Site update: New user friendly pagination implemented

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We updated the site by implementing a new pagination style. This pagination is much user friendly and allow users to browse more ads in ease.

Our previous pagination style was number and page based, like standard pagination used by most of the websites. On the old pagination style, if you wanted to browse beyond the first 20 ads, you had to click on the page numbers in order to go to the second set of 20 ads by loading a new page.

Bonsoni old pagination

Bonsoni old pagination

The new pagination system allows our users to stay in the same page by loading the second set of 20 ads under the first set of ads.

Bonsoni new user friendly pagination

Bonsoni new user friendly pagination

Also the old pagination was opening ads in the same window, which was time consuming for the users, if they wanted to go back to the list of ads. The new design opens single ads on a new tab, if the users decide to go back to the list of ads, they just have to switch to the tabs, thus saves time.

Please note that, the new pagination style is only available for the main site at the moment. We will gradually roll out this to the user accounts in near future.

Happy Bonsoning!

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