Organizing Your Child’s Study Corner

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If you have a budding Einstein or Madame Currie live under his roof, to provide a proper study it is an absolute necessity. Even if your home a little short this space a custom workspace is very important for a child. That fit on one side of the corner of your child’s room or designate a special area of ​​study in the home office or dining room to have a private workspace, it can be extremely beneficial to the learning process. In the design of the study area for your child, there are three features of “must-have” to take into account: a good workspace, comfortable seating and good lighting. In addition to these essential elements, there are also a number of “extras” that make up the study area more efficient, pleasant and friendly child.

childrens study corner

  • worksurface
    When choosing a countertop study area for your child, a single office or a corresponding table of sufficient size. If you are a bit short of space, a specially designed casing that hides inside the tablespace also it is a good choice. It is best to choose your child to work on the basis of the activities that he or she most likely will confirm. For example, very comfortable with a keyboard tray service to operate the equipment. A desk with drawers or shelves Hutch can easy for your child to store books and learning materials. If your child likes working on art projects, a drawing table or a convertible is the office can be an excellent choice.
  • seating
    If the selected places, be sure to choose a chair that is adjustable, well built and comfortable. Keep the size of your child, if your purchase of a chair. An adult chair is often too high for a child, even after adjustment.
  • lighting
    Lighting is an extremely important in planning for the area of ​​child study factor. You want to make sure that the lighting is sufficient for light unmade. If the lighting is too dark or too light, your child may develop headaches while reading and study. Usually, a desk lamp or a combined task lighting with enough headroom.
  • extras organizations
    Depending on the amount of space you have, you can also view other articles in your living child study adds to make it more functional and organized. A shelf is installed on the desktop or in the independent library, space for books and other reference materials can provide. Shelves can also be useful for printers, clocks, calendars and other useful items. Wall hooks wall or handheld organizer can be used to provide more storage space available. In fact, you could even have a pocket organizer pendant style of shoe can not find work well for this purpose. For your child through at least to limit paper clutter, make sure he or she has a big dustbin. colored boxes, baskets and other organizers can your child to keep his room clean and organized office, which helps even more working space available. The end result is an office of the attractive, well organized and efficient corner, providing your child with personal space he or she needs to do their best work.

A fireplace in the apartment

Sometimes we think that we can not achieve everything we want in a small area, making a home, can be a block of apartment or villa apartment. But, however, we can adapt existing dimensions or We believe that if we want the space we have to make a new piece of furniture that create real or maybe have some shelves mounted on the wall of the chamber.

“You can even put a fireplace, an object that normally the amount of space required to complete and requires unwanted changes.”

A fireplace to be placed in a corner of a room and can, for design reasons in relation to some of the mounted shelves that can total a real library.

Depending on the size of the room, we have a design sketch of the desired fireplace and wooden shelves or similar wood materials are selected according to the objects already in the room or built according to the chimney from material (I mean the pile of material on the surface, and not what is actually).

If we have a large room, so we can build a tall chimney. In the event, it will be much growth or vice versa horizontally expand a little, we must consider maintain ventilation. In an apartment, you may need to use the common ventilation system, unless we are on the top floor. To address this issue, you must bring an expert and give the necessary calculations and drawings.

We can think of the creative fire. Why not design a large number of stairs that serve different purposes to support, which can in the room? Or we can create spaces to store firewood, which have only a decorative purpose in a block from the apartment where the fire can cause the gas is used. But they will bring the rustic image very close, with the room with infinite connotations.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Baby Proofing Your Home

It is a good time if parents have a newborn, but like any parent knows responsible for making sure that the home is a safe environment for your baby is absolutely necessary for a safe and healthy education have.

It is no wonder that the greatest danger to a baby is home. So there are things that you consider harmless for a baby, it can actually be fatal. For this reason, you should go to each room and check. All potential risks or hazards down Good advice would be to get literally on hands and knees and see the house of a baby’s vision. In addition, here are some tips on things to consider if the baby-proof your home.


  • Room / nursery baby

Most beds are constructed regulatory standards, but make sure the blades are at least 6 cm to be trapped like your child is prevented head. you do not have animals, cushions or bed clothes stuffed in bed with your baby as pose a risk in terms of risk of suffocation. Also, try not to have a blanket on the bed of her baby, but if your child really needs more heat, be sure to slide the cover, and come with it beyond the baby’s stomach. It is important that your baby is not placed near a window, and no cables or hang on or near the bed hanging down, since thereby the risk of strangulation will be removed.

  • kitchen

Make sure that all cabinets have childproof locks. This prevents babies to discover the location of access or cabinets containing dangerous substances. Summits have all kitchen drawers set if your baby accidentally shoots the draw so sharp objects fall. When cooking, be sure to always use the handles cook the back or side of the furnace opposite, as this reduces the risk of babies to reach and grab handles above their heads.

  • show

All outlets have not used your plugged baby, avoid putting your fingers in the socket to avoid the risk of electrocution. It is also interesting to tape down power lines, electrical devices are connected heavy such as lamps. This prevents the child pulling on the cord, thereby reducing the risk of heavy equipment that falls on them. If you have a large library or heavy furniture that could easily change, they should be anchored to the wall. In addition, at the corner of tables and furniture to ensure that the use of corner protectors or pads to prevent babies, hitting his head or eyes sting.

  • bathroom

If your baby a bath, let alone in the bathtub. Getting the right water temperature is crucial, no hot water is higher than 49 ° C. Make sure that the toilet lid are locked with locks, and like the kitchen cupboards ensure that you can also close. If your bathroom cabinets contain medication, make sure that child safety packaging. Finally, keep all electrical appliances out of reach when not in use.

  • Other considerations

Remove all valuables out of reach of your baby, especially small objects, dangerous. find babies as with things and play, and unfortunately, it is possible that what is found in the mouth. So if you have small items around the house, there is a risk as they could choke if they put in their mouths. Therefore, you should consider to go to the house, accommodate small items and store them out of the way, especially if they are valuables.

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