small penises, no problem and ndash; Tips for improving pleasure less Endowed countries

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Bonsoni-Stylish-Upholstered-Small-Double-Brooklyn-Ottoman-Fabric-Bed-Frame-Wheat-4ft-30penis envy is as old as humanity itself, and by the time they grow up, children are conditioned by a kind of language, humor wardrobe room and the media to believe that he is a great element The best way. However, although women out there who say they prefer the version of super size, most women tend to prefer a slightly smaller model, and most of them are not concerned about the size of the penis.
The good news for men is that the right to take privacy and to understand how to improve the penis, helping to do the best that nature has asked the available approach. For starters, keep your penis healthy, well maintained and make the reagent can be more pleasant and attractive and improve the feeling of joy for him. In addition to improving the state of the penis, there are certain positions that increase or penetration or other types of stimulation for them, that goes to the top and make you feel like a king.
Positions for a small penis:
& Bull; For men, on the small side, the tried and true Greyhound is a perfect place to start. This position allows easier access, so deep, and her raise her hips and low stimulation can increase upper body intercede for them, for a stimulating experience everywhere.
& Bull; the position of the parts described in the Kamasutra pressing, also allows maximum penetration. The woman lies on her back, and the man between his legs, like the missionary position. But she pulls her knees to her chest and puts his feet on the shoulders to allow a portion of your body weight to rest on his legs.
This technique is ideal for smaller people; It offers a great encouragement for them, but also reduces the vaginal canal, so that people who have a little more in the long division can actually cause pain when they penetrate too deeply.
& Bull; Another popular measure for young men who have just taken from above. Whether lying or sitting on a chair, man can facilitate women for him and take control of the situation. You can choose one side to another or from one page to move the lateral movement, instead of sliding up and down, like lifting can cause a smaller body.
A variant of this position implies its opposite him, as he falls on his penis, to take the initiative to create the movement. This attitude can also be found in the Kama Sutra and is sometimes referred to as the & ldquo; Milk and water & quot; Position.
Rejuvenate the penis

In addition to experimenting with different techniques and attitudes appropriate penis care can make a big difference when it comes to the best of a lower limb. Keep fresh and clean by allowing them every day and remove any accumulation of dead skin, body oils and lubricants washing or lotions help keep its appeal. In addition, men should never overlook the importance of the original game. Spend the time to give and receive pleasure without going straight game at the end so much sensuality can add experience.
Men can work to keep your penis as a penis cr and egrave vitamin specially developed application; I (most doctors recommend Man 1 Man Oil), the tissue of healthy skin and nerves and continue to support the soft, supple and healthy penis has been designed. A good cr penis and egrave; I also need a moisturizer, like all natural shea butter or olive oil contain skin hydrated and avoid irritation to maintain and drying.

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