Manglik DOSHAS a reality or MYTH AND MEDICINE

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Bonsoni-Stylish-Upholstered-Small-Double-Brooklyn-Ottoman-Fabric-Bed-Frame-Grey-4ft-30Mangal Dosha or Manglik dosh is much talk about what in Indian society and analysis Manglik Dosha is the essential part of the process of adaptation horoscope before marriage. In the horoscope corresponding process, is a sign of important Manglik and all other features of the bride and groom to meet the marriage between them, they will be considered as suitable if they have intolerance to correspondence in your horoscope. After vedic horoscope, Manglik dosh or dosha Kuja is formed when Mars is placed either dominant (first home), satisfaction House or mental peace (fourth house), Wedding House (House VII), long life at home (eighth home) or at home costs (twelfth house).When other painful planets like Rahu Sahni and Sun were made in March aforementioned houses, located in a house apart from those mentioned above, and then a form of yoga is placed, similar to Manglik cause side effects Dosha, despite the hardness of the harmful effects are less compared Manglik Dosha Mars. This placement of Mars in Lagna Kundali could be (up Table) or graphics or Navamansa Chandra Kundali (graphic of the moon), or all of them. If this investment takes place in one of the tables up in March, then the bad effect will be less. When this happens two or all of the cards and be the most severe bad effect.
Mangalik Dosha formed by Mars, can cause the following:
marry unnecessary delays.
Problems in marriage and divorce.
Conflicts and disputes in marriage.
Incompatibility in marriage and thoughts.
The death of a spouse.
Mangal Dosh delay in many important aspects of life outside of these effects in the areas of education, career or profession and the birth of the child.
The terrible fear of a Manglik is that, when you are married to a non Manglik, then the partner will die bonded. This is not true for everyone. This expectation is true horoscope, 1 March is affected. Should have it checked by an expert astrologer. There is no reason, much more to be feared that about 40 percent of the population is expected Mangliks.
This Dosha varies from person to person. Few can be strong Mangliks and there may be something minor. The dosha child can be treated with prayers or songs under the supervision of a priest or an expert astrologer. is not always required that he should marry a Manglik Mangliks. You can easily have a good life with no Mangliks.
When a marriage without consulting horoscopes for the presence of Manglik Dosha is, you can create a lot of problems, the couple is likely married to suffer from several problems as arguments unwanted and excessive emotional pain without having to say, in the situation because of the same. In most cases, the marriage ends in divorce. To keep things going so extreme, it is recommended that the ancient sages of India that horoscopes of both the girl and the boy must match before the wedding. If deemed compatible horoscopes whether to go ahead with the marriage as prevention it is always better than cure.
Manglik Dosha WAY
They must undergo a Manglik Kumbh Vivah, Vishnu Vivah Vivah and Ashwatha. Ashwatha Vivaha marriage means the Peepal tree or banana and cut into the tree. Kumbh Vivah, also called Ghata means Vivah marriage with a pot and rest after it.
Keep the color orange Ganesha idol worship area and daily worship.
Recite Hanuman Chalisa.
Mahamrityunjaya reciting Mantra.
Feeding birds with sweet.
Keep Ivory (Haathi Daant) at home.
Bantam Worship with dulce de leche.
every Tuesday quick questions on a crescent moon of a new month
Sunder song K and Tulsi Ramcharitmanas for 40 days, beginning Tuesday.
Reciting Gayatri Mantra 108 times in one day.
Recite and lsquo; Om Namah Shreem Hanumanthaya and rsquo; Mantra. Visit the Hanuman temple on Tuesday and distributed sweets and Sindoor etc.
Donate warning sign for workers who work with sharp objects iron.
Hanumant lead Sadhana with triangular yantra and stotra Mangal Mangal.
A child Manglik should always marry a Manglik partner.
It is advisable to leave this misconception Manglik Dosha double, because there is no Manglik Dosha called double that. If Mars planet is at home, he considers the effect of Manglik dosh
twice, but actually will reduce the impact of dosh, rather than increasing it. People born suspected of having the Manglik dosh Tuesdays. On the other hand it is to counteract the evil influence of Manglik dosh by many astrologers.
The negative effects of Manglik Dosh can be reduced with the help of astrological remedies which usually includes performing Pooja, mantras and singing beautiful area stones. Special puja is performed in the temple Mangal Nath, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, Expert Pandit ji. It is advisable to have a Vedic astrologer experts judge the height of the doshas and malefic consulted. It is important, the level of Mangal Dosha know the right remedy with the help of their real leaders or expert to find vedic astrologer.

natural help for erectile function and ndash; the importance of L-arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid used by the body to make nitric oxide (NO) which plays a role in the development of an erection. Raising a man and rsquo; s of NO may improve sexual health by relaxing blood vessels caused by a process called vasodilation, stimulation of blood flow through the penis. While the body produces some of L-arginine by itself, you can be found in some nuts, or administered as a dietary supplement. The use of L-arginine may improve penile function, according to some studies.
A Drug Nature
L-arginine is an essential amino acid in almonds, walnuts and cashews. While some drugs to increase the body’s sensitivity to the natural increase in NO, that provides with sexual stimulation, L-arginine, a simpler approach, increased NO levels. Since the levels of arginine oral supplements of nitric oxide in the pe
nis to increase, L-arginine was announced as a natural remedy erectile.
Researchers wonder whether L-arginine should be the preferred treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). Studies have produced mixed results. In a small double-blind study, 50 men with erectile dysfunction received either 5 grams of L-arginine or placebo daily for six weeks, more men in the treatment group improved sexual performance than in the placebo group. Although a crossover double-blind study found 32 men a day for 17 days, which may be much smaller dose and shorter treatment duration declare no benefit with 1,500 mg of arginine, given the difference between these two tests. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 45 men found that L-arginine exclusive use of the drug yohimbine addition, the herb yohimbe made to improve erectile function.
About Erectile Dysfunction
Between 15 and 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual function or. This common sexual problem increases with age. ED, which can performance anxiety, depression and stress result in low self-esteem, can affect the quality of a marriage or intimate relationships.
The most common risk factors for erectile dysfunction are:
& Bull; Being older than 50
& Bull; undergo stress
& Bull; diabetes
& Bull; Do you have high blood pressure
& Bull; High cholesterol
& Bull; With cardiovascular disease
& Bull; With low testosterone levels
& Bull; no train
& Bull; of smoking
During a time period, such as illness or habits degeneration of penile blood vessels it can cause, limiting blood flow through arteries and damage the erectile tissue. Thus, blood seeping through the veins during erection. Since the penis can not store blood during an erection, a man with this problem can not maintain an erection. While older men are more sensitive to the problem of the state, regardless of age, occurring in every human being.
diagnosis of erectile dysfunction
A doctor as a urologist, internist or endocrinologist can diagnose erectile dysfunction. Diagnosis requires a medical history, physical examination and routine blood tests. The doctor will also want to know if the patient has other conditions that may affect erectile dysfunction. The examination and treatment depends on the individual’s objectives. If yields erection is satisfied with a simple treatment, such as oral medication and patient, no further diagnosis and treatment are required.
Dealing with ED
If a man is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, common remedies may include oral supplements such as L-arginine and yohimbine; The oral medications phosphodiesterase-5 called; intravenous drugs; an empty external device; and surgery. Most treatments are limited and determined on demand usage. While treatments have minimal side effects, natural supplements are very likely to be safe.
Consult an erection
Although there are many ways to correct problems associated
it represents L-arginine, a simple approach, for sure. and applying a nourishing cream penis (health professionals recommend Man 1 Oil Man) Maintaining a diet rich in this amino acid, men may be more able to enjoy their sexual experiences without going into expensive processes or thinking of the consequences.

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