The best vacation spot in Bali Tamu Seseh

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Bonsoni-Sherborne-Oak-Sideboard-Two-Door-Two-Drawer-Made-of-a-High-Quality-Grade-of-Oak-30The villa is through a set of double doors that entered old from a small courtyard. Here two statues of Bali is located in a quiet pond lotuses, with two jets of water drainage. Villa 1 is a bedroom Bali is a semi-open air living and dining pavilion, a bedroom with a private garden. The villa also has a high recreational hall and swimming pool.

The pavilion also features an open kitchen for guest use in the times when you may not need a / waitress service kitchen service Tamu Seseh main waiter. The kitchen is behind a bar on the terrace and is equipped with a gas stove, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, dishes and cutlery. Inside the closet, there is also a stereo with CD / cassette.

old double doors overlooking the garden, private bathroom, where she and her sinks with mirror CHALET round based on a terrazzo sink. The basin is protected by the eaves and adorned with the brother of pearl shells from the sea.

The romantic bath is planted with shrubs and enclosed by a hedge of bamboo; a bathtub in the green tile floor approached through four levels below a decorative sculpted wall panel. Steps through pebbles on the ground to a sheltered outdoor shower, and the toilet is hidden in a hole. Sliding glass doors offer an alternative route in the main garden.

Satellite TV and a DVD player is in an alcove built and a ceiling fan for comfort. A closet has a safe and comfortable and a large area of ​​the suspension. local artwork decorates the walls of this house and boat-shaped lamps illuminate the sloping roof. Air-conditioned room is highlighted from the living room, the entrance for a few primitive style sculptures of wood in Indonesia. The room has a cool terrazzo floors and a canopy bed queen sky.

Pavilion Hall and the villa in Canggu is open on two sides and has a thatched roof ‘Alang-alang “supported by wooden pillars coconut over a cream fans float terrazzo floor ceiling and gentle breezes keep this area fresh;. It is decorated with an overstuffed sofa, chairs created and a round table of a white mosaic decorated coconut.

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