Smart Ideas for storage behind the door

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Storage can be a big problem if you have a small house or apartment, and solutions can be very costly if you do not know what to look for. Most of us have at least a couple of doors that great ideas can become the store with the right products; and this type of multi-purpose room is a good way to save money and keep things organized. Here are some clever storage ideas for storage behind the door of the house.


Some manufacturers of home organization options provide racks behind doors that make a great addition to the kitchenette or kitchen. They are a great idea for storing and bedroom accessories have practical shelves hold a variety of small objects. In this way, you can make use of the most underrated storage room in the house. The doors are a good place to keep things that otherwise drawers, countertops would mess, or even a home office desk.

Bonsoni-Shiro-Walnut-Tall-Shoe-Cupboard-30The shelves may not be appropriate for some elements, such as heavy or fragile items and is designed primarily for use in the kitchen. It’s a great idea for a space to add pantry, or for storing baby products such as baby food, cereal and formula. It can be used for storage of dry products to use, or a good cooking field without precious pantry.


The most famous use of storage ideas back door, like most of us, the organizers, bags, lots of different things to keep utilization seen. This ingenious idea became popular for storing shoes, but it is also a good idea to bring your accessories in your room, storage and / or towels in the bathroom flannels to organize, or for use in a child’s room .
The bags are usually made of durable and functional plastic so you can see what is easily saved. It is an excellent choice for storing game accessories in the pressroom, such as controllers, cables, memory cards and the like, without losing all or part looking to pull a rope.

Do it yourself

There is an unwritten rule that says is advisable to buy prefabricated ideas behind door. Some of the best and functional ideas are that you can build yourself, and this option is often much cheaper and less time in the long run as well. There are a lot of web sites and hardware stores, prices for Do-it-yourself offer smart storage ideas to the back door.

DIY options can be a bit for someone with little or no experience in construction, but a beginner can get the hang of the building with some tips and tricks from the experts to be a challenge. This way you can get the desired material you choose, at a price corresponding to its own budgetary considerations appearance. They can be combined, add custom details such as color or equipment shelves with bags, and get a storage solution for creative and clever DIY door.

Preserve your soil: alternative cleaning professional carpet

Bonsoni-Reliance-Retro-Oak-Large-Shoe-Cupboard-31professional carpet cleaning in Provo is a safe way to keep the carpet in your house cool and in the best conditions. However, professional cleaning are not always cheap or convenient. If spilled red wine on white carpet or dog decides after an afternoon at the home race of stay in the muddy yard, you need quick solutions to combat the toughest stains. When looking for ways to keep your carpet clean and looking like new, the following suggestions.
vacuum frequently

Aspiration is one of the easiest ways to keep the carpet in your home. Many people mistakenly believe that making your carpet dust regularly looks old and worn faster air. This is a mistake. If dirt from carpets are vacuumed is caught in the stretched fibers and fibers gathered. Not only the carpet look cooler, but the carpet fibers are not close to the ground.

Not every day is necessary vacuum; Vacuum high-traffic areas of your home once a day, or at least 3 times a week can make a significant difference. If family members who suffer from allergies or if you have many animals at home, often due to vacuum.

Do not wear shoes at home

Believe it or not, there are families who have a strict “no shoes in house” policy. Although it may seem strange to people who really saved his dress shoes in the house, this policy can be used to walk on the carpet of premature aging. You can still think about getting all the dirt and dirt from shoes in touch if you are traveling and during the day. when you get home, dirt and grime it is easily transferred to the bottom of the shoes and carpet,

If you have a mudroom large at home, create a space for storing shoes. It is always easier to clean linoleum or vinyl to clean stains on the carpet. If you do not have a suitable place for storing shoes, you agree to remove your shoes when you enter your home. In your wardrobe or anywhere else in the house where he keeps his shoes

Consider buying carpet stain protection

For those in the market for a new carpet, do not overlook the value of stain protection. Yes, you can pay a little extra for this feature, but you can save money and problems down the road. Households with animals, children and a tendency to entertain will appreciate the ease of cleaning that provides protection against stains.

You clean your carpet stain

Spills and other disorders occur in a home. To prevent ingrained stains, clean your carpet immediately after a spill at the site. With tissue paper or white cloth, gently sop liquid. Do not use abrasive movements, as this can cause the stain to bleed deep into the carpet fibers. For stubborn stains, it may be necessary to saturate the area with water, place the cloth on the stain and add a thick book or other object up. It is left for several hours or overnight for towel sitting to lift the stain and absorb.

cleaning services

Although it is not useful or necessary to buy each week or month and carpet cleaning services, it is a good idea to invest in professional carpet cleaning in Provo at least once or twice a year. deep cleaning your carpets every two years to protect your investment and give you many years of pleasure from the carpet in your home to get.

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