How to increase the growth of the flower KOK

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Bonsoni-Stylish-Upholstered-Small-Double-Brooklyn-Ottoman-Fabric-Bed-Frame-Wheat-4ft-31The aim of all flower fans is making a big push Kok flower. This is because the size of the head of the flower is the most important quality factor and sometimes worth. As KOK flower is easier to increase as soon as you follow these basic steps.

KOK gene

The gene KOK flower is the only factor that determines whether the head will become larger. Without this factor, there is nothing you can do to improve the size of your Kok. Therefore, the best way here if Louhan determined.
For the youth of choice, choose one that already has potential. professional fans are familiar about. If you are a beginner with this interest, worry no more, because eventually you unique way to improve your skills.

Do not expect that because man has a big frontal hump, buying it will. It is advisable, the extra money and take the time to find a better place to spend the Louhan youth face obstacles later.

For example, the fish has already begun to show that some increase Kok, must take into account these better things to improve.

Water quality

Water quality plays an important role in the development of COCs. State water affects the welfare of your health. KOK growth is stable and fast when the fish in the correct state. So you have to develop and maintain a water change daily schedule. In fact, according to many experts, it is best to make a partial water change of 30% at least once a week. For those who have enough high-filtration system, two or three times a month, since clean the filter on a daily basis.

The feeding routine

Feeding the fish food with sufficient Flower also an important role in the development of plays KOK heads. Feed your little fish with a big range is also the reason why poor water quality. Therefore as possible to feed the fish with the right size of the palette.

tank size

suitable container selection is important to increase growth KOK. A 30 gallon tank, the amount of water required if a child cares 2-3 inches. a fish in a single tank wastewater offers the opportunity to develop fish control of their region.

Dominance is a feature that tends to help grow the humps of the neck. A large number of fans has proposed the use of a tank of 50 gallons normal. For older people, the appropriate size of 80 gallons or more.


The lighting of the aquarium is the most important in the production of AOC growth factor. For the best light for your aquarium choice that is appropriate for your flower, the color and intensity are the important things to consider.

Food Quality

right food to increase with the growth KOK, is also essential. For minors, the food should have a protein content of 35%.

How to increase growth KOK is easy if you follow these essential factors.

Pearls – Nature VS Nurture

Beads: Why simulate If grown?
The fascination and love for people with colorful beads dates back to antiquity. glorious myth and folklore surrounding this gem that was once reserved for royalty. Pearls, old days were to be created from an irritating little trapped in a mollusk. The body, in nature, would try to get rid of the pest by Perlmutter secreting the problem in trying to survive the elements and enemy attacks. It is surprising that Pearl has never come into existence.

Since the demand for these natural beauties was so strong and supply was so limited, cultivation techniques have been developed. Today we saltwater pearl including a core of pearl nacre and a piece of mantle tissue, and have no fresh water culture that involves mantle tissue. Both methods allow us to have these hot stones that have conquered our hearts. But even with the culture, the food is not infinite. The process is long and tedious and mother nature can still delete a vintage pearl before being always harvested.

beautiful gem quality pearls are so rare that only 20% of pearl harvest will be suitable for gem quality pearls and pearl jewelry only 20%, which are taken into account. Therefore, even a cultured pearl can be very scarce and expensive. the application and the lack of supply and the desire of people to imitate nature, has promoted the development of the central idea of ​​the pearl.

The creation of simulated pearls dates back to the first century, when Wang Chhung wrote about a method for producing chemicals beads in the year were “as bright as the real” in his book Lun Heng 83. In the 17th century a French rosary maker by the name Jacquin developed a coating of fish scales and paint to create made “oriental essence” or Pearlessence. Then he took the glass bead, inside coated with the solution, then fill it with wax.

Historical records also showed that Americans and people of other tribes around the world natives have created a version of pearl beads and simulated clay which is coated with a solution of fish scales, and then cooked in the sun .

Pearls: Choosing a sensational Simulate
The idea behind taking a simulated pearl, beauty and elegance … is to capture the precious stone pearl organic nature.

Sometimes just the simple pearl inference is all that is needed and wanted usually given to the New Year’s Eve party or thrown from a float at the carnival in pearls. In both cases, cheap plastic beads usually contain Bill. These types of accounts that simulate calls for the appearance of an expensive treasure and a mold to form a shiny coat. Nice quality plastic beads can also create beautiful quality pearls, if technical and adequate supplies were met. In this case the plastic line is actually made to remove the markings on the grinding surface and multiple layers of pearl film solution applied to the bead.

The glass beads were and are a preferred choice for production of simulated pearls. One of the most famous pearls simulates glass beads is Majoirca pearl. This gem is in Spain Majorica and was created in 1890 by a German immigrant Eduardo Hugo Heusch. Glass beads are handmade and then a pearl essence of high quality and polished between each of the submerged layers. a particular topcoat, on the surface, then applies the Majorica pearls are placed under ultraviolet radiation. The company’s reputation for fine quality requires a strict code are so respected that any woman who receives her Majoirica accounts Your jewelry will be proud.

Pearlfection is one of the most investigated and collected simulated pearls. This process involves using reality based on a kind of pearl nacre core. Various coatings creates a solution include laboratory found around the beds of pearls, the organic material can be applied to the core in order to imitate the work of Mother Nature. The result is “the perfect pearl.” Most women who collect and enjoy wearing these pearls simulating Pearlfection to complete the look are so close, feel and weight of authentic pearl often friends can make a difference. This line of beads made of jewels of the Pacific comparison.

Pearls: The sky is the limit with a fabulous Simulate
With the creation of the simulated pearl, it is now really a pearl for every woman. Girls from all walks of life can enjoy the polished look that brings Accessorize with pearls. Quality diamond simulated pearl can be compared or Moissanite created simulating a good fusion. The goal is the same … jewelry have, what you seem paid much more than it actually did. The idea is to have pieces that are made so that others have difficulty knowing that this is not the real deal.

Majorica Pearl simulated as Pearlfection and allow women regardless of extreme price tag attached to luxury pearl necklace gem quality. Everyone can afford a $ 75,000 strand South Sea pearls, but Pearlfection, which can have the look. It is a label of $ 2,000 a little pricey prepared for a price of Japanese pearl bracelet with pearls? Now, with Majorica, you can search for a fraction of the cost.

A beautiful simulated pearl quality, you can also build your wardrobe with fine stones quickly. Genuine Diamonds, precious stones, gold, silver and even pearls can be easily combined, when combined with fine pearl simulated.

Pearls: Caring Simula
Care simulated pearl is as easy as taking care of the real cultural gems. The principles are very similar. A soft damp cloth is all you need to gently clean the surface of the jewelry. Never use a professional ultrasound machine because harsh chemicals ruin the surface and real pearls.

Use the rule of the latter to the former was well with her jewels. This simply means putting your jewelry on their hairsprays AFTER, perfumes and cosmetics dry. Then, at the end of the day to remove FIRST.

Be sure not to scratch the surface of the gems were not only treated with several layers of pearlescent substances, but with a final protective layer. Scratching the surface is ruining the risk that its interface is executed. For all your jewelry, check out the strands knotting and bracelets. Knotted have the ability and the restrung if necessary.

It is always a good idea to check the care instructions manufacturers to clean your jewelry simulated pearl. With these simple maintenance tips that can make your jewelry simulated pearls will last a lifetime and then some.

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