Organize a space for love with the help of Feng Shui

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Palermo-3ft-Single-Bed-Frame-in-Headboard-30According to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, the way the furniture is arranged in a bedroom, select colors and accessories for your device, you can be much more to say about how two people in a loving relationship . By contrast, fix new furniture and paint set and in relation to certain rules of Feng Shui can help deal with the couple, they relate to each other so that most of love and show the same respect for both partners.
For example, I remember counseling a couple who had the double bed pushed against a wall on the side. The man had to climb over the woman to lift the bed or decrease in our first interview he complained that she was & ldquo ;. Aggressive and rdquo; Another client, a successful professional woman who immediately after her husband’s house had to marry moved, said her husband was selfish and not respond to their needs. Its main hall, after three years, still looked like room straight out of undergraduate school, with curlers in one lonely night are the only evidence of the presence of women. had a header without mismatch rickety bed bedside tables and a large office, one partner says nothing drawn from a previous relationship couples mature success a great passion for life.
The woman in the first case was to relieve the discomfort of man, while he was insensitive passive aggressive. Physically move the bed and the wall, a strong commitment of both partners to make positive changes in their relationship.In the second example, the pair has suggested a number of suitable master bedroom to get more in line with your current situation. Both agreed it was a good idea and said they would make a priority. I was very surprised when she called for a follow-up visit one year later, seeing that there was no change in the room. Tensions have increased and were about to divorce. I am sad to see that. When a couple work, no time and energy to find out what should be his and ldquo; I love nest and rdquo; It is likely to make their relationship is not a priority.
As master bedroom, which promotes love
What are the requirements for a master bedroom that promotes love:
furniture installation

– The bed should be placed in such a position that both sides can see the door, but not part of the bed to the door.
– There must be a solid wall behind his head. can windows on the sides of the bed, but not behind.
– Must be on both sides of the bed a lot for both partners can easily obtain on their side.
– Must be a nightstand on each side of the bed, these two should be similar in size and shape, if not identical. Place a soft lamp in each yellow light.
– A header symbolically adds the idea of ​​the strength and stability of a relationship. A wooden bed head is better than a metal. A solid headboard is better than with cuts. Headboards with vertical and ldquo; Bars and rdquo; not recommended for the couple as they recall either nurseries or prisons. Never anything bulky or heavy to hang on the wall behind the head, the only sweet things you wouldn and rsquo; t hurt someone if they fell.
– Avoid In general, the furniture has sharp edges.

COLORS:Favor earth tones and colors that look like skin tones, because they have a feeling of warmth .. This includes pink, brown, beige, yellow, cream, sand, etc. Have a good time create shade or red, brown, or brown, a little fire in the relationship.ART AND ACCESSORIES:Only romantic works, photographs or ornaments are welcome in the bedroom as well as photos of the couple in their quest to happy time.Any advice for couples room only applies to people in the room want to get married.For graphics, checking the arrangement of furniture in the master bedroom Feng Shui, please indicate:

Crib, and why they are critical for small

A cot, which is also known as the birthplace of many things, thinking that new parents and expect when your child before. It is important because it serves as the first sanctuary of the child.

It is the place where. All activities like a child like eating, sleeping, listening, and observing their environment

Because it would be the baby of the sanctuary, we must ensure that the baby is comfortable and secure. If a crib to buy, they do not take into account several factors.

The first thing to consider is the safety of the baby. In the United States, human beings Consumer Product Safety Commission has suggested made after 1973 to buy a new crib, JPMA certified (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) and the American Society meet to obtain certification standards voluntary Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Assemble the stand properly and ensure no loose or broken parts and check that no cuts on the table head or foot on the baby’s head can get caught and no buttons or messages decorative angle greater than 1/16 inch .
Avoid putting stuffed toys, pillows, heavy blankets, stuffed animals and other soft bedding in the crib safely by suffocation or cot death of her baby, who “syndrome is known, the syndrome of sudden infant death “as (SIDS).

It is also necessary that the best place to look crib. Whenever possible, avoid placing the crib near the window or blinds to prevent injury.

Crib bedding is the mattress and the crib. It is important to ensure that the mattress in the cradle is perfect; it should be no space between the bed and mattress.

Your skin is very sensitive, so we have to choose a crib bedding that is soft and consists of a fabric of fine quality, high; To avoid skin irritation.

Use weave leaves no skin irritation Baby cotton sheets, flannel crib sheets are caused, and density woven cotton threads. The leaves, which you can use in your crib fit properly and not slip and slide.

All parents want their crib for a unique and pleasing appearance. There are some who are using the designs and features specially.

Today, there are convertible cribs. These beds have multifunctional purposes or generally 3-in-1 cribs called.

One of the best features of this crib is that it is parts that give their processing properties moving. It also helps to have the baby set is not difficult transitions such as the docking station to a big bed

In addition, convertible cribs by the Safety Commission Consumer Product (CPSC) are certified due to its security features. According to experts, this feature can be useful and can extend the life of a manger, because some parents use the cradle of babies and toddlers.

In addition, some cribs have a wheel which is also a useful feature. It helps to easily identify the cradle entire house or room to move.

Another advantage of this feature is that there is no comfort for parents who care for their babies while. Some parents, especially those who work, to do with wheels, working other things like paper objects and the whole house with the baby.

Cots with single or double drop sides. This feature allows easy, a baby sleeping in a bed transfer.

Before the simplest case with or duplicate pages have the crib for your baby, check your fall lateral mechanism and ensure that it can operate without problems. One of the best things to do with it is, a couple of times to try.

A cot is complete without a mobile hanging over it. It provides visual and audio stimulation for babies with sweet lullabies and colorful look like cartoon characters, different shapes, pony rides and others.

Currently there are many brands available in the market for cribs. And they are expensive and less expensive.

With the existence of these brands, which, expensive or cheap, mind you decided that babies should always be treated with caution. to buy a crib for her, it is like buying a house in which to be safe, secure and comfortable need.

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