Tablet PCs about to change the online shopping landscape

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Based on a latest study, the next level of the online shopping growth should observe buyers significantly utilising the Ipad and portable computers when purchasing on the web.

The study carried out by shopping search engine, Shopzilla, claimed as a result sellers really should be planning for a ‘tablet revolution’, as online shopping via iPads and equivalent tablet gadgets is going to be more popular, subsequent to the result of the US online shopping habit. Even though the iPad had been only unveiled a year ago, Shopzilla’s statistics exposed that 6% of consumers currently possess a tablet and an additional 20% Tablet PCs about to change the online shopping landscapeare contemplating purchasing one in the upcoming year.

A great deal of owners mentioned it has been as simple as to use for online shopping as a proper computer. The study had been carried out with nearly 5,000 internet consumers.

Rachel Smith, business services senior director at Shopzilla, stated: “Since their release in April 2010, a remarkable 25 million iPads have been purchased globally, and with 20% online buyers telling us they are thinking to get a tablet in the next 12 months, this is evidently set to be a massive trend for UK shoppers.”

She continued, ‘The year of mobile commerce, which has been forecasted for some period, is eventually here. With the surge of the tablet industry we are experiencing a seismic shift, and the possibility will be for the retailers who are first to get it right.”

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  1. Phill October 27, 2011 at 10:11 pm - Reply

    Well good but how would you use the tablet PCs to shop online? Most of the sites are not compatible with them and the Apple's iPad doesn't support the flash! Do you know how many websites are made of flash?

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