Large king-size beds

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Black-Leather-Effect-Natalia-King-Size-Bed-Frame-by-Protege-Homeware-30Extra large size beds are larger than standard size bed and are for people who want or need more space than your standard mattress offer tremendous. Some people are too big for most beds on the market, while couples with a partner who is moving and cut all night could be a much bigger bed want to avoid sleeping on two beds or two rooms. In these cases, the size of the bed “Gran Rey” is an option.

King size beds largest standard sized mattress are prepared, but you can luxury beds and individual designers who are the largest and mattresses construction. In search of a king-size bed can I be they confused a bit, as there are many bed sizes in the category are “larger than king-size beds.”

mattress king size beds – United Kingdom

The main source of confusion when they discuss King and Super-size is the fact that the sizes of the British bed and Americans are different. In fact, British bed sizes are much smaller than the average size of their American counterparts. I’m sure this is a life that can be done with more space, or worse eating habits, or a combination of both in the United States. Whatever the case, go to the Americans that bigger is better.

King size beds size in the UK are 60 “by 78”, while the King of 72 inches by 78 inches. Five meters tends to be sufficient to meet the needs of most big people, but for those who sleep twice and want a lot of space, American beds is large.

King size beds size beds American –

The dimensions of a standard sized mattress King is 76 “x 80”. Another name for this bed that sometimes “king of the East” or used “King of the United States.”

King size – American beds

No “supersize” king of this particular name in the US, but there are two mattresses sizes that fill this role: King of California and the “Great King”. I am the great super-king-size beds in the United States to discuss each of these topics:

king-size beds, California – The dimensions of a mattress Super King 72 “by 84”. this call size bed “California King”, “Western King”, “West Coast King,” “WC-king” or “Cal King” will be heard.

Large king-size beds – the little-seen “Gran Rey” has a new bed “Select Comfort” bed room air produced. If you want ashamed of the huge size mattress, find a retailer Select Comfort beds extra large.

Size – Metric Converter

Those who are sized beds metric is a series of very different characters, which are measured in centimeters (marked “cm” below). To do your research right bed easier, I have a table below which a simple guide to the size of the beds. Simply print the list below so you know exactly what metric size to our old US measures corresponding bed.

King of the United Kingdom – 60 “x 78” – 152 x 198 cm
King USA – 76 “x 80” – 193 x 203 cm
Super King UK – 72 “x 78” – 182 x 198 cm
US Super King – 72 “x 84” – 183 x 213 cm
USA Gran Rey – 80 “x 98” – 203 x 249 cm

Nakshatras: 27 Lunar Mansions of Vedic astrology

the Nakshatras
Imagine, if you will, that you are an old man who lives in a strain without power or a clock or all of the comforts of modernity. The moon would be the most visible and convenient to measure time, because it distinguishes the movement and everyday appearance form. Every night, he is in a new place and a new state (decline, growth, new, full) and after 27 or 28 days is returned to its original position. Well, as you can imagine, you are one of those old, and the position of the moon that day after day and rsquo; Event, look at the sky and in relation to the moon and rsquo; Position, he realizes what happened on that day, what kind of activities and whether they were successful or not and what kind of emotions come into play between the trunk and the moon and observed rsquo; Position and it would be clear that a pattern is formed. The reason is that when the moon is in certain positions at night and rsquo; s sky special situations encountered and these situations are clearly visible to all.
People on earth and began to realize that the gods reveal their characters by the moon. When the moon is particularly nakshatras was better result in marriages, business, medical treatment, harvesting, and so on. Nakshatras would really help or hinder such activities. A complex mythological system began to build the Nakshatras. And it was not only in India, but India the most comprehensive and continuous system. In China, nakshatras villas are called. In the Arab astrology, they called houses. In the West, they nakshatras were often used and connected to magic. Giordano Bruno was the last man to develop a complex system of training the mind as nakshatras and Drekkanas during the Renaissance. He was burned at the stake for heresy in 1600 because the Catholic Church wanted to have complete control over the minds and hearts of his subjects and because Lunar nakshatras based and associated with magic and night, which is arrogantly assume that the Church would have none of it? Knowing the nakshatras then subsequently lost to the West, but have continued to grow until the day without interruption in India.
The Nakshatras are 27 constellations in the sky measuring 13 degrees 20 minutes each. It is the oldest of the zodiacs, mentioned in the texts mentioned before Rasis.
Nakshatras and growth:
Mythologically make nakshatras women of the moon. Women are from & ldquo; Shakti and rdquo; or the power of the moon. When the Moon passes through some Nakshatras, the characteristics of this special Nakshatra manifest in the world. The Nakshatra and rsquo; shakti can be used effectively. Therefore Nakshatras are so important in Muhurta (elective astrology). Some nakshatras facilitate the growth of a new marriage or a successful business or grow a successful medical treatment is increasing. As a side note, in the West, nakshatras were used to make spells and also to start a new business, as they are used today in India. The church nakshatras associated with witchcraft and thus lose the knowledge and use. A person and rsquo; natal moon in a given Nakshatra special power that will give situations, scenarios and circumstances. The moon is the mind and consciousness is so important to determine the attitude and the general characteristics of a person and their strengths and weaknesses.
The Sun as Atma, Jiva as the moon:
The sun is the soul, its light is self-perpetuating. Without it there is no life. The moon takes the sun and rsquo; Light and seesaw; that grows and grows in low light. The moon represents the individual consciousness that reflects Jiva, the soul manifested in creation. Because individuality is determined by a spirit without spirit, there would be no individuality, the Moon governs the mind. The gods who chairs each Nakshatra and myths give a common theme in the life of the individual.
upper base and the base:
The base is above what is thought of life on Earth in the minds of the Nakshatra of the Trinity. The base below the natural consequence, or how this spirit manifests when you live on earth. He is unaware of what is in the mind of a person, is the natural disposition is and what this natural disposition units.
Shakti is power. With the Nakshatra and power in the mind of the individual This force is innate and does not require guilt or conscious power. It is also inherent that the color of a & rsquo; Eyes, even if the home is not conscious.
the Nakshatras
And ldquo; Owning horses & quot;
0-13 ° 20 Aries
Deities: Ashwini Kumaras
Head, horse & rsquo: Symbol
Shakti: the power to accomplish things quickly (shidhra vyapani shakti)
Before basis: creatures to be healed
Basis: healing therapies
Result: the absence of disease
Ashwini natives are fast and can move at high speeds. They are natural healers and quiet being in his presence. They are doing good listeners and great therapists and psychologists. This is a Nakshatra animals therefore are an affinity for animals, in particular horses. They also have an affinity for cars. Ashwini people often reach heights in their profession, but not so ambitious. Others recognize their effective and natural means reassuring presence and thanks to these qualities move. Roy Rogers, the cowboy actor, his natal Moon here and has appeared in over a hundred films with his Palamino and Pastor. Peter Fonda, head and ldquo; Easy Rider and rdquo;, is also a native Ashwini. The helicopter was a standard metal he quickly has the United States.
And ldquo; To carry & quot;
13 ° 20 to 26 ° 40 Aries
Divinity: Yama, the god of death
Symbol: Vagina
Shakti: the power to make things (shakti apabharani)
Above the base: the withdrawal of the life of the body
bring the soul into the realm of the ancestors: the base down
Result: If we go to another world
Bharani people obsessed with death and / or conversion. His power is to go beyond things. While things are negative or moves against online Bharani person running the universe. For example, if you have a brain tumor, Bharani actually gain a surgeon can do. Garbage must be removed. Psychologically, negative attitudes and self-destructive habits must be removed, so that the person improve. The vagina, as the symbol of Bharani away sperm to produce a different life, takes the essence of life in a different way to be creating. the fetus and away from your peaceful and quiet atmosphere inside is broken and plunged into the noisy world. As a side note, Jim Morrison had his Moon in Bharani. Have you seen the movie, and ldquo; Doors and rdquo;? Throughout the film, he said, he was obsessed with death. Many of his songs were in death.
And ldquo; Razor / Cutter & rdquo;
40-10 26 ° 00 ° Aries Taurus
Deity: Agni, the god of fire
Symbol: A razor blade or sharp
Shakti: To burn
Above the base: heat
Based on: Moderate
Result: Combustion and cleaning
Krittika Nakshatra is a transformer. Fire is the best known of cleaning. Krittika people are energetic, brave and capable of cutting the need to achieve their goals. Frida Kahlo had her moon in Krittika and his art is full of meat cut images and even a self-portrait of cutting your own hair. There are some myths associated with Agni is connected, the god of fire, saying that the high passion and illicit sexual affairs with other spouses, note that Katherine Hepburn and rsquo; Moon is also in the grip of Krittika and its connection with married Spencer Tracy 25 was an open secret.
And ldquo; Growth and rdquo; or & ldquo; red & quot;
10 ° 00-23 °; 20 Taurus
Divinity: Prajapati, the Lord of Creation
Symbol: an oxcart
Shakti: Growth
Top thickness: Plants
Below basic: water
Result: The creation
Rohini nakshatra is delicately sweet. This was the favorite wife of the moon. The deity, Prajapati is a Creator God, the art of theater, dance and music and all the chairs of growth. Rohini, as the favorite wife of the moon, was very talented in art, and to make love high quality. In the Vedic myth of the moon stayed with Rohini at the expense of other women because of her beauty grace and charm. The father of the bride, Daksha cursed the moon, and now, which increases and decreases during his visit all his wives. Rohini people wonderful dancer Fred Astaire has his natal Moon here. Rohini people dealing with growth, so be aware that Sigmund Freud to do from research in early childhood in the growing mind of the person, through years of young children, a whole theory about how the perceptive spirit turned grows in psychology.
And ldquo; Hart & rsquo; Head & rdquo; And ldquo; Hunting and rdquo;
23 ° 20 Taurus – 6th 40 twins
Divinity: Soma, the god of immortality
Head, Hirsch and rsquo: Symbol
Shakti: the power to give satisfaction
Base Top: zoom
Base: Fabric
Result: make beautiful world
Mrigashira look people in this community of satiety and usually are. They extend in creating a weave pattern of karma, but these requests are to fill benign and motivation behind this is to enjoy the creation. Mrigashira individuals are charming, change, shy and impulsive. You like hunting objects of their desires. The placement of the house of the moon and planets in conjunction with the Moon Mrigashira give clues about what is native hunting. Mrigashira Nakshatra is a pet, so there is a natural love of animals and nature, unless the planet are affected here. Also as a side note, people often Mrigashira beautiful big doe eyes. An example of this is Brooke Shields and Goldie Hawn having moons in this asterismo both.
And ldquo; Moisture and rdquo;
40-20 degrees and 6 °; 00 twins
Deity: Rudra, the storm god
Symbol: a tear
Shakti: The Power of Effort
Above the base: hunt or search
below basic: reach the goal
Result: Success
Rudra God of Ardra, is a form of Shiva. Shiva is very unconventional and heretical in their actions and views so that people are inclined ARDRA the same manner. The icon is a drop of water, so high emotion associated with this asterism. Often, people Ardra will be moved to tears, and as Shiva the god of destruction and suffering, often suffer ARDRA people what they want and to achieve their goals. To achieve the goal, which is the suffering and destruction of any kind on the road. Ardra and rsquo; World Champion Rahu an obsession shows a strong desire nature. ARDRA natives can make their goals of his obsessions, give a strong impetus for success, but if they are not beneficial and healthy destination, they can fall into addiction. Janis Joplin and Farrah Fawcett have their moons placed at home. The sad story of Janis Joplin and rsquo; Dependencies ruin has claimed great success, is well known. Farrah Fawcett was a household word in the late 70s and rsquo; s, but had some problems recently dependency.
And ldquo; Back to goodness and light & quot;
20 ° 00 Gemini – 3rd 20 cancer
Divinity: Aditi, mother of the gods
Symbol: a quiver of arrows
Shakti: the power of wealth or substance
Above the base: wind, air
Base below: humidity, rain
The result: the production of herbs and trees
Aditi, the mother goddess, is beyond form and without limit. She is the goddess of space and earth. As the goddess, love people freedom and expansion Punarvasu. Having the natural ability to create wealth and prosperity. Has many resources from which to draw arrows show Quiver. Do you want to save your creations and energy and to preserve, rather than spend it. It has a strong sense of virtue and good and evil. The ability to make a marriage or otherwise relive the race, or self-esteem, wealth or income again a natural talent among these natives. The person may also be in love with material well and use it for selfish reasons, but always in balance, the right way. Rehabilitation is a key word here. David Hasselhoff has its registered moon and was for many rehabilitation for alcohol-related problems, and also knows that his actions are self-destructive and tries to help renew themselves.
And ldquo; Nourishing rdquo; And ldquo; Flower & rdquo;
20-16 ° 3 °; 40 cancer
Deity: Brihaspati, professor of Devas (divine beings, gods)
Symbol: the udder of a cow
Shakti: the power to create spiritual energy
Before basis: sacrificial cult
Bottom base: worshipers
Result: possess the knowledge and spiritual power
Brihaspati as the Lord of the rules and indigenous knowledge Pushya tend Pushya professionals in their field and be very efficient. They eat everything that comes in contact, and make it grow and prosper. Consequently, the Nakshatra has a reputation for being the most promising Nakshatra. The opportunity is naturally the way the Pushya person. Prosperity and wealth are also attributes that seem to bless the lives of indigenous Pushya. Learning and mental energy are favored by this Nakshatra. Clint Eastwood, Joe Montana and Gloria Steinem have their mother in Pushya moons. These three are very happy and learned in their respective fields.
And ldquo; entwiner and rdquo; And ldquo; Abrazador and rdquo;
16 ° 40-30 °; 00 cancer
Sarpas snakes deified: Divinity
Symbol: a spiral snake
Shakti: the power to impose a Gift
Above the base: approach the snake
Base: restlessness or tremor
Result: the destruction of the victim
Ashlesha native hug or embrace what they want. They have a sensual hypnotic quality, and wavy which can paralyze the object of his points metaphorically. The poison causes, can cause deterioration or ambrosial nectar to bring illusions into the receiver. Lack the charismatic magnetic properties to influence the masses, his hypnotic powers generally work best in a one-to-one basis. Snakes are representative of kundalini energy so this asterism has an intense mystical power. The Sarpas inhabit the underworld, so that the native Ashlesha be fascinated by the occult, mysterious, deep psychological life areas. They are also very close to the snakes because their dander regularly and go through many changes in life. Examples of indigenous Ashlesha are Marilyn Manson, where fascination with the dark side of life is obvious. Barbara Streisand is also natural with Ashlesha moon. There were rumors that it is very difficult to work with and has seen many changes in its long and successful career. Notable rules Ashlesha nails; having this. in abundance, and they are world famous
And ldquo; large & quot;
0-13 ° Leo 20
Divinity: The Pitris, the ancestors deified
Symbol: Throne Hall, King Square
Shakti: the power to leave the body
Top thickness: Pena
Base: leaves the body
Result: death
This is a very dedicated Nakshatra Nakshatra. These natives are severely degraded, did and wishes of their ancestors from their ancestors. This Nakshatra basis over the awareness of pain that consciousness is especially things have to go and moved. There are several stages in life that the person moving by itself, and many people and situations that have to leave. In mythology, this Nakshatra the Pitris live on the moon, what the ancestors of our genetic makeup are connected and guide the destiny because of the connection with consciousness. Because of the connection with the & ldquo; Throne Room & quot; and the royal court, indigenous Maagha often get a high level of success and glory in life. Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin have their natal Moon in this asterism.
purva Phalguni
And ldquo; the old red & rdquo;
13 ° 20 to 26 ° Leo 40
Divinity Bhaga, the god of wealth, especially inherited wealth
Symbol: legs of a cot
Shakti: The Power Play
Before base: Female, female partner
Bottom Base: man, male partner
Result: the creation of life
All nakshatras Purva handle large creative and conceptual forces. The Uttara nakshatras are the natural result, since they make the ideas and concepts into concrete results. Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is a very creative with many artists and musicians as their native. There is a predisposition for sex to be sensual and intrigued. These natives seem something of value, while the creation of the association, not necessarily a romantic partnership. If you create it is often unbalanced. There is a strong thirst for direct experience and recognized concepts must have. At a time when the most famous woman in the world, Madonna, her natal Moon is here. Madonna and rsquo; fascination with sexual and artistic talents are well known. Most of his documented life, which was half of a partnership.
uttara Phalguni
And ldquo; red and last rdquo;
26 ° Leo 40-10 ° 00 Virgen
Divinity: Aryaman, God of chivalry and contracts
Symbol: a bed or cot
Shakthi: the power of wealth and accumulation through partnership
Family, wealth and rsquo: base above
receive the wealth of the family by the partner or the partner and rsquo: base down
Result: accumulation of wealth
Uttara Phalguni is an asterism with the concepts and ideas of the previous Nakshatra and turn them into concrete results. This is a nakshatra of wealth and the native can benefit greatly from the wealth of his family and wealth of the couple when the moon is not affected here. This does not necessarily mean the native and rsquo; The family is rich or partner is rich, but the benefits of these native possibilities of wealth. As the reigning deity Aryaman good behavior and manners and right conduct, these natives are well concerned about these concepts. This is also a Nakshatra that partnerships are favored and all created in a partnership to flourish and bring wealth. Examples of this wealth through the association can be seen by the natives Barbara Bach, Ringo Starr and wife Eva Braun, Hitler dear friend.
And ldquo; Hand & quot;
10 ° 00-23 °; 20 Virgin
Divinity Savitar the sun that gives life
Symbol: a hand or fist
Shakti: power, our desire and puts it in his hand to win
Above Base: Improved Search
Bottom Base: preservation of desire
hand; Receive application and put in a rsquo Result
Even native can acquire the objects of desire in your consciousness. When it comes to the moon, they are confused about what they want. The symbol is the hand, so that these natives are naturally more skilled and highly qualified. Divinity, Savitar, mind control regulates receiving more attention and concentration needed for what we want, no. By divine inspiration, generously provide these Indians usually with their hands. Orville Wright his natal Moon here. Savitar standards as mantras and divine words, so that the native ability to have good written and oral expression. Sylvia Plath, the tragic poet, but incredibly talented, his natal Moon had here. However, the moon was very low and in the 8th house, where were his poems about death and the transformation of the psyche.
And ldquo; light & quot; And ldquo; distinguished and rdquo;
06/20 23 ° 40 ° Virgin balance
Divinity Tvashtar or Vishvakarma, Celestial Architect
Symbol: a jewel that shines
Shakti: the power of accumulating merit
Top thickness: law
Bottom Base: truth
Work, the benefit of honor and rsquo Result
Chitra natives have the brightest star in the ecliptic, Spica, whose constellation lighting, hence the name, and ldquo; Bright and rdquo;. They love the shine on what they do, and do it with some style and magnetism. Also as the deity for his creations that are fully accountable, it is Vishvakarma the divine architect. Chitra local doing their best in everything they do, to do, and they are highly motivated to follow your own truth. They are brilliant, charismatic and strong in general. When the moon affects what they believe may be the truth they are very twisted, but still will be encouraged to follow his own personal path. It is a deeply spiritual Nakshatra. These natives have brainstormed and love themselves realized. fair activity will result in the accumulation of merit, Chitra Sakti. Sylvester Stallone, Ted Turner and George Bush, both have their moons in Chitra.
And ldquo; independently & quot;
40-20 ° 6 °; 00 Balance Sheet
Deity: Vayu, the wind deified
Symbol: a swinging start
Shakti: power, how to dispel the wind
Above the base: the movement in several directions
Base: strain
Result: Transformation

Wind means change. Think of the word and ldquo; Winds of change & quot;. Swati natives take something and change. Their lives are characterized by a lot of movement and change. They thrive on it and get bored when things stagnate. These natives have a pioneering spirit and are very independent. Because of its Shakti as the wind disperses, they are adventurous and restless and likes to travel. Wind controls speech and communication skills, vocal cords, so that local natural talents have speech and song. Vayu, the god of this Nakshatra, is also the Lord of the celestial musicians, so these natives often love music or talent in this area. Charles Chaplin, Miles Davis, trumpeter blows air is paramount, and Johnny Cash have all its moons in this asterism.
And ldquo; the forked a & quot;
20 ° 00 Balance – 3rd 20 Scorpion
Indra deities, two gods of lightning and fire
Symbol: triumphal arch of the inserted sheet
Shakti: power, many different goals to achieve
Top thickness: cultivation
Basic Below: Harvesting
Result: picking fruit
Jupiter is found Vishakha Nakshatra connected the divine spirit. These natives have to define spirituality itself, or any dharmic (intentionally) path must be created to direct their lives. These natives are also plans do not act impulsively. The inherent nature of the crop and the harvest is the time, so these natives are very patient and persistent. They are diverse and have many talents. Often they will make good farmers and gardeners. vishakha natives cultivate their ideas and creations until it reaches perfection. The gods of lightning and fire, and are therefore very intense for and is often ignore the other in their quest for their desire. Jimmy Carter, who once was a farmer and Jules Verne, who was both a science fiction writer and politician, both have their native moons here.
And ldquo; more Radha and rdquo;
20-16 ° 3 °; 40 Scorpion
Deity Mithras, god of friendship, the Lord of Compassion
Symbol: Lotus arcade,
Shakti: The Power of Worship
Top thickness: Rise
Base down: down

Result: The honor and wealth
Natives with Anuradha Nakshatra have a very special way to friends. Very good friends, of course, doomed to failure because they provide help usually career, finances if necessary and increases, etc. Anuradha is also governed by Saturn, the planet of destination. These natives tend to take longer than usual to achieve their goals and have to go through many hardships in early life, before they are able to get into your account, as depicted in the Lotus. Playing honor and loyalty, as well as an important role in their lives. They are often very devoted to something so that when the power of his Shakti worship. Worship should not be something spiritual, can be a concept, a career, a person. The god Mithras, abhors violence and conflicts so that these natives are often so passionate conflicts. This Nakshatra specific and these natives to achieve their goals, they have through partnerships with others. Bob Geldof have the instigator LiveAid concerts and Francis Ford Coppola Anuradha its moons & rsquo; Nakshatra.
And ldquo; rdquo and the elderly;
16 ° 40-30 °; 00 Scorpion
Deity Indra, the king of the gods, lord of storms
Symbol: earrings, Talisman
Shakti: The Power to climb and conquer
Even basic: Attack
Base: defend

Result: In order of supremacy among the gods win
Jyeshtha how nakshatras Mercury dominated all has to do with tangible results. As the largest, and as the deity Indra, these people are fierce fighters and similar challenges. They are very powerful people and have the ability to rise above the circumstances and become a hero. They tend to see life as a struggle. From Jyeshtha major media, which often hold positions of seniority and authority. It is very strong sexual potency in this Nakshatra and these natives have a strong influence on people and can be prone to adultery and illicit sex. You can make your sex to seek fulfillment outside their primary relationships desire. The Jyeshtha person can never take place. S challenges; They rise again to life and rsquo. Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey and Alexander are some examples of local Jyeshtha
And ldquo; root & quot;
0-13 ° 20 shooter
Divinity Nirriti, goddess of misery
tail tailed root bundles, Lion & rsquo: Symbol
Shakti: the power to destroy or damage
Even basic: break
base crush
Result: The destruction

Mula people like to take things apart, literally destroying them first of all to create. Mula native focus on the root of a concept, situation or thing forever, you must destroy most of them inevitably to get your essence. Mula is a constellation in the center of the Milky Way, so these natives intensely interested in their field of study and penetrate the core of everything we focus on. It is possible to discover the secret knowledge. Because, of course, the difficult aspects of this Nakshatra, Mula natives tend to get a total loss and disappointment at some point in their lives. As this happens, give Nirriti a balm for the needy. It is also the patron of physically and mentally handicapped Mula are afraid to ask, and he will flee. Mula a person has an inner warrior who can handle anything. Mula prominent people are Henri Matisse and Krishnamurti.
purva Ashadha
And ldquo; former undefeated and rdquo;
13 ° 20 to 26 ° 40 shooter
Divinity: Apas, water goddess
Symbol: a basket used to separate the wheat from the chaff
Shakti: to revive and energize the power
Above the base: starch
Base Close
Result: Win the sea on request

Purva nakshatras, as already mentioned, are concepts and ideas. Purva Ashadha and rsquo; Divinity, Apas, is the goddess of water. In this context it means that water as a liquid. purva Ashadha people are invigorating and stimulating. Ils will feel aiment connecté. L’eau est ce qui nous dans le corps revigore. Quand nous sommes nous nous déshydratés sentons uninvigorated et hors tension; Eau Vive remedy. Ces personnes ont UN high gloss et son charisme. Ils leur force utilisent Naturelle rassembler pour les gens by June Cause. est-il pas That Surprenant comme cette Hitler one Nakshatra are the moon and rsquo; qu’il est astérisme s and ldquo Parce. l’ancien rdquo;, Invaincu et ces gens ONT tendance à réussir rapidement et le succès et la Victoire. Ceci est aussi un très Nakshatra créatif avec beaucoup de puissance sexual, of sorte qu’ils ont tendance à attirer of romantiques partenaires et amis qui à leurs aident gagner les objectifs. D’autres avec ce sont personnalités Nakshatra Johnny Depp, Ernest Hemingway and Cher.
uttara Ashadha
And ldquo; ce dernier Invaincu and rdquo;
26 ° Sagittarius 40-10 ° 00 Capricorne
Deity: Les Dix Vishvadevas, universels dieux
La Défense d ‘; Elephant & rsquo UN: Symbols
Shakti: le pouvoir d’une Victoire accorder incontestable
Ci-dessus Base: gagner force
Ci-dessous Base: l’objectif que l’on peut gagner
Score: devient qui ne peut le vainqueur jamais perdre

Uttara Ashadha designs aussi la Victoire. Toutefois, étant donné que cela est I and ldquo; ce dernier rdquo;, Invaincu et ces gens ONT réussir tendance à plus tard et ont plus patience and perseverance. Comme il est Uttara, il est plus de résultats des idées That soucieux tangible et des concepts. Beaucoup de ces gens incroyables prennent des risques, mais sont toute façon de capables of réussir. ici George Washington, Abraham Lincoln et leurs ONT Lunas. personnes ont Uttara Ashadha one désir intense derrière jettent lequel ils leur volonté ferme à une victoire of parvenir qui last. Ils ont des qualités of leadership naturelle et une diplomatie.
And ldquo; l’oreille & rdquo;
10 & deg; 00-23 & deg; 20 Capricorne
Divinité: Vishnu, l’immanent
Symbole: trois empreintes
Shakti: le pouvoir to be connecter
Ci-dessus Base: la recherche
Ci-dessous Base: les chemins
Résultat: Connexion toutes choses

Comme & ldquo; l’oreille & rdquo; est représentatif of Sravana, l’ouïe devient très important pour cette Nakshatra. Audition ce que nous devient pensons. Ces indigènes veulent se connecter choses et les gens, de sorte que ce qu’ils entendent devient un moyen de connexion. Ce qu’ils entendent décide de leur chemin. Vous connaissez le dicton, & ldquo; qui sonne bien & rdquo ;. Cela détermine notre décision quand quelque chose sonne mieux que quelque chose d’autre. Ces indigènes, en suivant un chemin yogique, peuvent naturellement entendre le son de Om très facilement. Ceci est aussi le Nakshatra d’écoute, de sorte que ces indigènes font de grands auditeurs et de développer une profonde sagesse. Trois empreintes symbolisent la marche et les voyages, de sorte que la personne Shravana aimera marcher, courir et / ou Voyage. Charles Manson a sa Lune dans ce Nakshatra. Il a tué parce qu’il a entendu l’album blanc des Beatles et a estimé qu’il était annonciatrice d’une guerre de course. Henry Ford a aussi cette astérisme et quelle meilleure façon de connecter les gens que de fournir des voitures qui ont fait beaucoup plus rapide et efficace Voyage.
Y ldquo; rdquo la plus riche &;
23 & deg; 20 Capricorn – 6 & deg; 40 Aquarius
Divinités: les huit Vasus, dieux de la lumière et de l’abondance
Symbole: un tambour musical
Shakti: le pouvoir de donner l’abondance et la gloire
Base Ci-dessus: la naissance
Base Ci-dessous: la prospérité
Résultat: Pour tourner autour du sommet des dieux

Dhanishtha est un Nakshatra de richesse. Ses indigènes ont le pouvoir d’acquérir une immense richesse, quelle qu’elle soit. Il est généralement la richesse du genre financière, mais elle peut aussi être mesurée dans la gloire aussi bien. Marilyn Monroe et la princesse Diana, sans doute femmes les plus célèbres à avoir jamais vécu, ont leurs Moons ici. Ceci est aussi un Nakshatra de la nature. The natives enjoy spending time in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities. Many of these natives are born into wealth and then acquire even more as life progresses or they are born famous or within a famous family. They have a knack for acquiring fame and fortune if they are not born into it. They also give prosperity to things they become involved with. Often these natives give birth to something original as that is there basis above. Fidel Castro gave birth to Communism in Cuba. He is considered an extremely successful leader amongst his own people. A musical drum as the symbol often make these natives musicians or gives a good rhythm as in dancing.
“possessing or requiring one hundred physicians or medicines”
6°40 – 20°00 Aquarius
Deity: Varuna, god of rain and water
Symbol: an empty circle
Shakti: the power of healing
Basis Above: all-pervasiveness
Basis Below: support for everything
Result: Firmness in understanding
Varuna, the deity, is “the cove
rer” or “the binder”, thus these natives have a hidden, secret side that they hide from the world. Varuna rules the invisible so these natives are very unpredictable. Before Varuna was associated with water, he was the god of the “all-encompassing sky” and he was the support for creation. He actually created the Nakshatras, thus these natives seem to be all knowing and know things without any methodical practice. They can assimilate diverse information and unite it into an all-encompassing theory. Since Varuna created the Nakshatras, these natives exist to heal the creation. Each individual jiva needs to be healed, that is the purpose of creation, to heal, so that enlightenment can be reached. The all pervading aspect of Shatabisha shows up in the horoscope of J. Edgar Hoover, the former head of the FBI. Elvis Presley and Prince also have their natal Moons here.
Purva Bhadrapada
“earlier auspicious one”
20°00 Aquarius – 3°20 Pisces
Deity: Aja Ekapada, the one-footed goat
Symbol: double faced man, a sword, two front legs of a funeral bed
Shakti: the power of spiritual fire which is elevating
Basis Above: that which is good for people
Basis Below: that which is good for the gods

Result: to gain support for the entire world through spiritual knowledge
Purva Bhadrapada natives are inspired by what is good for all people. They are motivated by supporting the world through knowledge and do not have a need to be recognized for what they do. This is a devotional, worship centered Nakshatra. When they become interested in something, they will revere it. Worship is really attention. That which our attention focuses upon the most consistently and methodically is that which we worship. Hugh Hefner has his natal Moon here and through his worship of the female form, was able to create a publishing empire. Martin Luther King also has his Moon here and was able to create and promote concepts and ideas of fairness and equality. He definitely had spiritual fire which was elevating and when people act correctly (basis above) they please the gods (basis below).
Uttara Bhadrapada
“later auspicious one”
3°20 – 16°40 Pisces
Deity: Ahir Budhya, serpent of the deep
Symbol: two joined men, the back end of a funeral bed
Shakti: the power to bring rain
Basis Above: the raining of clouds
Basis Below: the growth of plants

Result: Nourishment and balance between earth and sky
Uttara Bhadrapada natives want to bring nourishment. The world is not stable because there is hunger and need. These natives want to bring stability by fulfilling needs. They want to bring about peace and balance. Uttara Bhadrapada’s skakti is to bring the rain. Rain represents a quelling of a thirsty earth, but also the condensation of ideas and inspiration into tangible form that can do some good in a practical way. Bill Gates is an Uttara Bhadrapada native. He answered a need for the sharing of information and heightened communication and fulfilled that need with a concrete product. Now anyone almost anywhere in the world can find information about any subject or find what they want through a computer. This has brought a certain kind of nourishment to the human race.
16°40 – 30°00 Pisces
Deity: Pushan, Sun as Nourisher and finder of lost things and animals
Symbol: a drum, fish
Shakti: the power of nourishment
Basis Above: cows
Basis Below: calves
Result: Nourishment of entire world

Revati natives will go out of their way to care for someone. They instinctively know what is needed on an immediate physical or psychological level and as a result are usually wonderful people to have as friends. Revati natives also love traveling and usually had great good luck while on travels. The symbol of a drum gives them good dancing and musical ability. They also love animals. If planets are severely afflicted here, there may come harm from animals. Angelina Jolie has her natal Moon here. She has been deeply moved by the hunger and poverty she has seen in third world countries and has now dedicated her life to helping those in need. She has adopted impoverished children and given them a life they would never have dreamed of. She is also constantly globe trotting to fulfill her new humanitarian obligations. Revati is also a Nakshatra of prosperity and abundance.

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