Ladera redefined luxury St. Lucia vacation villas new suites and butler service and Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka

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Rio-5ft-King-Size-Bed-Frame-in-Antique-30The exclusive and ultra-romantic Ladera Resort in Soufriere recently unveiled a new range of the best services and luxurious facilities in place, the experience for those seeking a luxury holiday in St. Lucia are better.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the elegant resort reopens its doors today, October 12, 2012 after a saw year-end and the addition of new features and exclusive service of the conclusion of a series of changes.

Evolve to create a holiday experience St. Lucia more authentic and refined, the Ladera completion currently created work on the new Paradise Ridge, a private and secluded luxury enclave in place to pamper its guests the highest levels. There are those who are seeking nothing more than the most attractive holiday experience in Saint Lucia with the most luxurious and spacious accommodation Ladera, including the latest brand new villa, 4 new luxury suites, a yoga studio and personalized butler service for its privileged clients.

Under the new extension luxurious Ladera also provides a spectacular new winery and tasting room, supervised by the new Sommelier station while a new chef in the restaurant complex Dasheene welcome.

Still in the works, the new last Villa and 4 new Suites Paradise Ridge is ready to welcome its first guests in early 2013. The exquisite collection of suites of textile fabrics welcome local and colonial levels canopied king beds have -size measure . inadequate supermarkets will be equipped with an efficient Kohler, include water and large bottles of Molton Brown of London products.

Vice President of Marketing and Operations Ladera expressed his happiness for the new section of luxury building in the station; “Each new set our views known to cut the breath and chat rooms have private pools”

“We are also very proud to employ a team of craftsmen full time on the property for our furniture, tiles and wood carving, as we continue to provide our customers with the most authentic experience of Saint Lucia each revolution during their stay.”

Served by the new signature butler service Ladera, from the arrival of the guests to be considered for the exclusive Villa in Paradise Ridge and suites at Paradise Ridge, needs, quickly and discreetly. The new level of personalized service, a private check-in and departure for those who choose to remain in the new housing Paradise Ridge.

new highly skilled butlers Ladera is packing and unpacking orientation of private ownership for customers and supply. Also will take care of dinner reservations and arranging preferred seating in the exclusive property Dasheene restaurant or room service. Similarly, customers of the new suits Honeymoon Villa can expect your dedicated butler and flights to worry about book tours and spa treatments for firming and airport transfers. Butlers new promise for most superior level of personalized attention for someone to take an even more legendary service level of desire Ladera in St. Lucia when planning special romantic holiday.

On the other hand the new yoga studio set in Paradise Ridge offer courses and function of a space dedicated to those who choose their own yoga exercises in a tranquil, quiet, relaxing and inspiring setting overlooking the majestic Pitons make the sea and the spectacular backdrop of the Caribbean.

Santos-5ft-King-Size-Bed-Frame-in-Whitewash-30If you are looking for an ideal place to spend your next vacation destination in an elegant way, is a luxury hotel in Sri Lanka is one of the best options. pretty as a drop of water fall in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries which is known for its natural beauty, friendly people and good weather. Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka are attended by people from all over the world in all seasons. This beautiful paradise for everyone, offers stunning waterfalls, with beautiful white sand beaches and unique flora and fauna, Sri Lanka has it all.

Most luxury hotels in Sri Lanka are in places that offer much to see the best sights. Aka Taprobana in ancient times, Sri Lanka has a rich culture and heritage and has many historical sites, which are internationally recognized. So, get out luxury accommodation in Sri Lanka, tourists to explore the best places in the vicinity of their hotels. Most recreation seekers stay for a comfortable place to make the most of your vacation. A place that is tourist attractions near the best relaxation, luxury rooms and good food. All this and more can be achieved in luxury hotels in Sri Lanka.

Almost all luxury hotels in Sri Lanka With its own facilities health club and spa, a gym and offers such as jacuzzis, hot tubs, natural pools, etc. especially wellness centers using local herbs and other ingredients that are healthy for the skin. Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka offer expert services massage therapists with experience managing those who keep international standards. Customers are assured of the best luxury hotels in Sri Lanka relaxing.

Tourists have the opportunity to try the hot and spicy local dishes, prepared with local produce, fresh seafood and many other Asian and international cuisine, including Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indian, German and Thai. These hotels offer accommodation, meals in your own room or dine in elegant restaurants.

In addition to the wide range of facilities and services, Sri Lanka Luxury Hotels offer unique service and comfortable rooms. The elegant rooms are equipped with latest equipment to meet the demands of business travelers and leisure. The elegant rooms have marble bathrooms, king-size beds, satellite TV, linen clean and comfortable bed and a private balcony with beautiful scenery.

Every luxury hotel has its own specialty and the price depends on the facilities. As a small country of booking luxury accommodation in Sri Lanka will be a wise decision in any case. While in the best luxury revel Travelers can also all Sri Lanka to explore within a few days.

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