How to Repairs bath unit.

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Bonsoni-Patterned-Ceramic-Table-Lamp-With-Wooden-Base-30speak bathroom is officially a bath unit. One room that only 6-8% of the generally flat surface, but takes its meaning if it is out of competition. One can imagine an apartment without space or without kitchen (no kitchen as such “studies” to which it is connected to the living room), but it is absolutely impossible to imagine a home without bathroom unit. Total repair of a bathroom unit is technically a difficult task, it is not a joke. You should leave this work only for highly qualified specialists.

First, if a quality installation and finishing work can be reviewed by a person (eg, a wall is curved, a window or a door is not closed, or tiles are placed more or less) and quality manufactures plumbing, sewage and electrical systems that can not be verified.

And secondly, following a poor job of constantly flooded neighbors to penetrate clogged drains, short circuit fault in the wiring of contact with water and other serious problems.

We have already written extensively on floors, ceilings and walls, so we will briefly recall that all materials must be waterproof, and should be stamped on the floor. It is also very important to consider the geometry of your bathroom; otherwise it will be difficult to create tiles and place sanitary facilities in a proper way.

Electrical wiring and electrical equipment.
A bathroom and a toilet impose specific requirements on all current. The electrical equipment is used in a damp room, must be grounded, three-wire cabling (zero phase, ground) should be performed. Lamps, sockets, switches are used with the degree of protection.

Water supply and sewerage.
Steel pipes, copper, metal and polypropylene polymer used for the supply of hot and cold water. PVC hose to the drainage system. Water is cut through ball valves. If plumbing specialist uses threaded connections, it is important not bricks in a wall of access to them. steel pipe fittings welded must be grounded to prevent corrosion. It is necessary to pre-filter all water pipes to avoid damage to expensive hygiene. That is to put the best filter with drainage, as it makes their service.

If the towel Error “child” connection is the lack of hot water supply. If the installer said it is impossible to provide hot water to a towel, trust him and put electric towel. sewage pipes are mounted with an inclination of approximately 5% and if possible avoid corners 90 °. I recommend buying all tubes and pipes of single anchor known manufacturer and preferably in specialized stores. REVIEW manholes for maintenance of a sewer pipe system should not be too small, if it is intended and in the case of loss of certain problems go, it will be necessary to break through the walls. All these elements are basic moments of plumbing and sewage and in general all this must be technical, the issue of health.

We will discuss ventilation.
It is mandatory to install ventilation drawing. This should be considered when a fan to buy? First is the power, it should be the size of a room, and the second is the noise (measured in decibels). Both descriptions are displayed on a ventilator.

sanitary engineering equipment. Here we will discuss mixers, water heaters, bathroom accessories bathrooms and ceramics, etc.
For a shower and pay attention to models with a thermostat. There are two controls on them. a temperature, and another regulates the water pressure is adjusted. In my opinion, it is very convenient.
Paying attention to systems flush toilets that are on the wall, sink and toilet wall for them.

electric water heater. They are divided into operation and storage. Water heaters are smaller, but more powerful than storage. It can reach 16 kilowatts. I know many other electrical devices in an apartment can create heavy load on your electrical system.

If you do not have or spa – I do not advise anything, because swimming is a very expensive thing, and it’s for you to decide whether £ 1000- £ 3000 to pay for it. I just want to say that the combination of an ordinary spa tub connection is no different. I hope this information is available to assist in the repair work in the event of procurement and tackle manufacturers.

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