Plein Air Painting And Interpretation of Dreams: Doxidor and vegetables Art Lab converts and me

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Red-Velvet-Diamante-Detail-Chesterfield-Sofa-by-Protege-Homeware-30Today my birthday and when Dad called me to wish me happy birthday, could not even tell how old I have now! “Think about it before you get another dog”, I said.

Katie either getting younger. I thought of his painting, we adopted 14 years ago. This week I am at last! I have always been fascinated by the white on white, and exhibited his paintings in the antique quilt pattern ivory used for years to sleep there.

When I finished the painting of Kate, Jim returned to the store to say that he had stopped at the SPCA, two puppies and I wanted to see what he had seen. I was hesitant. When we arrived, one of the dogs had told me at the front is cut and polished. Fur and dog feces was everywhere! We entered quickly. “No way,” I thought to myself.

In the kennel, we find another dog Jim wanted to see me. A shy little dog “Honey” was in a kennel with another dog. It looked like a puppy, small, with a pleasant round face. By reading his map, we discovered it was two years ~ boom! This little dog was only 24 pounds, doxidor: a mixture of dueschund / Labrador. us who love it. I reluctantly accept that Jim has made arrangements to take home to see if Kate would approve as well.

In the coming days we worked to get to know each other. On the way back writhed, which made my arms and down between the rear seats in the car in an Afghan who was on the floor. When we got home, she wanted to stay there. At home I found another Afghan and left. Immediately they made another nest. She is a nest syndrome.

Nesting is something I’ve never been good. It Seems I’m always running around doing something. Sit still? Hard for me to imagine yourself doing. You have to do something.

The day after his arrival, I took the vacuum for storage. I saw the corner of my eye when I took the empty closet. The balcony door was open and empty the spy, quickly he slipped. I went to suck. Jim came later and asked where he was. Nowhere! She was gone! We spent the next hour looking patio, surrounding forests and adjacent neighbors courses.

curly back home, ‘Sneekers “as they began calling for his white paws ~ she was in a new nest behind the computer desktop Jim. Not much room between the office and the wall of windows. Only a step and a number close down the child!

As each day passed, I spent more time with her, in her flattering nest, encouraged him to play. Little by little, I think. I felt a little wanted to paint, so I. My stand on the deck and painted out my garden

The obelisk Jim and I had built last weekend, it has already been filled with cucumbers and tomatoes wine. I sat while I painted, too lazy to get up, I told myself. I have a larger canvas that I normally used outdoors. It is 203 x 243, is not huge, but significantly greater than 9 x 12s often.

As I painted, I rowed a neighbor in my painting with her two children. Were conducted low or two to catch, then they paddled away. I quickly image, brushing, without thinking if I really wanted there or not! the sun moves lower in the sky, and finally had to put an end to the need. Most of the garden was now in the shade.

Light and shadow ~ that’s what I balance all week in my life. In the box Allie (allies poison) it was dark black tones varies. In this image of Kate, the opposite is the case. I do not see that when I realized my dream of this morning. Dream: I see a low key reason darks; Darks tones darker and clearer. I invert the image. Now there is a pattern of lights ~ key highlights, a brighter light and dark lights. Reverse.

This dream has to see what is the whole week off! Among the images and the new dog ~ I can balance my life, things that reverse my view! In this painting the garden, which was playing. He was playing with images … Children fishing boat leave my world to enter, without thinking about whether it would bother my world or not! I leave the game I play in my garden in my life canvas.

This little dog my life turned face up! And just when it looked as if he could not succeed, Amped is inserted. Later in the week, I returned empty. This time she was lying in my room on the floor. So I told her to close the door while I was running on empty. When I returned 15 minutes later, she was under the bed shaking like a leaf. Let him stay there a while ago. Checking them all morning, I finally convinced them out. I have seen it. In Afghanistan in the cave and sit with her on the floor and held her as she trembled

“I do not know what happened,” I said aloud. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry it happened, what it is.” I continued. As he spoke, I stroked his head. And as I did, I felt that I go, what he had to keep going, do, do what I thought was going to fall. We leave together.

Today, on my birthday, I painted these two paintings rapid Sneekers. He sat on my couch ~ something that never allowed a dog! He had to paint quickly, as it has changed position frequently. The sofa is made of red brick, which uses red Alizarin to draw your way quickly, directly on the canvas. When I had the forms, she had moved. I replied softly locked in colors, so I have memory.

Then I went looking for a canvas. This time, she was sleeping a little longer. Afraid that I could move again continued at a rapid pace. I liked the quality of the first gestures, playful. “What if I have a pink sofa is not really?” This way I can have a pink sofa, they have to live without! Sleep there in my place on the couch, she continued to teach me how to play. The blue, she sleeps on a needlepoint pillow I. 35 years ago not only leave his dream ~ I loved painting! I’m a hard case, I admit. The conversion of a workaholic? FE … plays a woman! I think an old dog can learn new tricks.

Note: Outdoor Painting 4 illustrate in this article and are obtained for republication.

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