How to select Essential for Bed and Breakfast Home!

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Macau-High-Sleeper-White-With-Pink-Details-30Bed with great success and has proved to be a comfort zone well as an alternative to hotel list. Well, today all the advantages of the business rooms want to take and there’s nothing wrong with that, because there is much more requires a budget and space. Anyone can be a bed and breakfast in their homes or private homes or other places they want to start. But before you start your own bed and breakfast there are some basics you need to follow or to provide a bed, go through and more comfortable and luxurious breakfast. To this end, I have written this article is used to focus on a few essential or follow or in the eye before his own bed and breakfast to start elements.
Fundamentals argue for bed and breakfast in the eye!

– First and most important of the guest room is the location would be bed and breakfast. It is important to find the place where people can easily find and get easy transportation, because most of the time have guests from other places, so they prefer from the field in a place where they move.
Be patient and cool – When you begin your bed and breakfast and the first thing to learn is patience and calm, especially if they are not willing to be surrounded by guests and children.
Take the first experience – If you want to do business with bed and breakfast successfully, then first has the experience of bed and breakfast to take life only then can understand what to do and what they contain at your disposal should do what. So go in every room and be there and so many questions about how to host this bed and breakfast, so you can understand the basics of bed and breakfast. This is an essential step for the bed and breakfast successfully!

– Be prepared to give every room! If you are new and don & rsquo; t have an idea about the cabins and the first thing that must be noted that the workroom of the address is not so easy, and will take a long time to complete!
– Legal information and knowledge about it is absolutely necessary! Different cities and countries and have different rules and regulations conscious of respecting all previous legal aspects to the rooms.
– Know the basic criteria for safety, health, food, etc. It is important to comply with health and safety regulations, food hygiene, licenses, etc.
– Marketing is important to your room, to reach the target audience. You can create posters from your bed and breakfast; give your cable news or local newspapers. Today is effective, Internet marketing, you first create the website of your room and try to get reservations for the same.
Now, and rsquo; It’s time to think inside modern facilities and other facilities included in your bed and breakfast!
– Try your bed and breakfast more threadbare and abundant, so that people stay with comfort, so increasingly threadbare room in your bed and breakfast, get more praise from customers.
– Shopping and some world-class beds for bedrooms, Buy blind, beautiful dining table for dining, modern curtains, etc.
– Don and rsquo; I think sharing a bathroom! I prefer bathroom in each room to offer.
– A liability insurance because it plays an important role in your bed and breakfast!

Consider security issues and use devices and modern technologies such as CCTV and spaces circuit, etc. – display
What are some essential elements that must consider if the guest room to provide planning! I’ll be waiting with a new theme to the room so soon directories and associated systemic back!

Get your child to sleep: The Power of Sleep Fairy

Macau-High-Sleeper-White-With-Red-Details-33Their children wake up several times during the night? You lie to their children in bed until he falls asleep? Does your child to slip in bed in the middle of the night? He slept habits will take your children to the point of madness? Do not be afraid! Hada sleep here!

One night, after fighting my two and four years to put on the bed, I crawled to sleep in the hallway for a while with my husband to be, I was watching the History Channel. I fell into bed exhausted, but my kids call their rooms great zeal for our nightly routine.

While waiting, I focused on the history of war against me. It was about prisoners of war in Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Some of the pilots who were shot in northern Vietnam for seven years in prison. While talking about the dream, I found related to their symptoms. They felt relieved and confused, forgetful and out of touch as much as I after four years have sleepless nights. I was breathless when I realized state prisoners because it was like a father.

One day, when I made my crib, I had an idea magical blend of good psychology (reward systems) and education (the lover stimulus). That night my kids sat on the living room sofa and said, “I just received a message that the way fairy dream comes” My 4-year-old said. “? The fairy dream is mother,” I said, “Sleep Fairy helps young children sleep through the night And when young children sleep at night, you get a small gift under the pillow ..”

My two sons in thought, radiant that could awaken a surprise! I got in bed, reading a story, and gave her a kiss goodnight, then I said, “Well, you can not call me after I say good evening:” It was when my son realized that he did not play game could. , And down more “But mother,” he said, “what if I owe you?” to which I replied .. “if you’re hurt, you do not need me, it’s time to sleep though.” added added, to be fair, “can you tell me you love me at all times.”

My kids slept all night. They awoke in a toy car, crayons or small candies and loved Fee sleep for another chance to visit. Some days through the night and sleep Tarifa not come there. They were disappointed, but they knew another chance the next night had a good night’s sleep.

You can perform the following steps for the fairy sleeping in his house:

1. Run the Sleep Fairy say something like: “. Did you know that the fairy who helps sleeping children to sleep and stay All we have to do to come is to say that once again bedtime,” Hada Sleep need help us sleep! He then explains that the fairy who brings a gift or treat and hide it under the pillow, when it reaches its destination.

2. Be reasonable to ask specific achievable goals that can reach their children. If your child must wake up to 10 times a night, then sleep fairy fact is that wakes up 3 times. This objective could change over time.

3. Give clear instructions. Tell your child exactly what to do to win the prize. “When I say that a good night, you must remain calm.” Or: “You can wake me up twice during the night.”

4. night reward. During the first 30 days to change overnight reward the child configuration.

5. Change the intermittent or random after 30 days. Once you see consistent sleep habits, tell your children fairy sleeping with other children helping sleep problems. Sleeping Fairy still visit occasionally (randomly). Or if your child is on a calendar and tell the dream fairy will visit every Wednesday (with interruptions).

6. Ask your child a write thanks to the sleep fairy note.

7. Invites the fairy dream again if necessary. Children go through phases. Some steps bring old habits of sleep and before you know you are insomniac back. Take this opportunity to call the Sleep Fairy again. Continue to adopt the same pattern.

My children’s fairy called back to sleep ever so often now that my son Dylan said 6 and 9 times, “Mom, I miss the fairy dream may come to visit.?” And you know what? He always does!

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