The lighting in your decorating project with Moroccan lighting and residential Lighting Guide in 5 easy steps

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Kendall-Chrome-Lampshade-with-Marbled-Stone-Base-and-Floor-Protection-30Lighting is one of the most difficult decisions any decorating project. wall lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, lamps, candles or electric lights? Once you have chosen a good gloss, some chandeliers and some accent lighting is now the question of what kind? Looking for a unique, beautiful design, size, hopefully, with a great story behind their choice. This is exactly what the interior design concept is growing increasingly in the field of interior design Moroccan growth in the United States.

Moroccan lighting is one of the most unique concepts for many reasons. Moroccan decor in general is very hard to find in the US, and also very unique because of the different cultural and historical artistic influences in Morocco. Moroccan lighting with its vivid colors, geometric shapes drawn, exotic designs and unique raw materials the most recognized symbol of Moroccan style is established.

henna lamps decorated with stretched goat skin and hand with traditional henna, and sometimes colored with dyes made of saffron or paprika are a great way of an earthy and rustic touch to add space. henna sconces can also be used without lighting as decorative wall hangings. It is often said that Morocco is the country of recycling where nothing goes to waist, goat skin is recycled into these beautiful lampshades and henna artists approved in recent decorative elements set. Most, if not all henna artists are women who make more money and who is the only way to achieve financial independence.

A glass lamp with carved motives can extravagant way your wildest space spice. With Moroccan lamps, the search words (useful if you are looking on the web), you can imagine any existing eclectic concept a little known Moroccan lanterns almost like, you may already have.

If you have already worked iron or rustic furniture, then get one of these lamps cold hand hammered chandelier. A spider is the perfect, deliciously enhance the feeling of magic and heat, which can reach only Moroccan chandeliers option.

some pieces of Moroccan lighting and some decorative pieces use a true exotic Moroccan oasis recreated.

Tips on using Moroccan lighting:

Consider “play” with different benefits that can help you achieve a different look, experiment with using a candle instead of a light bulb, if possible, a candle works best in small spaces. If henna lamps or wall sconces, use very low power 20-25 watts is recommended. colored lamps are a great way to add a splash of color to a project.

Keep your Moroccan lighting:

Maintaining its Moroccan lighting is minimal and therefore ensures that their last long objects. Most devices have side doors opening hinge require only once during lubrication. henna lamps and sconces need absolutely no maintenance, however expect the henna to fall, because it is designed to do. The actual fall of henna on the skin of tattooed red applique design on the surface and leave, so it is useless to fight it, and you will be surprised that your piece will embellish even more. If Moroccan lanterns oxidized to keep out with clear sealer it has a spray of lamps. There are two ways to take their lamps. You can only go meticulously metal parts, or you can just spray the sealer by the device, including glass. If you choose the path of totality of the lamp, will end so that the light appears aged. Note that you must maintain at all times protected hinges so they are still able to open and close the door.

incandescent lamp or candle?

Aesthetically, it is always better to carry out its light to speak with a candle, it works best in a small room where less light is needed or desired soft lighting. using a light bulb is larger spaces. If your lantern has a flat bottom, you can just sit a candle the same fire safety precautions you would use something else. If you decide to go with an electric bulb remember that most, if not all Moroccan lighting importers do not include the cable set, which can be easily purchased at your local hardware store for a minimal cost. Once you have the harness all you have to do is insert the kit through the open door and ready received and the profile of the upper opening of the lamp is ready to present the new lamp.


Growing up, I had a friend who was not allowed in the lounge. Similarly, when I visit one of my grandmother, the room remained intact, to avoid the use of plastic on the sofas and soft lighting to disturb antiques. When I look in my room, I see the magazine rack holding several books, including my last voracious reading, a stool toppled in a whirlwind or another and stack a child’s toy in the corner. I guess that “times are changing”. Now that times are different, I think, you can easily distinguish our living room lighting options in the opinion of our grandmothers wisely consider it fashionable. These vibrant light guide gives you a picture of what is the integration of a modern lighting concept salon.

Salon step guide to enlightenment:
You will need several layers of light, in order to achieve whatever is necessary to illuminate the room. A large head lamp is a good start, but not enough. Among the reception of guests, keep children busy with the team and finally relax at the end of the day, the show has to wear many hats, and each scenario requires a different type of lighting to support life. Then go to your lighting plan with multiple devices in mind.

Residential Lighting Guide Step Two:

Change the main light source. This is usually from above as track lighting, recessed lighting or a ceiling mounted on a trailer or nearby. Because it is the living room, you want to be decorative and functional room. Fortunately, today the industry is mainly showing some pieces of adornment they once had, so you have many options to choose from.

Residential Lighting Guide Step Three:
Now we want extra lighting help to strengthen the main source. Remember ceiling lighting can often cause unpleasant reflections and shadows. a well-placed sconces use these defects lighting and decor are added to correct a lounge.

Hall lighting Step Guide:
Time for environmental or work lighting. Living room lamps are ideal to read, study, work on documents, puzzles, crafts and other activities that require attention to a small specific area centered. The best option is to have several lamps in the living room on different surfaces. For example, placing a table at the end, another on the grill, and a third near the coffee table. Living lamps, high standard rooms or less table lamps. Anyway, even if such devices will be more effective if the light is placed behind the surface, it comes to light. So if you use your lamp for reading light behind the chair / sofa right or left lights. Thus, the full light propagates directly in his book.

Salon Fifth Guide Stage Lighting:
Finally, you want to look accent lighting. This type of lighting is used to indicate or mark an area of ​​the room. This could be a work of art, potted plant, a series of porcelain or interesting feature, since it is a fireplace. The idea is to give dramatic emphasis. track light miniature or recessed lighting can do this, glisten like on the ground and pointing upwards. The former suggestion works best for premium items such as wall art, base parts and stored in an item in your closet. Up-lighting boxes, on the other hand, they work well for plants and decorative niches.

Be aware of your salon of the most common activities and evaluate their results in the classroom lighting needs. You can find all these proposals do not need, but on the other hand, you may be surprised to discover that it does. Use this option to create a guide, the perfect balance of light and beauty in your home.

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