Tips for cleaning your wooden table

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Aluminium-Round-Side-Table-30Like wood and I refuse to look wooden tables with all kinds of protective layer to cover. This is understandable. A wooden table adds a bit of class and sophistication to any room. But to get this elegant appearance, it is important that the table should be clean and free of stains. How much effort is required to clean a wooden table depends on the degree of contamination of the table with the type of surface to get along inclines. A dining table is more likely to get dirty faster than a coffee table or side table that is used to show their curiosity. This is not surprising. Crumbs, spilled water, jams and fruit juices all have their telltale marks on the wood and eventually your wooden dining table is once again starting without stained and blotchy stain.
In this article we talk about what are the different options for tables and chairs to clean.

Dusts regularly is the most fundamental demand in maintaining their own tables and wooden chairs. No matter what you do, dust necessarily placed on your furniture down and because look boring and very dusty. Dusts are regularly wooden furniture help to achieve some of its shine back. static cloth to clean furniture, you can find clean received help in less time. If dust from his wooden table and a chair with a static cloth, dust behind a dust-free surface on the fabric and leaves dressed with a dash of the canvas.

During regular cleaning with a static cloth it is enough to keep your furniture handsome gray and monotonous, which needs further treatment from time to time to keep it shiny. The easiest and most effective way to do this is with a shopping fashion polished wooden furniture. These come in the form of solid wax aerosolized in a box. If a dialog using wax spray, shake the can and spray lightly on the surface of the wooden table. After a minute, wipe off excess with a paper towel or clean cloth made of soft flannel. When the dust and dirt cling to the wax, clean the opening of the bright and dust table. If a solid wax, a little more than a soft, clean and apply the rubbing table or a chair, until the surface is bright and clean cloth.

Never use water to clean the tables or chairs that are not closed, because they absorb water and the surface will be marked with spots and water. The best way, unsealed wood surfaces and keep the brilliant research to keep up with lemon oil. To do this, dip a soft cloth and rub lemon oil on the table until the end to absorb the oil. Then wipe the surface with a clean cloth and leave the table a little dry before putting anything on it.

Top 5 Modern Furniture Styles

The furniture is something that everyone in your home or office. Furniture trends winning over time, such as clothing trends, trends in music, film trends, and most do. There is a variety of styles of furniture. One of the most popular types of furniture is now also known modern and contemporary style.

The modern style of furniture simply refers to the style of today. Modern style furniture reflects the current set of values ​​of life that embraces the world. These current values ​​are: versatility, functionality, comfort and environment friendly. These values ​​reflect the busy lives, make people today.

Examples of modern furniture include furniture made from natural materials, recyclable materials, industrial steel or glass, or high-tech materials. Modern furniture usually has bright colors and simple trust, clean lines. It is comfortable, thin, simple and easy to clean with a shape and a flexible function. Some types of wood have modern furniture is most commonly used birch and pine. There are certain types of furniture distinctly modern and have become a symbol of modern style furniture.

Wassily chair

The Wassily chair is modern. It has clean lines and it is interesting that the geometric planes which are symmetrical construction and seem to float in space. Wassily chair are built with lightweight steel tubes and minimalist leather straps.

Eileen Gray Occasional

Eileen Gray side tables are asymmetric and non-conformists in their design styles. They are also functional when serving breakfast two tables and bed pans, because they can be adjusted to serve as such. Eileen Gray side table has been created by Eileen Gray Room for her sister after him. An icon in modern furniture

barcelona chairs

Barcelona chairs are chairs that were inspired by folding chairs and puffing as “X”. They are made with stainless steel frame, which gives them a uniform appearance, and the seats themselves are usually made of cowhide. They are internationally known and considered by many as modern and functional art and not just furniture.

Noguchi Coffee Table

Mahogany-3-Drawer-Sleigh-Bedside-Table-in-Mahogany-31Noguchi coffee tables are very simple and unique. They are organic in structure, consisting of a wooden base curves identical two pieces of wood and a glass plate. Noguchi coffee tables are “sculptures-to-use”, which are called in the artistic design are very popular and sought modern pieces ..

marshmallow sofas

marshmallow sofas are made of circular pads 18, which are covered in leather, vinyl or fabric. Usually they are single color, but a mixture of contrast. The file consists of “floating” pads and seat of the chair consists of a simple metal structure that has rubber feet. marshmallow chairs are particularly emblematic of modern furniture species.

There are many types of modern furniture, and vary in design. But they all have an element that is that they are simple and minimalist in nature in common. They are constructed functional, clean and green.

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