Moroccan Tiles – Do It Yourself: Install Moroccan tiles in a weekend

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So you have your eye on the Moroccan tile for some time, but does not know how to install it. Your problems are over. Moroccan mosaic at home is much easier than you think and can be done in a weekend.

The first thing to do is decide what design of Moroccan tiles you want. That will be the hardest part. Next, determine how much you need by measuring the length and width of the track to achieve its surface. I recommend getting extra tiles, because you never know what could go wrong.

Now make sure the soil in which it works is a flat surface. Any excess, such as paint, grease and tail are removed. High points can be easily crushed with a hammer and chisel. For some areas, it is necessary to apply a surface. All local hardware store will help you decide. You want to be sure and to remove the molding or baseboards that stand in the way.

The hardest part is to put bricks in your work space is probably not a perfect square. Get the pattern tile right may take some time and some is inserted. This is a very simple, easy method of aligning the tiles.

Align two chalk lines toward the center of the work, which, so play both horizontally and vertically in the middle. Lay tile along each line to leave a space between them for grouting. Make sure the rooms themselves, a similar appearance. You can add as many as possible complete profiles need to get moving.

Now is the time to put the tiles. For most ceramic tile, you need to purchase thin layer that looks like cement and is sold in bags. Most stores are the opener thin bags carry overbuy not afraid. Mix diluted with water in a five gallon bucket until you have a thick, paste-like consistency.

Once you have mixed the thin set, trowel over the area where the tile set. Only a flat area, you can reach your safe return. Use a notched trowel and perform for them the straight lines running.

Take a ceramic tile and place it in the thin set a slight downward pressure. Once in place take a rubber hammer and gently tap to ensure good coverage. When a thin range comes around the tile, remove it quickly before it dries. first complete your tile, then move to cut tiles. There sit overnight, and relax, because I have abandoned tomorrow.

To mix the mortar, add the powder to a small cube first, then add water. Stir to a consistency of yogurt type and leave for 10 minutes. When you return, if your thick, more water and try again.

Once the sauce is ready, a palette, take a glob of grout and spread it over the grout lines. Be sure to work very well. To remove excess grout, run the grout float plane in lines at an angle of 45 degrees, then run a damp sponge over the line. Be sure to work in small sections.

After grouting work is done, you should run a sponge over all lines. The trick to remove the mortar, the sponge frequently and use very little water to wash. Excess water in the washing need mortar.

All set and dry before replacing furniture space. After a weekend will have a new and beautiful room with beautiful Moroccan tiles. To keep the Moroccan style throughout the room, add Moroccan furniture or other Moroccan artwork.

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