The ten questions about genital herpes: adventured Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask

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Macau-High-Sleeper-Set-2-Antique-With-Fuschia-Details-30A late-night talk show is famous for its top ten lists. I hope and rsquo; t mind, but I & rsquo; It will borrow the idea. Here and rsquo; is my top ten list of the most frequently asked questions about genital herpes. They come from patients in my clinic and forum WebMD. And if your question ISN and rsquo; t here, I bet and rsquo; you will find in the later book.
1. How I can genital herpes?
Herpes is spread from one person to another through sexual contact. You get someone who has herpes through sexual intercourse, oral sex or anal or genital rubbing genitals. You don & rsquo; t receives from doorknobs or exchange jeans or toilets and play mdash; unless, of course, you and rsquo; back to having sex in a toilet seat, but it and rsquo; s for all other book.
A frequent question is closely linked, and ldquo; If I get herpes through a sexual encounter that didn and rsquo; t includes reports & rdquo ?; Lapdance, oral sex, genital rubbing and mutual masturbation are all alive and well, and occur with great frequency. Sometimes these activities occur with people who aren and rsquo; Mate hat or stable partner, and this may create concerns about the risk of sexually transmitted infections Treaty (sexually transmitted infection). First, I assure you with absolute certainty that you can and rsquo; t genital herpes while you have your clothes and somebody is and ldquo; Dance & rdquo; on his knees. s moisture present; Doesn and rsquo; t, even if it is imported and rsquo. The virus doesn & rsquo; n any and ldquo; Wick & quot; infect through tissue and genitals. When the clothes come off, however, genitals and rub directly with each other, there is the possibility of getting herpes. And the real danger, genital herpes during a single sexual encounter, the customer is very low, but it and rsquo; It is not zero. Oral sex is also a risk, but now the risk of changes in any of those infected with the cold sore virus, herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) in the genital area. HSV 1 (very often, oral herpes) can be transmitted from a person’s mouth to the genitals of a sexual partner through oral sex, even if the donor doesn & rsquo; t has a button for active disease.
And finally, what if a person other masturbates? This is really safe sex to the extent that herpes refers. Unless someone has a herpes lesion on the hand, which is so rare that and rsquo; Not worth even
During provides Masturbation no risk for transmission. And ldquo; Okay, and rdquo; They say: & ldquo; but if the person touched his genitals, then touch mine and rdquo ?; Again, the risk is low enough; Don & rsquo; t spend all that time and energy to do it themselves.
2. Now that I have herpes, can I have sex?
Yes, you certainly can, but I & rsquo; They will not carry astray say that sex is the same as it was before. It & rsquo; to take the risk of an uninfected partner herpes, and you have to deal with this problem directly. First, you need all future partners have to say about their herpes, before sex so they can make informed decisions about their risk of being infected. It can be difficult to tell your partner, but you and rsquo; go know in your heart that and rsquo; He is doing the right thing. If your partner doesn & rsquo; t have herpes (and he or she might have a blood test you need to know for sure), he or she is to be vulnerable to herpes. significantly reduce daily medications and condoms herpes transmission risk, but prevention is not absolutely perfect and offers mdash; even when used together. If your partner is the same type of herpes you have to do that, then you can have sex as before having herpes
3. Is genital herpes shorten my life?
simple and mdash; This and rsquo; Of course not! In recent years, it was feared that herpes may be associated with cervical cancer, but now we know that the human papillomavirus (HPV), not herpes, causes cervical cancer. Be & mdash; IT & rsquo; It is easy to get all mixed virus that start with H.
4. Is there a cure for herpes?
At present there and rsquo; s no known cure for herpes. But in 1981, it was not and rsquo; Even a treatment for herpes, and then see how and rsquo; It has arrived! Now we have three very effective medications, so you never know what might develop. There are two types of herpes vaccines now in the studio. It is designed to prevent herpes infection, and to treat herpes to others who are promising projects. They note, however, that there are many conditions that has no known cure include diabetes, hypertension, HIV disorders and thyroid, to name a few. We are in the medical, profession easy to handle, and people to live a full and happy life. Herpes is the case. You can deal with it and live, even if desired, N & rsquo; t and he would. And for HIV, diabetes or high blood pressure, the physical effects of genital herpes is much less important. The trick is to get your head in the right place on herpes.
5. Can I Herpes my children or companions?
No. Again herpes sexually transmitted infection. direct contact with the genital area from one person to another to be transmitted is required. (The toys are small exception.) Is ISN and rsquo; It is the risk of infection of children living at home. Children aren and rsquo; t herpes by touching dirty clothes or sleeping in your bed I’m not suggesting that people use their own towels and washcloths, as these items can be hot and humid to stay for some time, and these are the terms virus like most. That is, there are no documented cases of anyone ever herpes to get a towel. Partner Don and rsquo; t have to have the herpes sofa cushion or sharing utensils or bathing care. Questions for nonsexual household transmission are very common, but do not forget that these three words: & ldquo; Skin to skin & quot; (Who is and ldquo; mucosal lining & quot;). That and rsquo; It is like herpes is spread from person to person.
6. What and rsquo; It is the best treatment strategy for my herpes?
This decision depends on their social and sexual situation and their feelings about herpes outbreaks. To reduce the risk of transmitting herpes to another person, each day takes preventive medicine to help. If you and rsquo; again by epidemics, daily therapy helps to stop that. If your partner has herpes, and aren and rsquo; t with frequent outbreaks, then maybe take drugs during epidemics is sufficient for you. And if you don & rsquo; t want to take any medicine, you don & rsquo; t need.
Herpes ISN and rsquo; t as a bacterial infection, to prevent deterioration antibiotics having required. With herpes take medication symptoms and alleviate the risk of transmitting the virus to another person reduce, not permanently get rid of herpes infection. It & rsquo; Well this is not to remember electoral and rsquo; t permanent: treatment decisions can change flexibly and if your circumstances change.
7. How I can really know if I have herpes?
There is excellent evidence available today for herpes, and rsquo; They are much better than what we had a few years there. In the past, you had to make a diagnosis rather than having a symptom of herpes, but now there are antibodies in blood tests that detect herpes infection, even if you and rsquo; He never had a symptom. And swab tests that are now up to four times more sensitive than the old culture tests smear style. Finding out you have herpes through one of these tests, is a double-edged sword. The bad news is that you find that you have herpes, but the good news is that now you know you can handle and have herpes and mdash; So if you don & rsquo; t you know you had, you could do anything to it does not.
8. Who has me herpes, and how long I had?
Sometimes these problems can be solved, but above all they can rsquo; t. If you and rsquo; He had only one sexual partner in life and now has herpes, to know where and mdash; either sex with that person or orally satisfied by it. If you and rsquo; They have had more than one partner, and rsquo; s be more difficult to solve. Let and rsquo; a new wound in the genital area, and get you and rsquo; I had never had before. You get a sampling inspection in the wound, and is positive for HSV 2 (herpes simplex virus type 2). During the visit, an antibody test for blood makes HSV 2 is obtained, and is negative. To HSV 2 in the wound, but don & rsquo; t is HSV 2 antibodies in the blood. You don & rsquo; t have the antibodies, because the infection is new enough to do for your body time has not elapsed. This means that and rsquo; The new infection has recently acquired. A positive result for IgG antibody (a type of blood test that is spoken in detail in Chapter 4) in combination with a positive Pap smear means that the infection for at least a week long stem or maybe twenty years with this combination you can and rsquo; t know how long and rsquo; They were infected.
The timing is important, however. Fifty percent of people are antibodies within three weeks after infection (Ashley-Morrow, Krantz and Forest 2003), so when and rsquo; we will realize a new infection of the old, to try to take the tests must quite quickly after the first symptoms appear. But always, the two tests is also really the only way to know whether the infection is new or old, and perhaps you were.
9. Can I have children?
Of course, in reality, no doubt! Since almost one-fifth of American adults have HSV 2 infection, it & rsquo (Xu et al., 2006); It is obvious that many women have babies safer despite herpes. And become the female partners of men with herpes pregnant and have healthy children. The key for infected parents of a healthy baby is twofold: first, women and their partners need to know the status of herpes of all stakeholders. If a parent has herpes, but it doesn and rsquo; I know it can infect your unconscious, and when it happens at the end of pregnancy and rsquo; It s a very bad thing. A pregnant woman can not know herpes and won and rsquo; t take steps to protect your baby during childbirth precautions. Second, women need the gynecologist who knows how to handle genital herpes during childbirth or the risk of herpes transmission to the baby. If a woman has genital herpes, and he knows it, to give it the risk that your baby is really very small!
10. Will my life ever be the same?

While this is may not be the first citizen wonders, it & rsquo; and one rsquo s; s in the center of the concerns about herpes. Baby, sex, guilt, transmission and symptoms & mdash; All these concerns have to think about herpes and deal with it. Really can & rsquo; t be ignored, so in that sense, yes, it will change your life.
But if I had to develop diabetes, and rsquo; d Should your diet, taking medications to modify and control their blood sugar. You will not and rsquo; t, but to be a difference in the heart of the same person. And yet, perhaps because they and rsquo; Re against a sexually transmitted disease, concern for her is greater when it comes to herpes. You may ask, and ldquo; People accept me as I am? Will I be as happy as it was before this diagnosis? He believes people less than me? I live in fear of the people who knew herpes and rdquo ?; It & rsquo; It is good to know that the three detailed studies found that almost all that and rsquo; s again with herpes returns to its previous level of psychological functioning within six months of diagnosis (Miyai et al., 2004). Yes, you have a virus in the genital area, but you and rsquo; re really no different inside and mdash; unless, of course, you can define this virus somehow you are.
Extract the good news the bad news: Herpes: Everything You Need to Know (New Harbinger Publications)

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