organic gardening tips for gardeners of all levels and Feng Shui Garden Design

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Bonsoni-Brown-Round-Dining-6-Includes-A-Large-Glassed-Topped-Circular-Table-And-Six-Chairs-The-Chairs-Come-With-Sturdy-Armrests-And-Seat-Charcoal-Cushions-Rattan-Garden-Furniture-30There are many good reasons to start or maintain a garden: the fresh air; sunlight; and exposure to nature are for your health; and grow their own flowers and / or food can be a rewarding experience. If you are interested in gardening, but can some tips to make your experience easier and more enjoyable gardening, read on!


Gardening can be a very rewarding experience. You can not only improve the appearance of the outside of your home, but you can be proud of. There are a lot of tools and things are used in horticulture and this can be a very rewarding activity. You can not improve only at home, but close, and maybe start saving food to make your own food growing!
Start with a small manageable garden if gardening. New If you have no experience, gardening can be exhausting and frustrating. From a smaller size, keep your positive experience and plants under control. Jardins and maintenance work required periodically to reflect this.

If much time taking care of your garden passes a wheelbarrow is obtained. You can click on the trolley all gardening supplies should establish and apply gentle pressure to different parts of your garden. This is a time to stop looking at various supplies, if you tend to your garden.

When gardening, it is advisable to rotate the plants, especially if more than one fruit or vegetable crops in the garden every year. This helps maintain soil nutrients. It also helps prevent disease in the soil. It may be added in the crop rotation necessary nutrients in the soil after each planting season.

If you are doing new landscaping, start with plants that are in your golf. plant native is easier to grow. They will be developed in the natural soil of the region, and enjoy the weather you are facing. Request information on native plants for home and the center.

A carpenter’s belt is a great investment for any organic gardener. In fact, the funny little organic gardening tools, which are often as jets popsicles second-hand pruning shears and gloves. Instead of making several trips from its stable and garden, a tool belt can help you anytime access to all your tools.

Know the local weather conditions for your area. If you know your climate and how it affects the growth of your garden, you can predict how your garden will grow. You can make your garden more productive by monitoring local weather forecasts and plan their gardening activities accordingly.

Now you’re ready? Follow these tips to make your gardening skills improve. Enjoy the fresh air, sunlight and nature! Fortunately, you have a great experience to be repeated year after year! Share with family and friends! He will love it!


Hou la la! What a mess. A garden unkempt and neglected for many years completely out of control and demonstrated. However, in recent days, the number 3 contained a very nice garden, I understand. Organized by a man and his wife, very clean, tidy and provides a space for potted plants, patio, a vegetable garden, excretion of orchids and ferns. Someone said they wanted a Japanese garden, but I doubt took this path.

However, in May 2010 the number of garden 3 had a new owner. A harmonious gardener Chi (Qi), which allow you to change your Chi and something open, dynamic, warm and welcoming sensory life. All assessment and the first basically get rid of a -Let response to it and start again, but proposed a compromise, and throttled the inevitable ax, handsaw and Mattock its toll on unwanted plants to leave some of their founded by some strange trees and shrubs,

My makeover for number 3, number 1 are analyzed to integrate the garden and create a flowing style garden, enhance the experience on offer. However, some obstacles in front of overcompensation growth of weeds and dead or dying plants (what had happened). The recognition of a garden shed is Yang Sha and should be removed. A large palm (Cocos Plumosa) is certainly a danger (falling fronds) without going any further, to an observation deck was built to be the one to replace inflamed by dry rot.
Currently we expect the number 3 and the visit of Chi in an advantageous manner. But what about assessments keep talking? ” Ok, I’ll try to do something different and a group of five for the number 3. ”

The yin and yang. This log cabin must match the distance of Coco Palm and neighboring (damaged eucalyptus tree storm), which is in danger of falling combined. The tree is Yang because it is in danger. The oppressive vegetation must be removed. Yang is because a mass needed solid impregnable force. I’ll wait until you see the erection of the cover down and around, because it is from the porch and a chair where the real magic garden arises.

Five Elements balance. Feng Shui cure and diagnosis. What element is overwhelming? It is the element of wood and all vegetation, so it will withdraw its government and have a rest.

Sha Lo Chi ago in this garden? Concrete blocks distributed throughout the building, some abandoned concrete slabs, broken wooden fences, projecting a supply box now.

My 8 elements of light, shadow, shape, color, sound, smell, motion and temperature (climate influences our personal well-being). I like to try 8, but it is too early to enter it. I will refine my vantage Chi. Although I realized the shadows are too long too much shade, domination of green and stagnant movements, but the encouraging sounds of birds.

Finally, I can not No. 3 a house for the Chi-test? It is a new assessment tool and try to 3. Yes. I imagine I can not house for my Chi and based on the other four tests set redesign the garden to flow to direct economic Chi. My wonderful wait a little character named Chi peruviana number 3 and so now visit a wait and see, but open to hope, and a method. On my second visit at number 3, I stay in a chair on the porch and revalue Chi.

* Please read this article on my website to see detailed images of this project to transform the garden *

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