cleaning is to use a mattress cover with a waterproof and breathable membrane. However, an empty regular cleaning will not go wrong.

The date / marry a widow or widower

If you are participating or planning to marry a widow or widower, here are some suggestions and ideas are considered.
Learn all about the pain
Operate research on grief read books and talk to others in similar situations. Do you what to expect on birthdays, anniversaries and other special days that were to his new partner and his / her spouse died know. Be aware and understand the feelings of the other person, you can write and sensitive to your new partner.
HUSBAND SPEAKING later: If you ask?
Allow widower / a to discuss your spouse about your /. If a couple married at a young age, long she married, or have children / grandchildren will be very difficult to talk about his / her life, not to mention a spouse behind. This can be a threat to you if you let it be.
Always remember that the deceased spouse died. He or she will not come back, so you will not lose your new companion for him. No competition!
In general, if you want to meet someone that he or she share her past. It’s the same for a widow person. This time, he just happens to have a person who is alive. respectfully simply ask questions, so it’s not indiscreet, but as a genuine interest in the deceased spouse and your relationship. If you pay attention, you can actually many interesting things about your new partner to learn, for example, the way he / she sees the world; as he / she is with a partner; Likes and dislikes, etc.
A late spouse was very likely that a large part of the life of your new partner and be angry if his / her name is mentioned, in fact, very uncomfortable – for both. It is important, especially at the beginning of a relationship, to allow the widow / or to speak freely about your deceased spouse. If it ends with a non-stop mourn setting when the name is mentioned, it is also a good clue that his new partner is not really ready for reattachment. If the only persistent pain, trying together to understand how to move forward – to create new memories as when the former can be hidden and only revisited tender your spouse’s birthday later time or another memory or special day.
Note that the heart is a very accommodating organ. It can develop for people in new, no contact former residents. Take a break and ask yourself if you prefer your new partner is not his / her spouse died cares. Could be the fact that the relationship with a new partner had a past relationship, the more he / she knows how unions work. This is very good news for you and your new relationship!
Maybe when dating starts, there are many pictures of a spouse afternoon around the house with his new partner. It is as natural for him / her, because that is where they have always been. It has not even dawned on him / her that someone else could find images of intimidation. You can use some tips, pictures fall easily, especially when they are standing on the nightstand. If there are children, and some of the photos are photos are of the family, it is likely to create unrealistic that each image is put aside. Perhaps you could suggest it to move in a child’s room, or at least the wall of the living room.
Another alternative that I learned from a woman who was a widower is aspiring to have two video screens in their new home. It could include providing her and her deceased spouse, and the wall would close a continuation of the pictures of the life he led. They do not feel threatened by these images, but grateful late spouse to help her fiance and eacute; the wonderful man you get to spend the rest of his life.
Instead of requiring that all images are reserved, one can have a discussion about the heart-felt way you want. Without going into the defensive, your new partner is established, you want to ask, you are probably trying too complacent.
Where do you live? SHARE move into a house with a last spouse
If there are no financial problems and this situation can be avoided, it would probably be the best way to move a new home – one where you can make a start, and is sure to come.
If circumstances require moving to the home late with a spouse is shared, it would be useful to have an open discussion about what can be changed to give you the feeling as if at home too.
It is, if you can negotiate on the elements that he / she wishes to maintain. The house has no sanctuary remain at the end of the joint, but there may be some special memories that can hold sentimental value or children to stay at home, they want something from his parent. Try to get these facts consciously and not insist that all that belonged to the deceased spouse be eliminated. As much as you can not erase the memory of a former spouse wants to throw items. Instead, it could lead to resentment get in your new partner and / or his / her children.
Be sensitive to the family of the deceased spouse and recognize their loss too great. Parents of the deceased can be very concerned that if a new marriage is that your child will be forgotten. They may also be concerned that have less access to their grandchildren. Reinsurance goes a long way to address their concerns.
Treatment of children of a new partner
This is likely to overcome one of the most difficult problems. Girls tend to hold on to father and son are in their mothers man in the house to be. In fact, there is help for parents to their son / daughter is being a child and not think that he / she needs to get into the role of father died. If successful, this question is a minor problem.
Try not to be released, in step and on the role of misstep. It takes time for children to work through the faithful deceased father and still be able, without feeling guilty. give them enough to accomplish this daunting task time. Patience is the watchword. Do not force your feelings in a child. Step back, be gentle, be loving, be a role model, be helpful, be respectful of their time to be there with her partner and their feelings for their dead parents. Then – just wait. It is very likely that, gradually, begin to rotate and a relationship can be forged.
Create new memories
Make memories that are special and unique for you and your new partner. Traveling to places where he / she and the deceased spouse has never visited. Coma. In the new restaurants Staying in different hotels. It could be (within reason) and gradually renew its own.
Always remember that you are the one who has to spend his life with his new partner. Instead of the past with the present and the future that affects thoughts, live each day to the fullest. Make your life a celebration of being together. Your new partner will be thankful that brought a fresh breath in his / her life and does he or she can again feel the love. There were probably some time after death, he / she thought life, forever deprived of any kind of feeling, not to mention a new love.
So if you start your new partner took a moment to remember his / her spouse died, not to go in the deep end. This only means that stirred little memory and a sense was. Again, this does not affect the new relationship between the two. Ask yourself have taken if he remembers some moments, are the value of their jealousy and anger? I did not and does not think his new partner.

It follows that they are intimidated by the fact that his new partner is affected by the death of a spouse to change the perspective that can offer a unique opportunity. Anyone who has lost a spouse, especially at a young age know how precious every moment we are given. This person will not lose a minute and brings with him / her for life a new impetus. Be the beneficiary of all the lessons of life that this person has learned to deal with pain and enjoy a couple who had the strength and courage to his / her own life to increase sparks.
This article is an excerpt from Ellen Gerstein, “Dating After 35 more: How to move forward after the loss of the death of a partner, divorce or break”, which is available in downloadable e-book for $ 2.99 on the page Web.

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