If you share an office with your spouse at home? and Secrets of the Ministry of Interior to design your dream Part 1

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Bonsoni-Sherborne-Oak-Single-Pedestal-Desk-Made-of-a-High-Quality-Grade-of-Oak-30Do you have compatible work styles?

Your spouse may prefer to keep the papers scattered on the table while you want to keep every piece of paper presented. Since each person has their own office desk at home, should not be a problem. That could change if the one who started all brochures loves outdoor piles, sales information and other documents around the office furniture. At this point, you must determine who is working in this area of ​​the office. For example, the table could be in the printer and copier away from the articulation of the “stack”, while the “pure” have to live together with batteries in other areas. One option for the spouse who likes to save paper and information desk open for use for books and other information spaces.

Your internal clock is synchronized?

Some people are morning people, while others reach their way through the afternoon and be able to work all night. If you are a morning person, schedule time to deal with the important tasks in the morning. If you are more productive in the afternoon, plan accordingly important tasks. The only time the internal clocks of a problem if that spouse could be “Home” goes to bed early and stays awake for a printer high and phone calls the spouse “delay” must do. Pay attention to the internal clock of your spouse and not wait to be productive unsociable hours.

Is your home office should be quiet so you can be productive while your spouse must have a background noise at work?

Our concentration levels are as different as our ways of working. A person may need as your home office to be quiet as a library, while the other could work on the sound NYSE. At the time, it is essential to have the silence, another room to work at home. You can put a computer cabinet in a room or guest bedroom family that is both functional and part of the decoration of your home. If the cabinet is not in use, keep doors locked, and nobody will know that behind these doors is a second home office. You can also modify your schedule to work when your spouse is not there. If this is a big problem, earplugs are always a good choice.

It is often in time, while your spouse is always late?

No matter what you say or do, your spouse may be everywhere he or she will successfully afternoon. There are many reasons for this. First, your spouse can be a poor planner. He or she will not have enough time between appointments or underestimate the amount of time it takes to prepare in the morning. Another reason that your spouse could on a regular basis is too late, he or she can receive care. Sometimes you can get so absorbed that you do what you want to spend time alone, he forgot to do more than work. Complain to your spouse about his tardiness, the only time you can communicate. Express your frustration with your spouse and will help you plan more carefully each day.

will share a home office with your spouse, it is not for everyone. After everything is done, which does not dictate the room, necessarily what happens in the boardroom … even if the two rooms of the house are.

Written by Lisa Kanarek


One of the most important activities that take place when going into business for themselves your home office is the establishment. Your home office is where you do business, and if it can be in a corner of the kitchen, you really want to find a place where you are out of family activities and may have a little more privacy and silence, while they are working.

Size is not as important and functionality when setting up the hub. Its basic home office furniture includes a desk, chair, trash, Internet (if you buy online) and regular office supplies.

Is there enough light available?

Proper lighting is extremely important. Time passes, you can create a workspace with little eyestrain light that this could lead to serious problems with their vision after a long time. Hours

Check the number of outlets

Consider the devices you have in your workspace. Your system requires a socket for the CPU, monitor, printer, scanner, speakers (sometimes), and other auxiliary equipment you may have.

The area is well ventilated and free of dust?

computer equipment due to a certain temperature can be maintained to function properly. The same is true, to have good ventilation, warm, cozy in the winter months and cool in the summer months. For humans If overheating overheating and computer, you arrive and heaviness of the computer. The powder is to take into account an additional factor. Do not place it in a place where fans suck the computer in exorbitant amounts of dust. It is not good for them, and it is for you also not good.

telephone connection is another consideration

In addition to a cell phone for business purposes, also you have access to a telephone modem. You can also drag a separate account for your business telephone line. It is much easier to keep track of your phone costs the company for tax purposes, if you have a separate phone line.

Also, if you are on dial-up Internet, you have two phone lines, so that their customers have access to you during office hours and can leave messages when you are away. If you have teenagers at home, it is sure need a separate phone line, which is only in your home office, or may never happen. For a Few Dollars More, you will have the peace of this area.

who have access to Internet?

In the organization of modern home office today, not only must have a phone, but it may sprout broadband or DSL account. There are a number of very cheap DSL packages from your local telephone company, you will be placed on the line at higher speeds and keep your phone line clear.

If you already have a broadband connection, also you need to have close ties. While you can go wireless, there are some disadvantages in this way for business use. First, most wireless connections are running at about half as fast as the actual cable connection to the computer. So if you do most of your business online, you must wiring on your computer. Safety is another big problem with wireless connections. Make sure that if you are connected wirelessly, you have the correct encryption and modem / router is protected by a password.

A third option is that if you have an access point Wi-Fi nearby, you can use the wireless connection via a wireless card and connect to your router or connection point to the main band width. Again, you should take appropriate safety measures, as others around you do not want to navigate.

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