Lighting Your Home Office

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Bonsoni-Contemporary-Table-Lamp-With-Dark-Wood-Textured-Base-30Think about the amount of time you spend in your home office. With telecommuting more often than at home to be using a computer, lighting is an important aspect of creating a positive work environment. adequate lighting for more than just being able to see important – good lighting is also to increase productivity, it has been shown to reduce errors and also reduces stress and fatigue eyes. If you spend more than half their working hours on the computer, there are different lighting needs you have in other parts of your home.

Looking in the dark on the computer screen is not good for the eyes. In fact, the contrast ratio. Your eyes can not determine whether the focus is on the computer screen the light or dark background. This causes an excessive burden on the eyes over time, the same working principle behind the light by the fatigue.The contributes. His eyes try to compensate if your computer against a window with bright sunlight. It is difficult to see what is on the screen, causing eye strain and.

desk lamps are a versatile and cost effective lighting solution. With an attractive desk lamp to make your environment pleasant and attractive work. Many desk lamps are an adjustable neck. Being able to bend his lamp, it is easier to match the task at hand. If you have something more detailed it is the need to work, can only temporarily change the settings in the project to the point of the lamp.

desk lamps are also easily adjusted to different heights. Make sure you maximize your workspace by experimenting with different locations of the light and angle, which comes into action. If you have good lighting, you may experience a workspace greatly improved. another thing you can do to make sure your area is illuminated, so make sure your walls are painted a bright color. This efficiency will help your light while reducing glare.

The lamps are available in a variety of styles. It is not limited by discount chains choices of ordinary lamps. Your workspace can with beautiful tiffany lamps curtains or special interest shine like spotlights. The imagination is the limit for lighting the room. Make your lamp a decorative piece of conversation while the function is executed.

Whether your office in the office or at home is to make sure you have the available light much more rewarding experience.

Varieties of bulb – incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps

light bulb

fat bulbs that most of us have used for general lighting in bedrooms since childhood are often called soft incandescent. These lamps have the norm for a long time due to low level of course, soft and warm that produce and their prices. These lamps are also very easy to put a dimmer management compared to other types of lamps.

The main disadvantage is that with bulbs that consume three times more energy than the alternatives. This than its competitors bulbs makes a face in conjunction option with a much shorter shelf life (up to 1500 hours). This led to a movement in the world by 2014 to prohibit its use for the purposes of energy. Some international sites, in cooperation with them in the European Union have already begun this ban.

halogen bulb

Halogen lamps are a type of bulb that produce intense light with a color temperature higher than incandescent lamps no halogen. Halogens are more common in programs track light, ultra-modern lighting, and believe it or not, the headlights. The depth of the halogen light makes it a good choice for task lighting. Soft-halogen lamps are usually cost more initially than non-halogen incandescent lamps, but the difference with a long service life makeup (2000-2500 hours) and greater energy efficiency.

The problem with halogen lamps is that they generate a plurality of heat. This makes it a poor choice for halogen work spaces near a halogen lamp or lamps for safety reasons children. Note that is better than never touch a halogen bulb with bare hands or disappear fuel supplies nearby. without someone is not better to let these lights in hand for an extended period.

fluorescent lamp

They obviously superior affiliate with long fluorescent devices in kitchens, laundry rooms and garages. The fact is that alternative fluorescent lamps many shapes and sizes and are used for different purposes and in different soft lighting. Fluorescent lamps generate a considerable amount of soft, white, showing details without generating additional heat. This, along with the value of operating under higher fluorescent alternative makes for workspaces. The lamps themselves are likely to cost each incandescent and halogen lamps, as a ballast for operating a lamp necessary. However, fluorescent ten to twenty times longer (up to 25,000 hours) than incandescent lamps and is probably the most effective vitality of these three types, although it could reduce the life of fluorescent lamps when turned on and off frequently goes. Word that the life of a fluorescent lamp must be indicated on the packaging.

Bonsoni-Malmo-French-Antique-Design-Inspired-Table-Lamp-30A drop of the fluorescent lamp is that it produces a sweet white that does not seem like a light bulb as natural or heat. This light has also been linked with the disappearance of working together, as it houses a large amount of UV rays. You may also notice that the lights become darker towards the end of their lives and should not turn to extremely cold temperatures. Fluorescent tubes are also within welfare detrimental to the environment because materials containing mercury and phosphorus accused. For this reason, fluorescent lamps are sometimes used, can not be disposed of as unsorted waste. Impeachment is often controlled by Aboriginal agencies.

compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)

The type of fluorescent lamp was made available to replace light bulbs, which may be prohibited in 2014, which are closer to saving bulb size, however properties.The maintain the vitality two forms are U-shaped and the most common spiral. Recent events have also led to a low weight, which is very pure, like the light of incandescent lamps occurs.

CFLs do exchange

There are some things you should think about when switching to compact fluorescent.


Although smaller than normal fluorescent, compact fluorescent lamps are still higher than incandescent lamps. It is important to be able to consider this for a compact fluorescent lamp be great for some of their devices.


A fluorescent lamp produces five cases softer glow with the same power. So if a hundred-watt bulb in a bright room, a compact fluorescent lamp of 20 watts will produce approximately the same amount of light is used.

sweet temperature

The sometimes high quality fluorescent light bluish white that do not appear as pure as soft incandescent. You can for. The color temperature in the package an idea of ​​the color of the light of an incandescent lamp sometimes has a temperature of two colors, seven Ok, so if you want a pure sweet, you should buy a compact fluorescent lamp in the same temperature. produce incandescent lamps with a temperature of 3000 three Ok, 500K a fair white light. Just over 4000 Okay, it may be in daylight detail.

By last …

There are literally additional forms of soft lights describing the three here. But these are the most popular for indoor lighting. much rarer types include LED (light emitting diode) and HID (high depth of discharge). Choosing the right lamp is a matter of will and savings. Well, that’s true for everyone, but the bulb poor health unfortunate …

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