South African Holiday Highlights: exploring Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden and Interior design Algarve: Fashion and Class collide

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Bonsoni-Hasting-Rattan-Armchair-With-Round-Back-In-Champagne-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-30Cape answer to Central Park in New York is by far one of the most famous and spectacular attractions of the city. In more than 528 hectares and protected by the mountain of the table, a walk through the gardens is introduced as a different world. bedroom concerts or just enjoy nature at its best plants learn the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is a day that should not be missed.


Kirstenbosch is located in the southern suburbs of Cape Town and offers an oasis of urban life is. Only 13 km from the center of the city, the gardens are located on the eastern slopes of the mountain. In the vicinity of Rhodes Avenue, the gardens are easy to find and there are some other unique attractions. The picturesque stone church overlooking the gardens puts his motivations open for a delicious Sunday craft market once a month. Here you can buy everything from pancakes to furniture and original artwork by sculptor hand.

The story of Kirstenbosch

Some of the plants in Kirstenbosch life as far back as the dinosaurs – there are about 200 million years. His first human visitors were the Khoikhoi that rich countries have used for grazing and hunting. They were disturbed in 1666 when the explorer Jan van Riebeeck, the potential of the rich forests recognized as a patch of origin to the needs of the East India Company. His time in the gardens of vines and wild almond hedge added to protect the Dutch colony of Khoikhoi and can still be seen today. In 1892 he bought Cecil John Rhodes, the country, leaving the population Cape as a national garden. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens as we know, was formally established today and opened by Professor Pearson in 1913. The gardens are named after Dutch words meaning stone church and Kirsten Bosch means forest. Professor Pearson’s commitment to these botanical gardens that ended with him still in the ground can be buried in the middle of its beauty and grave stone – after some research adventure!

The various gardens

Only grow native plants, cultivated 60 hectares Kirsten represent more than 50% of the plant kingdom of the peninsula and truly South African gardens in the country. Similar types of plants in each Kirstenbosch, creating splashes and mini gardens to learn something new every clustered visit. The Garden Peninsula is a massive 2500 plants only in the Cape region found only grouped so that everyone can see better advantage.

Water-Wise Garden offers these plants that require little maintenance and irrigation and teaches people how to create a beautiful outdoor space, no matter the weather or the amount of experience in gardening. The medicinal herb garden used as a teaching tool, and proposes that these plants are revered in South Africa for its healing abilities. For those who have the most practical gardener Gardens Restio escape, perfume and. In plants with amazing flavors and textures they are asked visitors to close their eyes and use their other senses, when these gardens to explore.

Bonsoni-Hiral-Rattan-2-Seater-Arm-Sofa-In-4-Seasons-Garden-Outdoor-Furniture-31South Africa’s national flower is the protea, an important feature in Kirstenbosch was a garden dedicated exclusively. Different types of these unique and beautiful plants are exposed at the Protea Garden, which is spectacular in winter, when the Proteas serrurias and conebushes are in full bloom. The Dell Garden located in the oldest part of Kirstenbosch and is ideal for a picnic. Hidden under ferns and shade plants, with water flowing from Bath Colonel Vogel, an afternoon can be done before you know it.

Things to do to do in the gardens

During the summer months, lawn gardens with live music from local and international with the sunset in the background musicians. These concerts sunset are a popular staple in the calendars of Cape Town and is one of the most peaceful and exclusive experiences that the city has to offer. If your taste leans more toward the plants and flowers, botanical greenhouse company should not be missed. This feature of the gardens is home to plants that are usually survive only on mountaintops or in the dry desert. A giant Baobab adds a dramatic heart to the greenhouse and can be moved around the world, who spend all explore under an hour on the roof unusual plants.

One of the best things to do in these gardens to easily explore. There are many things that can be found by chance and you never know what might be around the next corner. gurgling streams attract the most fascinating creatures and isolated banks around the beautiful gardens offer quiet sitting places. While browsing, to see things like the gentle mountain stream moves down and made a sparkling pool on the grounds. From the rainwater that accumulates at the top of Table Mountain on the right side, the water flows through Aqua-filter to enable a clean and sparkling pool, if you have a drink.

Tours Gardens

One of the best ways to see the gardens is just walking around and everything. All major roads through the gardens are paved, which makes it easy to navigate with any path leading through a single section of plants and wildlife. Braille Trail enables the visually impaired enjoy the gardens with each floor are clearly marked with large labels in Braille. Tejedor Walk and Walk Silver Tree are particularly flat and wheelchairs, pushchairs and the less agile. There are also many ways for more active, including Smuts track, skeleton to Garganta weaves between indigenous forests on top of Table Mountain.

If you want to know more about the gardens while walking, volunteers give tours Monday through Friday. A tour of particular interest can be rented with the visitor center or digital prerecorded tours can be arranged. Alternatively provide video extended to the gardens, which can be downloaded directly to your phone online resources multilingual tours. This way you can explore the freedom of the gardens at their own pace, while imparting to, whenever you need to create your own personal leadership bears.

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