Study shows 75% Londoners oppose mobile coverage on underground rail network

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Chinese telecommunications company Huawei have offered to share portion of the costs to have mobile phone coverage on London’s underground tube network for the Olympics in 2012.

Study shows 75% Londoners oppose mobile coverage on underground rail networkHowever the study conducted by mobile telephone comparing site has shown that a large amount of Briton’s feel the tube network may be the last place of serenity from annoying ring tones.

The poll, finds that more than 75 % of Londoners against the concept.

One third stated they were concerned about the possibille risk from robbers and criminals if mobiles ended up on show constantly.

Several stated they were unsatisfied along with the concept and concerned about elevated anxiety as well as assault from individuals being irritated for other people’s discussions using mobile phones.

Nevertheless the 25 percent of individuals who liked the concept said it might improve security by allowing it simpler to get in touch with the emergency services.

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