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Bonsoni-Morrisons-Double-TV-Bed-Frame-4ft6-Black-by-Lloyd-Phillip-and-Delric-30Last week we talked about making sweet care tips for sleep each night. If you follow them, and rsquo; has its dark and quiet room, you & rsquo; have verified your mattress, you and rsquo; TV in the bedroom have banned consumption of caffeine and alcohol, regulates your routine and watched mdash; all. And here it is, at 4 am, fully awake.
What can you do when you and rsquo; the rules have been followed and can always and rsquo; t sleep?
Experts suggest that you get up and out of bed when you and rsquo; were 15 & ndash not sleep; stretch of 20 minutes. That and rsquo; s, so your body won & rsquo; t to the idea of ​​sleeping in the bed used. And the more you are in bed she feels anxious. You & rsquo; They got a few hours to arrive and the clock is ticking. You need to get her off immediately! The more you know what you have to sleep, do you most fear is. And that and rsquo; s stress that don & rsquo; t need when and rsquo; re trying to relax.
So get up and do something relaxing. Take a bubble bath. Read a book. Play music and mdash; Brahms, not pink. Whatever you do, do it away from your statement only if you and rsquo bed; feel sleepy again.
You can also try relaxation techniques. Relax all the muscles one by one, from their toes. Move your body, breath awareness while imagining your muscles in the feet, calves, thighs relax, abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck. Feel the tension leave your body.

Or imagine a quiet, nice if you and rsquo place; They have felt calm and relaxed. A beach, maybe. Hear the sound of water gently against the sand. Smell the salt air. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Counting the waves breaking on the shore. Or counting sheep. This will help you, your mind can and rsquo; t sleep.
The key is to calm the mind. Try to put things that worry away for a while. There is nothing you can do to solve their problems now. It may be helpful to write what and rsquo; s concern, so that you can get in your mind and on paper. Make a list of things you can do, could their problems, instead of solving the loop continuously through the head.
If you and rsquo; Yoga classes have taken, you know how to pay attention to your breathing. Note that you inhale and exhale. Gradually your body down. The practice of meditation. The time for Savasana, as is done in yoga class; It & rsquo. Unless sleep and staying asleep.
Sweet Dreams.

VASTU home and Vedic astrology

It is very difficult to make a house as it is now very expensive. It is very sad when we found some problems in our dream home. Health, money, business, education and unnecessary costs are the few things that make us more often concerned. the House Energy can connect these problems to the negative. Vastu tips for application, we can eliminate this negative energy of our home and life and can bring positive energy. Sometimes bad investments stars and nakshatra create many obstacles in our lives. We have many problems at the time of the planets and Dasha Mahadasha and suffered because of these problems due to our carelessness. Do not hesitate and immediately find an expert Vedic astrologer, so you get immediate results by applying these tips in our daily lives.
Vastu is a Hindu practice, to build the house in harmony with natural forces or energies for happiness and comfort of people. Vastu is the abode of the gods and men are assigned different directions and sectors to various gods and guardians. Vastu is a results-oriented and are positive and immediate results if properly applied science. Shows the amounts and details of the construction of stretching, retaining walls, water tanks, kitchen, bedroom, stairs, ceiling heights, entrances, doors, windows, walls, etc.
Adults living-room should be to the southwest. South is also a pleasant way to a good life. Build upstairs master bedroom, where appropriate, only in the southwestern part of the house.SLEEP attitude avoid sleep maintenance head to the North Pole and South Pole legs. Your legs should Westwards and eastwards for peace of mind, good thoughts and spirituality.Kids Room and ndash; Children and rsquo; Rooms must northwest or west side stand only. If possible, make a detailed separately in their studio rooms.
STUDY HALL – Children face north or east or northeast, while an excellent addition to studying. So are the best sites for the study room is north, east or northeast. These directions guide the positive effects of mercury to increase brain power, increasing wisdom of Jupiter, the Sun and Venus growing ambition to help in achieving creativity in new thoughts and ideas. Keep books in the southwestern part of the room. The door of the study should be in the east or north or northeast
-The kitchen KITCHEN position has health organizations and a very important part of our house. Middle divinity decision is Agni, the god of fire; so it can be located in the southeast corner of the house.
Dining – The dining room should be placed in the east or west or north near the kitchen. northwest corner is good for consumer goods. So, dining room should be in the northwest, leading to faster consumption of food.
Bathroom – bathroom of his room on the north or east. Put a shower, bath and sink in the northeast or north or direction is in the bathroom. Always take a dip in the North or East in the bathroom. Bathroom never be built in the middle or at the southwest corner of the house.
STORAGE – Storage should be brought home in the northwest or southwest. It is very advantageous that grains and other provisions are stored in memory northwest. All heavy objects can be stored in the southwest of the reservation. Keep garbage in the southern part of the home side.
Salon & ndash; One wonders drawing piece. in the northeast or north or east, but not in the southwestern part of the house. More empty space should be given in the northeast corner living room. The door should be placed in the northeast to the east.
the height of the building still should be to achieve the most beneficial results. Or projections must be consistency between elevations.
Some important things to POSITIVE ENERGY BRINGS HOME
& Bull; If you do not receive sunlight right, open all the windows in the north and east direction at least 3 hours a positive energy.
& Bull; Light a Diya pure ghee in his sanctuary regularly.
& Bull; Clean your home regularly sanctuary.
& Bull; Always keep clean the northeast corner of your home.
& Bull; Money flows in your home do not let the water flow sink faucet, because it is like.
& Bull; front door should always be informed.
& Bull; Do not leave the room, a set of T. V. any water or plants.
& Bull; Do not use mattresses and bedding separate
& Bull; Keep furniture of a square or a circle or octagon.
& Bull; Always keep to illuminate the corners.
& Bull; an image of sunrise bright sun hangs on the south wall of the living room.
& Bull; Let the southwest wind in the room.
& Bull; Avoid doors eat at home.
& Bull; Never hang a mirror in the kitchen.
& Bull; Do not expose the broom and mop in the open and not allow the body to touch again.
& Bull; Always keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet as much as possible.
& Bull; Keep windows open to the outside.
& Bull; Avoid planting prickly cactus plants at home.
& Bull; an aquarium to take the southeast corner of the living room.
& Bull; Hang a happy family picture in the living room.
& Bull; Do not plant trees as a high-Banyan, Pipal or thorn trees in front of the house.
& Bull; Make sure the main door or lift your business should not be in front of the front door of the house.
& Bull; The house must be thoroughly ventilated and has sufficient water resources.
& Bull; It is advisable not to store spoiled food, wilted flowers, torn clothes, waste paper, waste, empty cans, old pots and unnecessary things that take place at home, since they come from wealth at home.
& Bull; Please do not keep old leather shoes at home if there is a marble floor.
& Bull; Marble is considered the sacred stone. If possible, avoid the marble in the bedroom and the bathroom.
& Bull; Make your sanctuary in an open space. Use the marble in the chapel.
& Bull; Keep your house clean and always light incense in his sanctuary in the morning and evening.

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