President of Barcelona: Modern furniture exemplary design

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Bonsoni-Tokyo-Dining-Set-by-Lloyd-Phillip-and-Delric-30If you look even a collector of modern furniture, is likely to der Rohe Barcelona chair has a Mies van. If not, then you should have one. A part of the prestigious collection of Barcelona, ​​including the Ottoman and the table, the president of Barcelona, ​​the best work of Mies van der Rohe Ludiwg in furniture design and a classic example of furniture modernist style is considered.

Like its Tugendhat and Brno President, the President of Barcelona of Mies van der Rohe was as part of the interior design of your architectural project, namely the German Pavilion or German pavilion in 1929. The President and the accommodation itself were the official record of Germany in the prestigious Ibero-American exhibition of 1929 he worked often in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and is the cultural rebirth of Germany after world war I. During this time, Mies van der Rohe to symbolize the designer and I have long companion Lilly Reich.

The inspiration of the President of Barcelona was the Egyptian folding chairs and chairs the campaign of classical Roman times. The President also said to complement the sculptures by Georg Kolbe, who were exposed during the Expo. During his screen the Barcelona president enjoyed immediate success, with critics calling it “the king of worthy design”. Coincidentally, the President was “assessed Furniture for the common man” in a total of $ 6281 King, in contrast to the Bauhaus school was philosophy Mies van der Rohe.

Today again made Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe Knoll in Pennsylvania, USA .. Knoll acquired the rights and Mies van der Rohe name for the presidency in 1953, and its trademark rights in 2004, is the only manufacturer you make reproductions recognized true Barcelona chair. However, several third-party manufacturers such as Alphaville Design California and New York International Gordon also produce chairs in the basic design of the President of Barcelona.

The adventure mountain grandeur

Kilimanjaro climbing is a demanding performance. However, despite the immense height, the expedition successfully mounted by any suitable person reasonably. No technical knowledge to Kilimanjaro is the highest accessible on the planet, “able to walk” mountain are needed.

With its three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira, Kilimanjaro is an inactive in northeastern Tanzania and the highest mountain in Africa volcano. It is the tallest freestanding mountain as well as the fourth largest mountain in the world.

The mountain attracts over 25,000 visitors a year. However, almost 50% of all climbers fail to reach the top. This is mainly due to the lack of thorough preparation and adherence to the rules climbing, advice and guidelines.

The most important for the success of their determination to rise factor is choosing a guide service quality. To succeed in the mountains, it is imperative that climbers are guided by an experienced outfitter, with proven competence, reliability and safety
Although several hundred tour operators offer Kilimanjaro climbs, only a handful can be considered reputable. Many fail to respond and high quality of services for successful climbing required as an experienced local guides professional, hard working support staff oriented team, quality waterproof mountain four season tents, tents large room with table and chairs, most of healthy fresh nutritious food and purified drinking water.

It also lacks procedures for crisis management and security, equity and ethics owner and compliance with the guidelines of trekking the environment. If you are planning to climb Kilimanjaro, then consider outfitter operators and circuits that comply with the above principles and exceed. Other important tips are booked in advance to ensure physical fitness, adequate packing and wise route choice.

being the highest peak and most famous mountain in Africa, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro scale is a difficult challenge, more than the rigors of altitude than the actual difficulty of the hike itself. The rise, which has an average duration of 6 days, the walker passes through dense forests and pastures, barren rock face and brilliant white glaciers.

If there is one thing everyone notices about Kili, is the amazing number of stars people see at night while climbing. Unaffected by the light pollution that distorts the Western world, the sky at night on Kilimanjaro really one of the great – and unsung- attractions Africa’s highest mountain to climb.
expand Views of Kenya and the Maasai Steppe, the Crater Highlands, and the mountains of eastern arch of the summit, and unlike other comparable peaks, you do not need cables or climbing gear for the summit. As you yourself tempo and it will take a little at high altitudes, you have every reason to believe that you can get to the top, and do it.
There is no doubt that Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing the experience of most visitors to the highest point is to Africa.

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