The best vacation spot in Bali Tamu Seseh

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Vallery-3+2-Drawer-Chest-Antique-With-Lime-Details-30The villa is through a set of double doors that entered old from a small courtyard. Here two statues of Bali is located in a quiet pond lotuses, with two jets of water drainage. Villa 1 is a bedroom Bali is a semi-open air living and dining pavilion, a bedroom with a private garden. The villa also has a high recreational hall and swimming pool.

The pavilion also features an open kitchen for guest use in the times when you may not need a / waitress service kitchen service Tamu Seseh main waiter. The kitchen is behind a bar on the terrace and is equipped with a gas stove, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, dishes and cutlery. Inside the closet, there is also a stereo with CD / cassette.

old double doors overlooking the garden, private bathroom, where she and her sinks with mirror CHALET round based on a terrazzo sink. The basin is protected by the eaves and adorned with the brother of pearl shells from the sea.

The romantic bath is planted with shrubs and enclosed by a hedge of bamboo; a bathtub in the green tile floor approached through four levels below a decorative sculpted wall panel. Steps through pebbles on the ground to a sheltered outdoor shower, and the toilet is hidden in a hole. Sliding glass doors offer an alternative route in the main garden.

Satellite TV and a DVD player is in an alcove built and a ceiling fan for comfort. A closet has a safe and comfortable and a large area of ​​the suspension. local artwork decorates the walls of this house and boat-shaped lamps illuminate the sloping roof. Air-conditioned room is highlighted from the living room, the entrance for a few primitive style sculptures of wood in Indonesia. The room has a cool terrazzo floors and a canopy bed queen sky.

Pavilion Hall and the villa in Canggu is open on two sides and has a thatched roof ‘Alang-alang “supported by wooden pillars coconut over a cream fans float terrazzo floor ceiling and gentle breezes keep this area fresh;. It is decorated with an overstuffed sofa, chairs created and a round table of a white mosaic decorated coconut.

candy color trend for spring and summer 2012

Bonsoni-Sherborne-Oak-Two-Over-Three-Drawer-Chest-of-Drawers-Made-of-a-High-Quality-Grade-of-Oak-30During the winter and spring begins to see, we can give a new update of the revitalization of pastel shades that bring us back to our childhood with color palettes, they all our favorite treats begin to think about our domestic affairs. As our way of life dull winter months and dark effects aside, it brings a refreshing spring shine in our homes that reflect our state of optimistic and happy mood. Dolly mixture oranges and cotton candy pink green spearmint luxury fondant yellow and 2012 saw smooth walls, fabrics and polished with delicious brightly colored furniture. The mixture of pastel colors with neon brights to prove a popular choice for interiors, including restoration, they want to make a bold statement Ultra.

Let colorful wallpaper to satisfy your sweet tooth in refreshing pastel colors interior gallery, guaranteed layer candy on their walls this spring and summer. Create a statement with bright wall and printed in bold stripes or a splash of color with texture style awash in soft pastel shades for a soft sky adding caramel color effects. With 83 individual collections in an impressive range of colors, Gallery offer countless styles to the trend, including pretty flowers, cityscapes, quilted leather and effects of retro glass blocks, in addition to the simple and elegant design.

Soft, subtle and ultra-chic, a tribute to the trend of pastel colors with solid wood luxury furniture collection English Office, the beautiful color palette must be translated this year. stripped cakes make a strong style statement for spring / summer 2012, to take a look that is at once classic and cool in the house. Perfected painted surfaces in a series of hand washed in muted colors and French style furniture emulates English Office timeless appeal with an antique look, how they feel when they have always existed. The designs range from wonderfully padded seats with fine wood sculptures, a chest of drawers in a gray finish with white Lamartine detail and superior honey honeycomb washed. Based on the technical expertise of highly skilled craftsmen English Office allows to create new wood surfaces, while all existing customers can also be tailored to find your perfect cake.

For a bright pop of color palettes made candy glass Kula Topps Tiles in gloss hammered bead mosaic in pink mixture they injected a strong statement on walls. help stains colors, ask a room in black and white to give a feeling of vitality and freshness, which is ideal when used in neutral systems and the simple white tiles. For a more subtle, elegant treat Topps Tiles tiles with a vintage feel effect are sensitive to give the home a warm regime.

Soft pastels blend your space, light and warm welcome to all corners of your home. Illustrated wallpaper, it can be pretty child, the catalyst system a modern interior, life, relaunched the walls branded wallpaper design contemporary Magic Forest Owl Children start in life. Inspired by a lot of delicious memories of childhood that ensures imagination continues to attract the imagination in the forest, silhouettes of design magic story wooden lovely people. Saturated in a palette of neutral tones refined Scandinavian colors Nursery update will affect, enchanted wood is available in three beautiful colors that complement wonderfully elegant interiors. Eggplant in soft lilac, duck egg blue and white on a dark pink peony, refresh the walls with wallpaper, which is not only a source of inspiration and fun, but also seems to be fabulous.

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