Powerful 30 innovative ideas for bathroom design

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Then there is a bathroom. The bathrooms are a type of room in a house where the brightness of their creativity and originality of truth. In these habitats allow creative fusions of the latest technology and the traditional classical beauty of the most interesting rooms of the house.

If you are planning to renovate your home, your bathroom is to launch the site. Kitchen and bathroom showrooms have the technology and materials to make a beautiful bathroom unique to you, and make it a special area where the surprise factor goes beyond ordinary and the sublime.

If you are not sure exactly what you should do a good bath home as a whole, consider the following 30 unique ideas and trends for larger bathrooms:

1. Create a beautiful and dynamic mosaic floor with small tiles.
2. Mix the bathtub, shower and toilet behind the Japanese style light shutters and the interior has a bright atmosphere.
3. Welcome to ceramic bath with legs. At home of a classic piece of beauty
4. Invites exposed pipes in your bathroom to compensate for the simple fresh beauty with industry.
Room 5. Tears of French doors to a balcony.
6. Open the windows and cover them with long curtains or blinds that are light enough to influence the wind.
7. Hang a delicate and beautiful lamp chandelier or ceiling light above the tub for a heart on the roof.
8. Why not use a fireplace to a room where it is still in the cold after a bath or shower?
9. Draw mere mural on the wall with a nature theme as tree branches or flowers.
10. Go wild with wallpaper or damask wall coverings eye with a strong motivation and eccentric color.
11. Insert a mirror plate integrated ornate decorative mirror, one that is likely to find in a room at home or in the dining room.
12. Install sconces symmetry and has a classic feel.
13. sink exemption traditional responsibility counter or tub and trailer instead of a stone or metal sink installed.
14. Bowl sinks are always in fashion, especially if they are colored glass or other creative material.
15. Of course, a classic suspension source is certainly very good, especially for a bath.
16. A table ottoman and small hanging off the tub and feels like a king. For a romantic occasion, put a vase of fresh flowers on the table, or just loosely draped flower stems through them.
Returning 17. Its gray stone walls with a new coat of paint.
18. Go male and rough with pine cabinets and solid dyed black, brass hardware.
19 different elements of a bathroom with a frosted glass wall. This is a small bathroom sits down to do well!
20. Consider the possibility of knowing a shower in the bathroom to install. Only tiled walls and put a drain in the floor and a large sunflower rain shower head left.
21. paneled walls and ceilings give a rustic bathrooms.
22. Insert a geometric puzzle arrangement as a mirror on the wall for aesthetic Art Deco.
23 tables and shower stalls should not be teak. Opting for a stone or ceramic table.
24 To save a sink floating in a corner of the bathroom attached to the space and allow an interesting flow.
25. Mats provide warmth to a bathroom; mix different eye-catching designs of carpet on the floor.
26. Rest your dressing table with wooden legs for the emergence of a buffet dining room.
Make 27 cast iron skillet on a decorative base of the center of the room.
Write 28 European Malo key and save space with a large cistern.
29. Of course, you can also opt for a hotel in style, elongated toilet wall and the device less attractive manner.
30. window tint, so you can go out into the clear light. With properties of glass and crystal, light is dancing and hide.

There are many more things you can do for your unforgettable room and elegant bathroom, high tech, and beautiful. Visit to start the kitchen and bathroom exhibition in their environment, updating the bathroom Virgin plane.
A Brief History of Italian Art

Even those who do not know or particularly interested in art, crafts of Italy and connects the state with some vivid images: Leaning Tower of Pisa, the canals of Venice, great dishes of Italian cuisine, vineyards on the hills and durable famous works of art by some of the greatest talents in history.

If you meet Italy for themselves, ideally with experience closely and guided tours small groups to Italy offers you will find many of their perception of this country is right. This country is equally creative, colorful and expressive than you think.

But a trip to Italy is preparing important to have a complete experience. Of course, this preparation both fun and rewarding! Start with this article, in which you can learn a brief history of Italian art.
Neolithic of the first inhabitants of present Italy small sculptures and other objects created man. With the rise of the Roman Empire, these creations are designed in art ahead.

In Roman life political and artistic values ​​were obtained. An appreciation of knowledge, discovery and artistic features promoted as the peak of life. Unlike the Greeks, however, they have the Romans did not create religious art. They created decorative pieces for the home and public buildings, added to see the frescoes and other artistic instincts structures and contains naturally in the life of the city; This resulted in a qualified urban planning and architecture. The Romans distinguished by the introduction of three major new features: portraits, landscape painting and sculpture featuring historical stories.
Imperial, always relied Recalling the life of artists to create art work, using any art Kaiser as a sign of its success, the growth of the kingdom, and his own honor.

When Christianity spread to Rome began the art, the church rather than serve the emperor, who was a change in the division and is always in contemporary art in the question: who is doing the service of art? Led should work? Should we join or reject censorship?

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire took place. Byzantine art continued the Roman traditions. Romanesque art was replaced by the rise of Gothic art in the Middle Ages, an art form that has religious stories and face problems such as death and human suffering details. Gothic artists were the first ones to sign their names to their work.

Since the Renaissance in Florence, Italy emerged, has a new kind of art from Italy to the forefront of the artistic creation of the world. Supported by grants and commissions from the aristocracy and the church, artists were revered and respected. This time in Italy some of the biggest names occurred in the history of art: Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian and many others. Many of the most famous works of art in the world are in Italy still exposed, including the “Statue of David” and “The Last Supper”.

This successful transition into a new style called Baroque, new born ideals of artistic expression. Paintings, buildings, sculptures and musical compositions from this period were exuberant, dramatic and intense. Carracci and Caravaggio among the most famous baroque artists and their timeless pieces are still visible today. Baroque and Bernini and Borromini buildings, including St. Peter’s Basilica, Italy sculptures still adorn and give it its great urgency.

Many new artists Italians, including futurologists of the 1900s, the metaphysical contemporary artists and talents, more challenge social beliefs, give rise to perceptions and life, and, best of all, add to withstand the beauty and elegance of Italy. During itself is enough to get you change a walk through the various destinations in the country, can only with small travel group in Italy, you will get an intimate and detailed experience in creativity and genius that what made Italy nowadays.

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