Storage Units – Size Up to size!

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bonsoni-chicago-computer-desk-by-lloyd-phillip-and-delric-30Numerous storage units and size. For this reason, we often tend the right size for use to choose. Select a small unit to save money and end up stuffing their goods, or choose a larger, bigger than they need and lose a lot of space at the end unit and money!

The storage units are generally available in six sizes from 25 square meters to 300 square feet (sq. Ft.).
If you have an inventory list ready, we have for you a quick guide to help you determine the size of the storage units, you have to decide.

Select ‘X 5’ (25 sq. Ft.) 5, if you have small furniture, bicycles, several small boxes and a computer or something similar in size. If you have storage requirements for companies, and about 35 standard file boxes you can be housed in a 25 sqm. Pie Room.

You can select 5 ‘X 10’ If the following or equivalent (50 square ..): put objects in a one bedroom apartment or house, four or five chairs, a mattress and several small boxes. For enterprise storage, you can keep 85 boxes of standard file cabinets and a 5 ‘x 10’ storage units.

A 10 ‘X 10’ (100 sq. Ft.) Is it large enough to accommodate the contents of an apartment with one or two bedrooms, a bed, a small desk, garden furniture and a couple of boxes. In one bedroom 100 square meters. Ft can hold about 170 standard file boxes, offices and chairs, if you have enterprise storage needs.

150 sq. Pie O 10 ‘X 15’ storage rooms are large enough to contain all the facilities of a standard three-bedroom apartment furniture, lawn and garden, a fridge and several boxes. If you clear the clutter from your desk, 300 standard file boxes, a desk, two chairs and a small file lockers.

A standard unit of 10 ‘x 20’ (200 square feet) with a few musical instruments, some chairs and tables and several boxes of standard size to accommodate the complete creation of a small house or apartment. To save your business needs, you can almost 350 boxes and small office furniture to keep it as a desk and a couple of chairs in a room of 200 square meters. Foot

The larger storage units are available in Rule 10 ‘x 30’ or 300 square feet. You have plenty of space for all kinds of furniture in a big house or an apartment, piano, complete machine equipment, a pool table and cardboard boxes. If you are planning to renovate your office or simply to carry extra material in a center of self-storage, a unit of 300 square meters can 580 boxes of standard files to keep small valves in the workplace, and excess Inventory.

If you select the appropriate size of the storage units, you can save a lot of trouble and money.

Money too small can lead to congestion room and extra space is wasted. The choice of storage units right size store both your property and your money.

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