main reasons weight for a visit to Rome

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Kendall-Contemporary-Sitting-Women-Statue-in-Colourful-Vandalised-look-30Rome has a deserved reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. People are very friendly, cultural and religious history is absolutely fascinating, and the sun is shining in the rule. If you need an incentive to book a stay at a hotel in Rome exceptional design, read on.


You may know that world-renowned artists such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Bernini passed all large amounts of time in the city. You can see some of his best work in the Borghese and the Capitoline Museums. You can also view the impressive sculptures in historic religious buildings, including the Sistine Chapel and the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva.


There you will get the amazing Italian architecture while staying in a design hotel in Rome to see. It may be useful to book a guided tour of the Colosseum, where the brave Roman warrior fought with death, and there is also the opportunity to visit the impressive Trevi Fountain. You can even have a cup of coffee options at the Plaza of Spain before boarding the square of Spain and enjoy looking through the city.


You will have every opportunity to enjoy Italian cuisine while in Rome – Design hotel restaurant for quality are known. But worth a visit gourmet establishments like Antica Pesa and rooftop garden to pay restaurant, Romano, near the Forum. Enjoy delicious Roman, such as spaghetti and fettuccine to Burro Cacio e Pepe specialties. You can perfect food with a little soft, round ice cream from a nearby shop.


Those with a taste for Italian wines will certainly enjoy a stay in the capital. You can taste the locally produced wine, Cesanese, which goes very well with gnocchi alla romana. They may even be willing to try a glass or two of Italian craft beer, one of the most popular entertainment places such as bar Fico or Cavour 313


You may want to enjoy an afternoon of shopping during their stay in Rome. Hotel designer shops are a temptation welcome, but you can also go to places like Saddlers Union, where a series of leather handbags are sold fashion. You could go for a cup of coffee in traditional Italian cappuccino bar before making your way to the bustling market of Campo dei Fiori. If you have not spent your money, which could be useful, Maurizio Grossi continue, where you can buy a variety of sculptures by hand.

The world-renowned Filipino artists Unite for Batis hotel project in Mt. Makiling

Eight Filipino artist famous, whose works are currently on display at the Walo Museum on the 23rd floor of Life Alabang Corporate Center Insular, Muntinlupa City recently linked to work for the construction of a new cultural monument – Batis Hotel project the foothills of Mount Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna.

The virtual list of who’s who in the work of Philippine and international art scene, art and wellness in a natural environment, sufficiently rooted to merge, but still within reach of the crowd.

The Batis hotel project built soon a spa for each room with water straight from the hot springs of Mount Makiling – a first of its kind in the modern tourist business.

Consider this distinguished and legendary artist: Francisco “Bobby” MaƱosa, Ildefonso “IP” Santos Budji Layug, Augusto “Ugo” Bigyan Jose “Pitoy” Moreno, Michael Cacnio, Kenneth Cobonpue and Benedicto “BenCab” Carbrera.

The main architect of the luxury hotel, balanced, calm is soon-to-Spa is National Artist for Architecture Crafty, the best of its kind has stations Philippines Amanpulo in Palawan, Davao Pearl Farm and the Shangri-La Mactan and Escaya only to call.

For landscape Batis is Santos, a national artist architectural landscape that is known for creating famous public places such as Luneta Park and Paco Park, a number of attractions, hotels, shopping malls, offices, scattered here and worldwide stations.
The interior will be made by Budji Layug with the royal architect Pineda – that are recognized internationally for the transformation of indigenous materials like bamboo, rattan and wood craft and furniture Philippines.

Furniture and Interior Design Talent Layug opened the way for other Filipino designers to enter foreign markets and are recognized worldwide for their unique design capabilities.

The international art designer and manufacturer of ceramic established in Bigyan Amapulo, Travieza Campo, Casa Patricia, El Nido and Villa Escudero, the main ingredients for spa services for guests and hotel guests will be performed.

Fashion Czar of Asia and National Artist of Fashion Design Jose “Pitoy” Moreno, who has almost all the famous Filipinos, including former Philippine first lady is dressed in designer clothes / Batis present retained what is truly Filipino.

Nobody is allowed to enter the spa unused clothing carefully designed and created by Moreno, whose impeccable fashion design taste is highly sought after by the royal family and the people who made international history world.

Talent Ten Outstanding Young (1996) Fellow Michael Cacnio, a highly respected sculptor Philippines put on the world map with his kite, fishing, “dirty ice”, peach, mango and beak and social realities to buy in his bronze giant sculpture of Mariang Makiling create as the centerpiece of the complex hot tub.

Another artist Young world class, Kenneth Cobonpue known for his furniture designs and works decorate the houses known Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and series of internationally renowned films like Ocean Eleven will make the main room of furniture and Batis accessories or spa.

Apple-Red-High-Gloss-Polyresin-Sculpture-by-Protege-Homeware-30And last but not least, world-class national and visual artist, painter par excellence Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera, who is best known for his series “Larawan” based on colonial photography was responsible for the integration of the works of various artists through his canvas and brush – Mariang Moreno Makiling in suit amidst the artwork carefully created by Cacnio, Bigyan and recreate Cobonpue.

These gentlemen are his energy, vision, ingenuity and individual skills for increasingly competing Batis Hotel project the wellness industry merged to international customers and major art collectors around the world for world tourism.

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