The comparison GBC Magna and Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700

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Kendall-White-Circle-Table-Top-Sturdy-Compressed-Resin-OSB-Subplate-30the Rhin-O-Tuff heavy blows service (Last HD7700, HD7000 and HD6500) and Magna line are the most important in terms of production lines table on the market today. All these blows are capable of animals in a production environment; However, there are some important differences. Most end users between Magna and making last HD7700.

The HD7700 Ultima is perhaps the table strong impact on the market today. It has an exceptionally high capacity in relation to a drilling cycle and comparable Magna drilling. The drilling cycle Magna is an impressive second half, while the HD7700 is not far behind with 2/3 second cycle. In a production environment, this difference is not noticeable, it would take more time to take the next stroke lift.

The greatest strength of the Magna is that dice games are no locks or levers to hold them in place. That is, to change a mold assembly in seconds. HD7700 Ultima features quick change Rhin-O-Tuff patented get the nozzle is allowed will also be removed within seconds. While Magna in any case to change the factor advantage in saving time, the matrix, the difference is minimal at best. More important is the fact that the locking system of the Magna matrix is ​​subject to a fault, which creates a number of potential problems. The joint solution in most production halls is the band of the whole industry in place. The quick-change system ensures that the dice are always safe and Magna floating matrices are likely to do well.

In today’s market, space is as important as saving costs and time. Most strokes boards say “modular” to be in the design that can stack a link unit on the seal of the user. The HD7700 Ultima, as with all HD-punch Rhin-O-Tuff is truly modular with a large flat surface which is ideal for stacking a link module. The goal of a modular system for stacking the connection module to force when not in use to save space, or if the production of a short book for a single user. However, if larger production cycle is done, the user can drill and create separate binder that time, a means to reduce production of separate seats for two users. Magna said to be modular, but has a composite deck is large, and the curved ribs and this has a surface that is to stack a connection module.

The HD7700 is designed to be used, to be durable and easy. The HD7700 Ultima features an adjustable edge guide, controlled by a button on the side of the machine to ensure that it is always square. The Magnapunch has an adjustable edge guide as well, and is provided with a screw, then move and position on the page by hand.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the HD7700 and Ultima Magna is is that Magna has an area of ​​horizontal drilling, while the HD7700 is vertical. A horizontal drilling seal makes documents easier than support the worktable provides. Vertical plunger HD7700 is ideal for most sizes of plain, which are applied in the document the stamp, which automatically justifies the perforated edge of the page.

While the HD7700 has 14 “drilling capacity for all forms is the only Magna 11.7” for most models. The HD7700 will handle most European and legal size documents in one fell swoop, while Magna drilled twice.

The final difference is that the engine has a Magna continuously. Similar to a motor vehicle, the motor functions while the machine is driven Magna. The result is a heavy blow in slow motion and a very strong impact during the drilling cycle. The HD 7700 Ultima has a great engine and is silent until the punch is activated. The real impact is much quieter than the Magna, is a much better fit for an office environment.

Deck the Halls – Top 10 Best Christmas decorations 2010

The current decor may not be that part, but if the work is done the funniest, most people like a house that is beautifully decorated for the holidays, especially when organizing Christmas parties. If you wonder how the cover of this year the halls and make your house to another, here are some suggestions to the 10 best 2010 Christmas decorations.

1. Pull Christmas

This is one of the best ideas for holiday decorations, if you will not have a real tree or a fake tree undecorated. Christmas pullup comes pre-decorated and well-designed strip into a tree. Undoubtedly one of the best Christmas decorations in 2010.

Christmas tree collection 2. Brides

These are the ornaments perfectly celebrated the first Christmas of newlyweds who are so nice and fabulous and are one of the best Christmas decorations in 2010. This makes it one of the best Christmas gifts for newlyweds 2010 who knows.

3. Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Sleigh Bells Decorations – Set One Ashton-Drake Galleries of

First collection of Ashton-Drake to celebrate the holiday. It will be fun to give children to decorate the tree and are also one of the best Christmas gifts 2010.

4. 2010 Annual Ornament Snowflake Swarovski Crystal

Some of the best Christmas decorations are Swarovski. Every year Swarovski perfect ornament created for the year and this year is no exception to this brand Ornament Christmas Snowflake 2010. Getting provided by themselves or as a gift. This makes it one of the best Christmas gifts 2010.

Crystal Bradford Exchange celebration 5 of Thomas Kinkade Christmas table snow snowman figurine

The “painter of light” You created this beautiful figure table makes one of the best Christmas decorations 2010, which comes in the form of a snowman. also made one of the best Christmas gifts 2010.

6. peanuts lit Bookmarks Road

This makes it one of the best Christmas decorations 2010 outside his home. It is also one of the best Christmas gifts 2010 for friends and family for all fans of peanuts. These questions mark the track illuminated some of the Peanuts characters.

7. made in Club 24 Santa Claus, angels and the Netherlands Theme Snowman

Undecorated Christmas is complete without decking the halls with Christmas stockings. This is a pack of 24 Christmas stocking inexpensive that can be used for Christmas decorations 2010.

August 16th Christmas “with golden light and Burgundy Angel Tree Topper / table decoration

Mark the tip of your real or fake tree with this floral Christmas Angel Tree Topper. The angel wearing a stylish burgundy dress with gold lace detail on the front is one of the best Christmas decorations 2010, or can be used as decoration of the Christmas table. It also makes one of the best Christmas gifts 2010 for Christmas decorations.

9. Commercial Grade giant screen Santa on Christmas decoration Moon

To get everything for your home or office, this Holy sleep on a crescent moon after a long day, it is one of the best and most perfect Christmas decorations 2010. This exhibition is held to gather much attention. Also one of the best gifts for Christmas 2010.
“Merry Christmas II You” 10. Mariah Carey 2010

Posted on November 2, the Christmas CD Mariah Carey. No holiday season is complete without the great holiday music singer hit with one of the best voices out there. This also makes it one of the best Christmas gifts 2010.

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