The Super Bowl is as exciting as your life does not stop the clock

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sofaThe Superbowl, for millions of people, is the world’s most exciting game. Each year more than 100,000 Americans will gather to watch the game as much as if their lives depend on it. What does that say about us as a people? What does this say about our values?

And if our game more exciting game called our life? What if our children a radically better future was much more exciting than winning the Super Bowl Sunday?

More people watched the Super Bowl to see in the news 9/11. How many crises is to awaken everyone, and in the game we play, only has the virtue of life in the 21st century? Terrorism, war, extreme poverty, AIDS, drug addiction, depression, global warming, pollution, crime, corruption, the stakes are much higher than the Super Bowl, but how many of us play as we have the ball in our hands, and it is ours?

Unfortunately, many people refer to the challenges we face as if they are as people at this time, only a spectator, watching all lose if time is running out.

Talk, talk, talk and more talk. Everybody talks about change. As president of the district, do many good intentions, good people behind the scenes of life, talk about gossip, criticize and complain about what everyone or not.

Consider these two important differences between football armchair attractive and well-meaning, good person to be a witness in the world today.

1) We are all in this game called life. Everyone is an actor, like it or not; but if a large part of our team is on the edge, watching, cheering, whining, commenting on the ground. Is there a football team where most of the team on the bench is not just imagine, but at home the game on TV? Can you imagine a team whose players even dare to play? They might contribute some money or vote on team decisions, but when it comes down and dirty and the game are nowhere. Unless you. You are here to play, and you can not deny. Life lived margin that death would.

2) The armchair quarterback acts as if his will cry on television to make a difference, but there is nothing I can do to affect the outcome of the game. We as people in the game of life, we often act as if our ideas or our voice will not make any difference, but what we choose to do or not to influence the outcome of the game. sitting at home on politicians on television screaming voice in place of the public makes a difference in the outcome of the game. It’s a great strategy for losing the game of life. They complain about everything and act like there’s not much you can do to affect the outcome of only game that really matters -. Life itself If we choose a armchair quarterback in the game of life to be, choose the future lost, we can be for our children to create.

We do not need more good people good. Today, the world needs great people. We need champions. But more than that, we need is simply more people who are willing to climb into the saddle, turn off the television and get on the field. The size starts with the will to act.

2Today it is one of the most dangerous illusions is the idea that people with political power to rule the world and bring the only real power that changes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Look around. The world you see, was not created by politics. It was created by individual entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, hard workers, etc. People have to provide all the energy we need a better world at this time in our minds and hearts. They are our creators, intellectuals and spirits heroic spirits that give us more power than any of the political and military power in the world. However, we often act as if power outside of us.

Remember that you have the ball. Now you can run with it. You can put points on the scoreboard and called life influence the outcome of this game, not only for you but for your team invited humanity.

The game clock is running a series of crises that threaten the future of our children. Everything we value in the line.

It is on the floor?

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