The world’s oldest still it served in some Bars in London

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Bonsoni-Live-Each-Day-Clock-30World’s first cocktail was made in 1586, when there was an outbreak in Drake’s fleet as it sailed to attack Havana. The men were too weak to fight the fleet and hid. A small “beach party” was to take drugs Matecumbe sent to the Indians of the region of South America known. They returned with rum with the extract from the bark of tree Chuchuhuasi dissolved, lime, mint and sugar cane juice.

In South America, mint is known as peppermint, which translates as “good grass”. Indians of South America knew a cure for various diseases of the tree bark with Chuchuhuasi cacha├ža (were the active ingredients of the crust in the rum-based alcohol) dissolved. many stomach ailments, limes cured or reduces the effects of scurvy juice and sugar, lime flavor is mint to cure to extract the most acceptable and mint crust. We now know that the bark is Chuchuhuasi when immersed in brandy is an anti-Ruhr, a digestive stimulant and antipyretic (fever reducer).

The drug mixture was placed in a large wooden spoon with rooster tail “handle sailors. Sailors suffering from stomach problems, diarrhea, fever, or the effects of scurvy, it would useful drugs for each condition, and alcohol (rum not crude) men would have found all the feeling good to fight again.

Finally rations of rum and limes were standard issue on board ships of the British Navy and the British sailors were called “limeys”; also they had a reputation for drunkenness. A known children’s song has “do what we do with a drunken sailor.” Words

It is reported that the drug mixture (later known as “El Draque known) was taken during outbreaks of cholera, for example, if one of the worst affecting the population of cholera epidemics Havana, wrote the narrator Ramon de Paula: “Every day at eleven o’clock, which consumes a little brandy and Drake fact I’m very good. ”

Similar cocktails can still aptly named “Cane” resulting from shipbuilding Tudor Yard in Deptford should be about 5 miles in a London bar (from the Thames River), where the famous ship, ‘The Golden Hind ” it is needed for the exposure of the population in honor of Sir Francis Drake in a drydock.

Richard Drake invented a drug concoction by men in boats Francis Drake – Havana bag way. “Drink” was then El Draque was made in honor of Sir Francis Drake, and, or shortly after June 4, 1586. The drink called still consumed for its medicinal properties. It became more acceptable if one of the main components (rum) was changed, changed rum, and the resulting cocktail was called the mojito.

The first cocktail (EL Drake) is a real cocktail of cane, two ingredients’ cacha├ža “sugar cane were (brandy) and the juice of sugar cane.

He was the Draque was named because of its close association with Sir Francis Drake, the famous ship “Golden Hind” was placed in Tudor shipyard in Deptford in dry dock. Similar cocktails sugarcane can still be found in several bars in London, one of which is called “cane,” which is about 5 miles shipbuilding Tudor Yard in Deptford, where famous ship Drakes was placed on dry ice .

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1) If the bark of a tree Chuchuhuasi soaked in brandy, including their properties; digestive stimulant, against dysentery and antipyretic (fever-reducing). Ref

2) The historian Dr. Eugene Lyon translate a document in Havana 27 June 1586 and written in English identifies the missing fleet (hidden) 4. June

3) Another part of the document (translated by Vicente Gonzalez), said warships Drakes 5 days before the June 9 (June 4) was to Matecumbe. It is believed that went ashore for medicinal concoction ingredients necessary for the epidemic and then back to the boats.

The Tissot T-Touch Expert watches outperforms conventional watches

True to their high level characters, the team observed behind the magnificent Tissot watches also Fashions T-Touch Expert range of Tissot wrist. a synchronization tool line that has a goal in mind, to say to that found in most watch watches sleek and powerful operations.

the mold, indicating that the truly functional timekeeper, appear as miniature PC used broke his arm. See the T-Touch Expert on the aesthetics of a piece of luxury watch making, but has many functions. Among the fabulous watches this watch T013.420.44.057.00 alignment.

T013.420.44.057.00 synchronization tool appears, how it can be used in the conference room, but is more than strong enough to thrive in outdoor sports such as mountaineering company with its titanium case high quality and bracelet. The bezel is black PVD, and is also of high quality titanium. The watch face is black smooth pronounced with Arabic hour markers No. 1, positions 3, 9 and 11 o’clock found. It displays the index minutes drive to the periphery of the face. The time and time are bright and hour markers are too. The watch also has a backlight of the night. In the position of 6 o’clock clock, a liquid digital display is open.

Also in common with all watches T-Touch Expert watch T-Touch is a touch sensitive Tissot leading edge capability that can easily disable variety of convenient ways to handle coins leafless thrust on the wrist. The following list is a brief summary of how the different options are enabled to see the Tissot T-Touch Expert.

To start this watch T-Touch Expert has two alarms that are in the marker 8 hours can be adjusted independently. An alarm sounds for half a minute, and can be disabled by pressing one of the buttons.

To activate the altimeter, simply press the two o’clock position sapphire crystal and height about sea level is displayed on the LCD screen. You can also register the height data and recall examples of additives to reflect the increase in the amount and rate of ascent or descent periodically. With the correct alignment of the output with an accuracy of less than 3 meters.

Bonsoni-Live-Each-Day-Clock-30To start the stopwatch operation with just tap position four interface touch screen. With chronograph function, you can save depleted with an accuracy of less than 1 / 100th of a second term and 100 hours time. It also offers Split / time functions, they add. 4:00 Press area sapphire crystal twice, if you prefer to use the synchronization process countdown.

To use the electronic compass function, simply press the region six on the glass and the minute hand show the true north. Digital window displays the angle between the minute hand and the rate of twelve hours. Pressing the Region 6 of the watch dial twice will give the azimuth to determine the direction it needs to go.

If the game option thermal simply tapping position 10 o’clock watch dial. The digital display shows the current temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can use this option to display the temperature of air or water.

Press to start arming the barometer function only the position of 12 o’clock the glass. Digital-window presented below, the air pressure is present. You can also view weather patterns hours that elapsed atmospheric phenomena and future prospects so that it can accommodate atmospheric patterns that may be ahead of us.

If you can see using an expert T0134204405700 T-Touch watch a fantastic watch, to take a closer look. It is similar to the T013.420.44.202.00 look even when a metal wristwatch, unlike other watches looks a bit, see T013.420.44.202.00 is a splendid option is looking for.

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