Research shows word of mouth drives online sales

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The volume of people shopping on the internet is determined by positive word of mouth, as stated by Michael Norton, managing director,

Certainly, there is often a “real trade-off” regarding benefit and protection, he explained.

“The safest method [for individuals to buy on the internet] would be to ask individuals to key in his or her complete credit card number, security code as well as their accurate password. But that’s awkward for individuals on the run,” he stated.

He continued to state that the serious concern is a doubt of trust. Mr Norton revealed that if prospective consumers find out other individuals they know using certain retailers’ apps without problems, they are much more likely to use their services themselves.

“It’s crucial that online shops assured their consumer confidence in these latest methods for buying,” he included.

His remarks emerged as internet fraud will come back following 2 years of continuous reduction and increase 18% (£30 million) to £195.3 million by 2015, driven by shopping using mobile phone and social netwring sites such as Facebook, based on research by

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