How to open face of the world – Bay Windows to the perfect room

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Bonsoni-Mohel-Charcoal-Chaise-(Large)-by-Sherman-30Many authors have “perfect home”, said the idea over the years. In the 16th century Andrea Palladio was a series of rules of four books to write for creating the perfect construction – rules that have talked about the symmetry of the values ​​mathematically sizes of windows in the floors of houses declining increase and importance of natural light in the creation of a real home. The windows that follow at least two of its rules (which provide natural light and to use the facade of a solid feel), have been widely used in building the house of the late 19th century – and in the modern world can his greatest ally be creating the perfect space.

The first thing to remember is a glass wall that can be as comfortable or as broad as you want. This means you can create a small cozy nook for reading and relaxing: or you can open the entire front wall of your room with perfect glass to admit natural light. The windows are one of the most versatile means at your disposal if you want to create one.

The most attractive overall function of the bay is the amount of light allowed. When a window in his house, which is promoting a zone is fully accessible within the natural light is created. The bay is glass on three sides, it can be given the possibility of more light in your room during the day at any time.

Outside the standpoint of design, the windows are your home look impressive or as cozy as you want to do in the situation. The presence of a window on the floor put a little scratch takes a look comfortable and warm home. Upon entering the house a large bay on the ground, immediately takes a presidential air – a bright expanse of windows that are shown in the amount of space and light that await visitors inside.

You can have a bay up in a room, if desired. A bay window is on the top floor is extruded out of the house on one level and is built as an extension of a portion of the bay at the bottom of the house. In the second case, under mounting bay window, instead of being covered, the level of the standard roof of the entire building is received.

having a window arrangement on the floor, is a wonderful way to add more light to a master bedroom – and to create a zone in a room to be used specifically to relax. An arrangement of the windows of the top floor is ideal for localizing a dressing table, a chair or a reading chair, for example.

The bay has remained constant since the first popular applications. So beautiful and flexible so much light as possible to present in a room, it’s easy to see why.

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