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Hepatitis E is a liver disease caused by hepatitis E is a positive sense, non-enveloped viruses, RNA, single-stranded. It is mainly transmitted through contaminated drinking water. Occasionally, fulminant form of hepatitis develops leads to acute liver failure, which can lead to death.

Hepatitis E virus (HEV):

Hepatitis E (HEV), the causative agent of hepatitis E, belongs to the family Hepeviridae. Four major genotypes have been identified including genotypes 1 and 2 are for humans. Genotypes 3 and 4 are zoonotic, infect humans and many other animals such as pigs, chickens, Sika deer, mongoose, rabbits, and the appearance of the disease in developed and developing countries.

HEV genome consists of three open reading frames (ORF) ORF 1, encoding nonstructural proteins ORF2 capsid protein, ORF 3 and a small multi-functional protein. ORF 2 and ORF 3 protein translated from a single bicistronic mRNA of and overlap each other, but not with the ORF 1. The final determination of the crystal structure 3D HEV capsid protein have shown that facilitates development vaccines and antiviral drugs.

Identification and characterization of animal pigs and chickens HEV strains have demonstrated the ability to cross-infection by swine HEV that has raised concerns about the health of zoonoses. It is accumulating evidence that hepatitis E is a zoonotic disease; Pigs and other animal species are rather reservoirs.


get enough calories: Many people with liver disease are nauseating, delayed, especially in the day. To get enough calories, try most of your calories before you consume daily. Eat several small meals throughout the day can also be helpful. If you feel bad in the morning, try crackers or toast to eat before getting out of bed, but you can also drink water with lemon or a drop of lemon helps.
Avoid alcohol: Alcohol poisoning liver and can even cause damage to cells to fight the liver organ. The exact amount of liver damage caused by alcohol is not known. Therefore, it is generally recommended that people who completely avoid alcohol hepatitis E.

Drink plenty of fluids: You should try to drink at least 10-16 glasses a day of water, clear juice, or other drinks that have not caffeinated drinks in them.
Acute disease can lead to loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, predispose patients to dehydration. These symptoms are worse in the evening or at night usually. Patients should treat considerable consumption of calories to consume in the morning. As you improve, you can better tolerate frequent small meals. hospitalization should be considered in patients with dehydration into consideration. Or health food store or special dietary needs are necessary.


The above discussion of the treatment of liver is, in fact, there are many points in the previous article include, but many processes is not the hepatitis E (HEV) to deal with, learn more about symptoms hepatitis and, treatment want to know what can omic groups can see complete information on the subject.

How to decorate your room with a single bed and other wooden furniture

One bedroom is a person and rsquo; it being s favorite place, so no matter how small it is, there will always be something special! A clean, quiet, beautiful and decorative is the world and rsquo; Imagination and creation of a body of this type is not exactly what we can all do. Several ideas about the mind and keep it running at an ISN and rsquo thought; t possible. However, if you can find the correct layout for your room, so you and rsquo; ll certainly be able to provide a large space for themselves in the house.
This article summarizes the steps that you and rsquo; ll you need to continue to decorate your room with a single bed and wooden furniture.

1. If you place a single bed in the middle of the room:
A single bed in the middle of the room underlines the importance of the bed, but can consume a lot of many, if not disposed of properly. However, this does not mean that the bed can not be placed in the middle of the room.
Here and rsquo; s as if your bed in the middle of the room to organize your room:
Step 1: Place your coffee table and a chair by the window eastward. Watch the sunrise from the window with a cup of hot coffee in hand. Place your coffee table and a chair by the window in the east and falling beams wooden table in the sun, they are provided with natural solar shower.
Step 2: Organize your drawers in a place where he and rsquo; s more light in the room. Your closet is to take large and small and easy to find small accessories without enough light, it is not always possible. Therefore, Step 3: A platform facing. Place the chest in a place where there is more light in space reduced pain is to find the light without.
Step 3: A platform facing. The books make you feel richer and add creativity in your life improve; and a great platform embraces with great care and affection. A shelf introduce its single bed with views to read another book, and wonderful to keep busy all the time.
Step 4: An image of beautiful mirror placed exactly where and rsquo; It is lighter. Standing before the mirror and admire is the best thing you can do after sleeping. A mirror frame, where more light is there, it is easier for you to see without turning on the light.

2: If a single bed is placed in the corner of the room:
Put your bed in a corner of the room showing the layout of the room clearly, and sheds light equal to other pieces of furniture in the room. The room looks bigger when everything perfectly organized and organized to create a perfect harmony between the beds and other furniture in the room.

These are the steps to take if your bedroom with a single bed in the corner of Exploration:

Step 1: A coffee table next to the bed placed when he falls asleep reading your book and do not want to get out of bed, the book to keep on the grill, and a coffee table next to the bed could be a help for you . You can also set a glass of water directly on them, so no night out walk in the kitchen. If you and rsquo; not comfortable with the idea of ​​a coffee bed of the bed and the nightstand might be best for you.

Step 2: Creating the library and a chair for a comfortable and cozy room reading. A player must always be a nice quiet place to read books, library with wooden chair in the other corner of the room is the perfect thing for you. A comfort zone is between you and your books in your room, and definitely the best place for book lovers automatically created.
Step 3: Dresser in a section of the part under the light. Dresser should always be placed in a lighted area of ​​the room, so you do not have to turn on the lights in the room whenever searching for their products.
Step 4: Marco mirror in the direction of light. A mirror placed into the light makes the shine and luster for easy dressing room for you in front of her. Make sure you put in a position and rsquo; It is best for your room.
establish a space for each and rsquo; s favorite as it looks sophisticated and quiet show everything inside, in perfect harmony for residents. The best and most important part of your bedroom is the bed of wood. To ensure that and rsquo; re to check the right bed for your bedroom the choice of wood quality. To compensate for the excess products that belong to you and find no space on your site, you should choose a single bed with storage. Bed, storage costs is twofold convenient a comfortable area to relax and a large storage space.

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