To create gifts under $ 5 for Selling crafts shows

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Bonsoni-Wooden-Key-Box-30If you’re selling crafts, why not the gifts of less than $ 5? I know you think this is probably not worth continuing, but this can be a great business model for this time of year.

Many people feel the effects of the economy this year, and some people who have spoken do not even bother with gifts this year! So you may have to resort to a different market.

Instead of creating complex and expensive products, why small objects are considering. Not only adults this office of purchase displays for something special, but also children and shopping services gifts. One of my friends, their older children (10-12 years) are a little money, and told them to go to the store, if you go to a craft fair. As artisans who sell to many shows, I can tell you, there are many children in this age group purchasing.

Here are 5 ideas

1. Christmas decorations that are unique, but do not take much time or materials to do, have a small Christmas tree and ornaments hanging on the tree.

2. Small craft kits, can create their surplus inventories. These are a great way for people to venture into the ship. As a package to a tree decoration, etc., in a small Ziploc bag.

3. Craft CD .. You can be creative here. Take your time and create a CD of craft ideas, and some of their own models of craftsmanship. Initially it takes some time, but you can make many copies of the CD and sell and sell them for $ 5. Create a decorative cover for your CD and copy it. You could have a copy in a folder to give the customer an idea of what is on the CD. These make great gifts. The good news is that you can sell a lot of copies, and blank CDs are now quite cheap.

4. Support bags of supplies. How to make suggestions for quilting, wool or sufficiently remains a scarf and directions. remains of embroidery thread and a piece of embroidery fabric. Go through your entire container and put some elements that can create a small boat, or what is comparable. This is a great way to use their surplus stocks to be unused anyway. This is particularly good for pearls, and sew. This gives customers the opportunity to try a business without large costs of a complete supply packages.

One year I had changed the type of paint I was using, and had a lot of bottles of acrylic paint that had been opened and partially used, but they were still good. then I bought some items from bare wood dollar store, a store for each record, such as frames, pictures, paintings and crafts kit for children. I sold it for $ 5 I have to release my excess stocks, no one has anything to do with them. I have it. Lake through his pockets, and has them in a large basket I scored my basket “basket”.

Everyone likes to see in my “basket trading” This attracted people, and also helps to sell many of my other more expensive products. The “basket” was a good leader and many children dresses that are looking for less than $ 5 gift.

5. DVD to create a job. Most digital cameras can make movies now. A “as” the film and put a picture of his art completed in the front of the DVD. Something simple. If you really want to put your computer to a good cause. Again, you can sell a lot of copies of each $ 5.

I hope this gives you some ideas for gifts of less than $ 5. As Crafter, you want your best art shows on offer and sell crafts, but sometimes have a younger audience appeal (children) and also for people who want something different for gifts, and they do not want to spend much money.

After a cheap look not do “basket stroke of luck” in an art show, which attracts people really, and everyone loves a bargain. It also helps to pay the rent for the show. This 5 dollars here and there add up quickly.

During the holidays, there are three foods found in all parties and dinner almost always present – chocolate, cheese and wine. If you are short on their menu, why not combine these three amazing dessert in a basket?
In addition different, the idea of dessert is guaranteed to remove stress of a whole day in the kitchen spend something special for the opportunity to cook. And since most wines and cheeses are best served at room temperature, this basket of the parties may well in advance before the guests arrive.

Although wine and cheese are a common sight for all parties, a box of chocolates in the image, adding undoubtedly will delight the palate of its guests. Chocolate, wine and cheese basket is perfect if your dinner includes younger. Really, who could say no chocolate?

To avoid thinking much time to spend, what products go with what would be best if you focus on a single element, then mark the other two the unique flavor of this element. Remember that you serve this dish as dessert, which means that chocolate should be your main feature. Select the type of chocolate you want first, and then the type of cheese that goes with it, and then the wine, summarize for everyone.

The secret is to make a big basket with chocolate, wine and cheese, just to keep things. Avoid mixing a detailed selection of wines, cheeses and chocolate. A basket full of overwhelming flavor will do nothing but impress your guests. Here are some suggestions for pairing a big basket of chocolate, wine and cheese:

dark chocolate
The black chocolate is virtually contains at least 50% cocoa, so strong and complex flavors – nutty, spicy, floral, earthy – and a balanced flavor, not too sweet. Given the strong aromas of black chocolate, a delicious soft brie cheese or blue cheese for enhanced black chocolate tones. Mix well with spicy chocolate bodied red wine, like a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, which is fruity and spicy notes of the highlights of chocolate.

chocolate and caramel
chocolate candy inspired a world of possibilities. A butter flavor and perfect chocolate candy with fresh goat cheese and wine as Demi-Sec Champagne – these wines have a taste of honey and flowers that complements the sweet taste of candy.

chocolate coated nuts
Adding a Go Nuts on adaptation for cured hard cheeses like Gouda or Cheddar. And a bottle of Pinot Black, with all its toasted and spiced berries makes a good pair of chocolate and toasted almonds.

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